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10 January 2008 Lexa Doig vs Julianne Hough

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Posted by Simguy on 1/10/2008, 5:54 pm.


Before: “I know something Julianne doesn’t, says veteran Doig at the podium, “I know big fights don’t come along as often as you think they will when you’re Julianne’s age—so you have to make the most of the ones that happen. I know in this fight, one of us is a stepping stone and one of us is a hot prospect and nobody knows which is which yet. And I know I’m hungrier, Julianne’s got her whole career in front of her; I need to make things happen right now. Hough’s in my way, and I’m going straight through her to get what I want,” Julianne unfazed by glaring brunette intensity: Juli’s still glowing off the Decesare win and looking to keep the ball rolling. “I learned so much about myself against Carmella,” Julianne chirps, “I got off the canvas to deny her—I refused to bend to her will, and I’ve never been pushed like that in a distance fight, so it was a huge learning experience. I know how tough Lexa is, so I’m expecting another struggle, but I’m much more comfortable going in now, than I would have been if I hadn’t been tested by Carmella,”


Julianne in black lace bra and panties (low rise, boy leg bottoms); scrappy puncher’s ponytail with bangs framing face; small black gloves. Lexa in tan western-motif bikini with fringes, small black gloves.


During r1: Doig with rolling start while ref’s back is to her—she’s on Hough almost at the bell, shoving Julianne back into her corner. Brace of body blows shakes Julianne—Doig just chugging away hup-hup—Hough slowly organizing her defensive pocket under heavy fire. Juli: left across gut; right at her cheek; she’s trying to edge the left shoulder into Doig to bump while bouncing off adjacent corner ropes, Doig disrupting with pushes and body-ups—being very rough and hands-on with nubile blonde. more blows pour in—Doig hup-hupping to tummy with shoulders rotating, or hacking cruel right hands in above blonde left hip; digging vicious hooks to liver. It’s all too much; halfway mark, Julianne takes a breathless knee, panting and bewildered as Doig is pushed back. Wide-eyed 8, Hough—Doig quickly scooting-to, cutting off the ring and driving Julianne to the ropes a few feet away from blonde corner, Lexa with dukes up, pushing in on Julianne’s left shoulder; Hough trying to pivot around with that shoulder in Lexa’s chest as Doig’s banging away. Healthy, short-clipped lefts and rights cudgel Julianne about her temples and ribs—good steady beatdown being applied and HOIGH TAKES A KNEE! Julianne breathing hard through her mouth, blinking I shock: she’s weepy, shook up, and bullied a big Lexa Doig first.


R2: Hough shows resilience—shakes off the body-drubbing to come out boxing this round. Julianne gaining midring quickly, then setting up behind her jab. It’s a quick, stitching cobra-strike of a punch—scoring to Lexa’s face, starting the brunette. Juli bouncing back after landing, then dancing to either side before setting down again—in/out delivery very abrupt, Juli in a springy forward lean just before she jabs—but she’ll also feint from the piosture—making Lexa flinch, then easily stepping around her instead. Hough also deploying pinging lead rights from the set-up crouch instead of jabs—stamping Lexa between the eyes as Doig can only glare in receipt. Quick-mitted, leggy shutout second, Julianne Hough: so-called “dancer’s timing” on full display, :Lexa back to her corner, grumbling to herself.


R3: Julianne still controlling midring—showing off her footwork, her quick hands, stitching in the jab, getting in, out and around. Doig hanging back, dukes up: she’s blocking some shots, now starting to adjust by stepping back as soon as Juli shows crouch—nice little pre-emptive retreats messing with blonde timing. Final minute—Lexa fads a Julianne pounce, counters with a swift left hooks as Hough’s jab pokes sjhort: HOUGHS HURT! Julianne stumbles to her left, suddenly wobbly butt: Doig celebrates with a driving overhand right poured straight down into Hough’s gut. Julianne driven ropeside with a grimace: she shows earmuff, gives away flanks and abs on the cheap as Doig successfully steals thr round with a late flurry amidships.


R4: Midring clockwise circling—Julianne working on Lexa’s eyes via the jab; Doig trying to time Hough for body shots. Midway through, series of high lead right hands pierces Lexa’s defenses, punching back her face: Doig doesn’t answer, momentarily bewildered, Hough with initiative—pinging away lefts OR lead rights with stitch-delivery—stepping away and around after connecting—she’s got Lexa’s nose bloodied after the 2 minute mark. Doig charges in late: Julianne retreating in good order, hooks Doig behind right ear, pivots left around, hurtling brunette’s right flank and sends Lexa crashing face-first into turnbuckle. DOIG’S HURT! Ringing check-hook has her wobbly-butt—Lexa turning, earmuffing up: just enough time left for Julianne to stoop, jab the tummy, and scoot away at bell.


R5: JULIANNE’S HURT! Rare two-way exchange sees Doig beat Juli to crosses and hooks—blonde wobbles away from the exchange teary-eyed. Doug pressing the pace, jabbing Julianne to ropes, catching her a vicious buggy-whip right in the lower back as Juli’s turning to present the left shoulder, pocket defense set up by Hough—her right shoulder against ropes, left shoulder  Lexa’s chest—blonde dipping and rolling, looking to swat and clip tidy counters. Doig wide n’ strong to blonde waist and ribs—Lexa pounding at that dancer-tight chassis, bruising up the fruit. LEXA’S HURT! Julianne with the screened right uppercut picks up Lexa’s chin, then puts the swatting hook tight on top—neatly punching-with and inside Doig’s wider swings. Lexa swaying forward—she’s hurt: Juli quickly embraces her, turns her, puts her into ropes. Tic-Tac-Toe combo shakes Doig’s torso, sitting her breathless in ropes: swift-clipping left uppercut picks up Lexa’s drowsy face, leaving her stunned for the follow up left to liver. Doig drooping, hands loose: Hough baring her teeth, spanks another hook off the waist (from the front foot) then hooks Lexa’s face while shifting weight to back (right) foot and LEXA GOES DOWN! Doig wilting to all fours, mouthpiece falling off her teeth to the canvas—she’s just staring at in confusion. Doig up at 10, but ref waves it off while hugging her to safety—TKO5 Julianne Hough.


After: Doig heartbroken—bitter setback for pretty brunette independent who needs to win these kinds of contests. High having a celebratory cry, hands at her cheeks—she’s an emotional girl. Decesare bested, Doig stopped—Hough looking like a splendid talent in two tough Back to back contests.


Reposted by Archer 4/4/10.

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