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11 January 2008 Rachael Leigh Cook vs Claire Danes

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Posted by Simguy on 1/11/2008, 10:03 pm.


BEFORE: “I’ve been cranky in camp,” Claire admits in prefight, “I’m tired of these cookie-cutter cute flyweights like Rachael—just looking at her is irritating, So, I’m going to be up front with you—I’m going to punish Cook. She doesn’t deserve it, but she’s going to catch hell in this fight. I’ve been sparring nasty. I’m ready to cut loose and Rachael just happens to be the unlucky little wench in the other corner.” Cook recalling glory at Claire’s expense, doesn’t show any sign of intimidation from the sorceress. “I match up very well with Claire, and she’s going to have a very tough time ‘punishing’ me, I’m not scared of Claire, and I’m not scared of the Wolfpack: any of ‘em wasn’t to try me once I get through with Danes, they’re welcome to step up!” Claire in mauve bikini with little floral add-ons; auvergine velvet bottoms (sturdy, sporty, full coverage cut); feisty ponytail; small black gloves,. Rachael in baby blue fighting cashmere two piece (tawdry), small white gloves.


During R1: Danes relaxed—right at chest, left at tummy, elbows in. Claire steppin’ flat footed, torso slightly forward—she greets Rachael with a knocking jab to pate, another, then steps out to pivot left. Cook: right hand up, crossing to left cheek; left across tummy—she’s parrying, bobbing, looking to walk in on Danes. Claire getting off smooth, efficient—feet planted, she’s pushing off the back (right) big toe, turning her shoulders into punches, bringing her hands back smart. Something deliberate, methodical about Claire—she’s extending on blows to Cook’s face and forehead, nice n’easy lefts and rights in periodic intervals, steppin’ left around the work. Cook vexed more than hurt—taking a high percentage of headshots, blocking and weaving some, but never really getting to Claire’s chest. Easy breezy shutout Claire Danes—she struts back to corner, head bowed demurely as she thinks through her game.


R2: Midring, more Danes sharpshooting, She’s just wheeling around her front (left0 foot, easing punches into Cook’s head—getting off like she would against a heavy bag. Rachael mounting sudden desperate lunges: Claire nimble, hopping back and sidestepping the blitz—pushing Cook to help her past. Typical Danes sequence (weight on front foot): knocking jab to pate; springy right hand off the sho0ulder, connecting between eyes then brought back quick; rising left brushing Cook’s lips; tart right clapping the mouth; hook cleaning up cheek; easy rock-back onto right foot to slip Rachael’s swinging receipt; back in with a pinpoint lead right to eye. On and on like that—Danes fsading and sidestepping any Cook aggression, then setting up flat foot, getting off methodical, running up the score on Rachael’s face.


R3: Danes continues—some nimble footwork as necessary, then angling inon front foot to get off. Claire feinting on occasion to set up hesitation rights, hanging around on front foot to see what cook does, then hooking her tasty while shifting to back n(right) foot, unhurried rhythm to Claire—pinpoint scoring in lieu of power—she’s just patiently, carefully busting up Rachael’s pretty face, Cook sputtering—fielding about 40% of Claire’s output—feisty Rachael moving her head well and coming forward in lunges, but just can’t get happy on Claire at all.


R4: Claire controlling midring, turning Rachael slowly, staying on her with pining, stinging lefts and rights,. Mostly limber jab and crosses—but Danes mixing in the odd left uppercut, the odd hesitation right off feints. Rachael’s face starting to show the wear—lumping up nicely around both eyes, bleeding from the nose, poor Cook still feisty, but completely ineffective—grunting as she lunges forward swinging, only to be guided past and sidestepped. Claire striding the ring with confidence when she’s not working on Cook—blonde walking the canvas like a pool player circling the table, considering all the angles.


R5: More Claire helping herself. Rachael lifting both hands up and leaning back on right foot in frustration—Claire accepts the invitation to hook tummy. Danes smiling slightly—getting big on Rachael after extended scoring sequences: blonde now pushing Cook to punctuate each series. Rache looking groggy, disheveled—she’s very frustrated, crossing her arms, bending forward, getting tracked by Claire’s clever fists.


R6: Claire jabbing relaxed, stepping left: Rachael’s head jerking back as she faces into blows, turns on the spot, Cook lunges: Claire fades back nimble, swats a check-hook upside Cook’s head, sidesteps-left as Rachael careens past. Cooks legs looking a little wobbly—she’s not changing directions well, starting to break down. Claire goes back to jabbing Rachael’s face, puts another half dozen pokes on target while easing left, then slides a right cross over top as Rache ducks down. Left uppercut clips Rache—Claire setting up the shot with that decoy right: Cooks back (right) legs gives way, knee touches down. Claire pretty to neutral corner, head bowed demure, smile in place—she winks to her corner as Rache stands, takes a shabby 8.


R7: Disheartening attack from Claire breaking Rachael down, busting her up, but not hurting her enough to get her out of there. Cook’s lunging attacks fewer, more desperate—all managed by sidestepping Claire who guides Rache past with helpful pushes. Cool sequence for Claire midway through: right hand lead smites Rache between the eyes—rock-step back into back (right) foot; back in with the right hand, punching Rache on her left eye—rock-step back onto right leg. Poor Cook with arms crossed, trying to bib this stuff but Claire’s got radar-lock.


R8: Claire can do what she wants—easing to either side with shifting pivots, leading right hands, leading jabs, outing pinging combos together, hooking the tummy—whatever. Cook a mess—bravely facing into punishment—bobbing at the waist, showing earmuff or crossed arm: none of it helps. Rache put wobbly butt by stiff Claire right hands at times: Danes immediately backing g off to walk her right rather than rolling Cook up. haunted look in Rachael’s eyes as it dawns on her: “Claire’s carrying me.” Soon as Danes sees the recognition in her opponent’s eyes, her own eyes start to dance.


R9: Some booing as Claire sets up methodical, punching in on Rachael, gently turning her midring: it’s just target practi8ce. Claire’s legs, backside, back and shoulders all working in concert—effortlessly propelling leather into Rachael. Midway through, snappy hook/cross/left uppercut dumps Rachael to her butt—she’s all creaky getting up as Claire struts past, Again no surge by Claire to clean up—she just gets back on with the jab, poking Rachael half a dozen times at a leisurely pace before dropping in the right.


R10: Claire loose-limbed, hopping into place, easing back to get Cook missing, then dropping a supple right hand to Cook’s ear: Rachael staggers, buckles but straightens up into earmuff. Danes jabbing the guard, then hooking around it; dropping a right han into guard, then splitting the mitts with the left uppercut off the front foot. Rachael staggers to her left, eyes bleak—she’s getting hurt now, but Claire obviously determined to extend things. Rache pathetically lunging, pinwheeling her punches: Claire sidesteps, swatting Rachael back –o’-the-head to send her face-first to ropes. Danes stays on her girl—never threatening to take Cook out, but pasting her mercilessly—Claire carries a wobbly butt Rachael leigh cook to the finish line. UD10--!0 rounds to nine—Claire Danes.


After: Danes smiling, hugging her associates—glorious pasting of Cook one of the most flawless 10 round performances on record. Rachael in swoon, heartbroken and all busted up—clinical beatdown has pretty cook woozy on her feet,. After celebrations—hungry Wolfpack comes for Rachael—stacking her up all blubbery—clapping when she’s watching Eliza and Mish take their turns: plenty of self-congratulatory back-slapping going on for victorious Wolfpack tonight.


Reposted by Archer 4/6/10.

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