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25 January 2008 Virginie Ledoyen vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on 1/25/2008, 7:03 am.


Before: “KO1 or 2,” Liu boldly predicts in prefight, “Virginie’s tailor made for me—always has been. I used to bounce he3r around regular, and I see nothing in her game that’s changed that fact. Tractorpull—I know you love me guys: don’t leave for the bar—I’ll get her out of there quick so you won’t miss anything.” Ledoyen non-plussed—not getting much respect for her 17 fight campaign and title-winning effort last yeat. “I’ve been the one clamouring for Lucy Liu,” Ledoyen reminds all in prefight. “I’ve been the one pushing and cajoling, because I know I HAVE improved. I will paste Lucy as you sat—PASTE her!”  Liu in royal blue two piece fighting togs: sport top with baby doll sleeves, full back, but deep scoop front; sporty trunks with hip coverage and white stripes down the sides; white boxing shoe to midcalf with tassels; short, sassy hair; white gloves.

Ledoyen in lavender bikini; white aerobics runners and socks; white gloves; hair toed back off her face in pretty crown braid.’


During R1: Liu, creep-steppin’ flat footed; left hand dangling, right at her chest—lots of supple torso weaves and bobs—feints, twitches, cutey-pie step outs. Ledoyen cautious—dukes up, flinching as she bots on feints, but throwing the jab with some vigour., occasionally stepping in to try swishing rights and lefts in combination, Liu erupting out of her crouches and weaves with compact hooks—just stepping into Virginie, twisting torso-right to twitch the punch in: no arm swing for Liu—her left elbow is down—it’s all legs, hips, back and shoulder on the shot. Ledoyen checked to her chin once or twice as Liu slips-and-scores; Ledoyen pounded the odd thudding hook on her chest, sending French vixen reeling on her heels. All single-shot power by Lucy though—not a lot of pursuit: Virginie able to regroup, flurry, move, keep her wits about her in a hair-raising, but non-fatal first,


R2: Similar action—Liu very dynamic, sinewy—slipping shots and looking to step into Virginie with vicious, compact power shots (predominantly hooks—a few circus right uppercuts thrown from the knees). Liu pouncing in, then crouching low, swerving away—not a lot of volume as she’s releasing power shots only. Virginie sing her legs, pumping the jab and flurrying I spots. Not a lot of contact as Virginie’s obviously being careful early while Liu’s not concerned with volume—only shock.


R3: Virginie vexing Lucy early—French vixen pinging out that jab from a wide stance—just keeping something in Liu’s face, pestering her, disrupting her. Second  minute—Liu weavers onto her back foot; rotates torso to her right and down; makes Virginie miss a pesky one-two over top then; CHECKS LEDOYEN’S CHIN OUT OF THE CROUCH! Explosive hook—Liu jumping up into it, twisting her torso to catch Virginie: Ledoyen rocked onto her heels, staggers back wide eyed to ropes. Liu grinning, batting mitts together: she dangles her hands low, leans forward to make faces at Virginie. Ledoyen with a quick dabbing lead right knocks Lucy on the forehead, then hooks her mouth before Liu can react—Virginie with a quick pasting manages to sidestep and spin off the ropes before any kind of finishing run.


R4: Ledoyen jab, jab, jabbing—sliding away in her wide stance—right hand cheek high to protect from hooks: she’s irritating Lucy here, Liu missing on a few gigantic, leaping efforts—turning herself right around with her hook, or pouncing in with errant right uppercuts: Virginie doing a wonderful job of pounce-defence here, Ledoyen’s right hand mostly holstered out of respect for Liu’s counterpunching ability—but French girl shows world class jab, solid footwork in drawing Lucy forward, turning her, touching her for points.


R5: Fight settling into pattern: Virginie’s busier, keeping the jab out there, trying to use the ring, Liu’s much more committed on her haymakers—crouching low and stepping into Ledoyen with a vengeance: Makes for good tension. It’s Ledoyen’s round until Liu lands a jolting counter-hook from the crouch—chin-checking Virginie and unhinging her knees. French girl proves stout—keeps her feet—even manages to scramble away from Lucy’s follow up to avoid being further damaged,.


R6: Similar to the fifth, only this time—Liu can’t land the big bomb, which gives Ledoyen the points. Virginie nickel and diming Liu, circling clockwise around the jab: Ledoyen obviously learning from tape on Lucy not to follow the dangerous KO artist around—she’s making LUCY walk forward.


R7: Liu with compact,. Step-in hook takes Virginie flush in her breasts—Ledoyen nearly knocked on her butt by the blast, Liu pouncing in with a right from her thigh, nearly pasting Ledoyen’s mouth at the ropes, then twitching to drag in a short left to tummy as Virginie covers up, sits into strands. Liu lowers left shoulder, uses it to prop Virginie up: Lucy moving inside for the first time as girls trade in a phone-booth. Liu’s eyes flat with concentration—using that left shoulder in Virginie’s chest to feel for her, then twitching sudden clouts and cuffs from either hand,. Ledoyen spanked hard to tummy, ribs and titsm but keeping her dukes up, nipping back in spots to test out the liu chassis in return. Crowd pleasing stuff—girls working hard shoulder to shoulder—pushing and writhing against each other’s arms to open up the body.


R8: Another round fought on the inside: leads to higher output from both beauties. Inside—Liu likes to flurry, ease back, and walk her foe into shots; she’s touching Ledoyen either side of the body, then sliding back from her supple. Virginie proving resolute—sponging up some big whack to tummy, tits and ribs, but clubbing away scrappy herself from a high guard in close. Liu tucking in power shots, but also just touching and prodding Virginie to guide and position her—very supple, pretty-to-watch stuff.


R9: Crowd oohing and aahing as Liu fetches Ledoyen one of those sleek, sudden hooks to chin—Lucy just twitching her torso, tucking her left shoulder into the clout. Virginie nearly taken off her feet but scrambling out of it again—Ledoyen taking a tremendous punch tonight, and answering with enough vigour to prevent Liu from really piling on., Lucy tagged a right hand as she’s jumping in to clean up—she’s forced to back out and regroup as once again, Virginie denies her tormentress.


R10: Liu with a concussive blast—another of those short, stepped-in hooks—takes Ledoyen on her jugs: Virginie crying out as she’s pounded backward into ropes. Liu scowoling, really wants to finish this off: she’s lifting power punches off her thighs as she leans in over front foot. Ledoyen won’t have it: she’s hurt, but she blocks, rolls, answers” Liu getting buffeted about her face has to step out and regroup as Virginie’s too stubborn to go. Liu eventually sliding back in with shoulders on Virginie’s chest to work inside: Ledoyen snuggling in, working bump-n’-slug with lucy with no fear, Goes to the cards, comes back UD10 Liu, comfy.


Reposted by Archer 4/11/10.

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