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24 October 2006 Krista Allen vs Ali Larter

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Posted by Simguy on 10/24/2006, 4:25 pm


Before: Not much tape on Lissome Larter, described by BLONDE! Magazine’s special “Up-and-Comers” issue as an upgunned Bridgette Wilson on a Jill Wagner battle-chassis. “She’ll have her work cut out for her as a chosen opponent for Allen, De La Garza and Scott—with Krista getting to welcome Ali into the FCBA fold. “I’m looking forward to the rounds,” Allen says with a smile. “I’ve seen Ali sparring with Lake bell, and she held her own, so I know the girl can fight.” Ali in silver/grey silk bikini (very elegant), soft blonde hair, white silk-lined gloves (won’t cut/will bruise)> Krista in lavender silk bikini with purple pinstriping, similar silk lined gloves.


During R1: Beautiful boxing—both women mouthwatering just moving around the ring, feinting each other, glaring at each other. Silk gloves whispering off shoulders and cheekbones with hushed buffetings—grazing contact made as girls fight from distance, working behind educated jabs. Krista lands the cleanest blow of the round—a swinging right as she’s ducking down and to her left: muffed thud against Larter’s jaw rattles the blonde, though she takes it well.


R2: Stalking, feinting—both girls with similar, thoughtful approaches, neither just diving in. long stretches of the women separating, walking to their right as they look each other over. Pivoting clockwise, both pump silken jabs to one another’s faces—occasionally jarring each other with silky thump. Allen penetrating Ali’s guard fairly consistently—brunette the better schooled, more experienced vixen, generally dictating terms in a competitive second.


R3: Graceful vixens continue to fight with elegance, planting on front (left) feet, pivoting to the left with a relaxed, rolling gait. Fierce eye contact as the women thrust and parry, Right hands carried at temples while left hands dart jabs, bite hooks. Upperbody movement sinewy—both girls moving their heads, turning supple into punches—seamless mix of  offence and defence. If you’re looking to give Larter a round—this could be it. Close.


R4: Allen lands the first body punch—a nice bolo right hand slung to Ali’s breadbasket as blonde covers up against a cute Ali feint. Larter gets the punch back moments later with a whispering right/left lashed Allen’s flat midsection. Girls steps back outside, nostrils flaring, sewing jabs in under the eyes with hardhearted intentions. Classy in-out attack and counterattack rhythm developing—girls taking turns being the boss in another close heat.


R5: Allen startles Larter a cute lead right over blonde left mitt: Krista able to capitalize with thumping hook in the ribs, the a forget-me-not hook on the cheek as Allen’s shifting weight to right (rear) foot. Ali spends the rest of the round trying to answer—Krista circling away, stick-and-moving, denying the blonde decisive confrontation as brunette salts away safety-first points.


R6: Best two way round of the fight so far: Krista seeing what Ali’s got left with some flat-footed slugging at medium/close ranges. Larter baring her teeth, taking Allen’s three-punch lathering combinations and slashing back in kind. Girls land, then bend at the waist, turning in behind either shoulder—very sleek, pretty stuff to watch. Both score in above succulent hips—silk mitts sighing into flesh, warping lithe bodies slightly on contact. Chins checked via uppercuts and hooks in close—Allen getting the better of these exchanges, stepping Ali back with authority. Round ends with Larter fighting desperately at the apron to keep her back off the ropes.


R7: Allen’s experience starting to show: Larter’s nerve starting to crack just a bit as the fight’s been nip and tuck for long time now. Kris scoring hesitation rights up top off feints; feinting, then sweeping her right hand to Larter’s tummy, stepping ‘round the blonde’s right flank as Ali stoops forward grunting. Allen’s jab starting to lump Ali up, steering blonde around the ring. Larter’s jab scoring as well, but she’s not pumping it as fearlessly as Krista starts to control the ring. Fighting at Allen’s discretion now—she’s stepping in and out, circling, choosing the battlegrounds. Larter grimly determined, fighting back in spots, but reacting for the most part now. Bell: without looking back, Allen claps a left-handed chunk of Larter’s buttocks as the girls pass en route to respective corners; satisfied smirk of supremacy of Allen’s lips.


R8: Allen again stepping-to Larter in measured fashion, standing flat footed and forcing Ali to spend her reserves in hard slugging. Backfires a bit—Ali able to paste Krista several good chin touches, backing Allen off at times and walking her down  Kris goes to clinches with her mouth open on Ali’s tanned shoulder to bog blonde momentum down. Ali showing good willowy strength—not out of place struggling tummy-to-tummy with the always toned and fit Allen.


R9: Kris on her bicycle, looking a little discouraged: proof positive that Ali got the better of her in the eighth. Larter walking Allen down, stalking her along the apron. Blonde legs able to keep up with the brunette, but there’s not a lot of meaningful contact as Krista won’t stand and fight. By the bell, Ali’s clearly the aggressor, hunting Kris around the ring, scooping points by default.


R10: Larter continues to stalk—Krista in loping, lithe retreat around the perimeter of the ring. Minute mark—Allen with a little feint, dip, then lunging in with that trademark lead left uppercut: LARTER GOES DOWN! Just like that: thunderclap whack puts Ali on her back, stunned and jittery as she herky-jerk sits up and rolls onto her right hip. Krista smiling, glancing down all long-lashes at her awe-struck foe: that’s Krista Allen potshot boxing at its finest. Allen the veteran sees Ali’s hurt, but knows she’s just won the fight on the cards—Kris takes to her peerless legs, loping out the round, issuing nuisance flurries to keep Ali off balance as blonde is forced to chase. UD10 Krista Allen I classy fashion.


After: Sleek dime—Allen really in her element with a girl of Ali’s mentality: Larter not the kind of Jenny O’Dell blitzing-linebacker type that can really disrupt what Allen wants to do. Larter disappointed and silk-scuffed, but doing very well in her debut—taking some rounds, looking supple, smooth, and at-home in the ring.


Reposted by Archer 4/12/10.

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