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16 January 2008 Evageline Lilly vs Jewel Kilcher

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Part 1


Posted by Simguy in 1/26/2008, 9:55 am.


Before: Lilly addresses the controversy in prefight: “I can’t give Jewel a title shot,” Evangeline matter-of-fact. “She hasn’t done enough recently to warrant that-but she’s certainly done enough to get a fight with me. Politics aside—I love Jewel’s style—I love watching her fights, especially her wars with Neve Campbell, and I want a piece. I’ve beaten Theron and Pressly from that stable and I’m anxious to get the hat-trick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kilcher gives me the tuffest tussle of the three.” Kilcher completing camp in Barrow Alaska—harsh environment always makes Jewel cranky and hungry for a fight, “I’m definitely spoiling for a fight,” Jewel admits, there’s nothing to do in Barrow but train, sleep, eat and train some more. A lot’s been said about how this ‘little troll’ heaped Theron in that fight, so I’m not going to add to it. I saw the Pressly fight as well and I thought Jaime had that, so it looks like it’s up to me. I’m not flashy as Charlize, I’m not as speedy as Jaime, but I’ll tell you what: I punish girls like a blacksmith at 120. Lilly’s a hard little nugget, I’ll give her that: but I break hard women. She should know that going in.”


Lilly in evergreen bikini top; sporty pink bottoms; white gloves; scruffy beach-bun hair. Jewel in slick ponytail; baby blue bikini top (twist tied ‘twixt jug). Navy bottoms; white gloves.


During R1: Lilly rolling shoulders, staying loose—she opens with spanking left/right into Jewel’s guard; left hook to ribs; left hook to right ear; short right hand to guard again as Jewel stands strong. Kilcher in her frame defence (right hand cupping her temple; left elbow in, left hand at chin) as she absorbs Lilly’s shock. Evangeline stepping left, eyes narrowed: Jewel turning, chop-thrusting out the jab, just trying to locate. Lilly’s lateral movement, busy volume keeps her first—she’s putting hands on Jewel’s arms, pounding at prepared defences up top, strapping flanks and belly. Kilcher weathering all except a left uppercut off a left hook to the body; doubled up shot squeaks through to chin, rattling the challenger late.


R2: Same again—Lilly getting off first, stepping around her girl, keeping Jewel under constant ringing threat. Kilcher absorbing punishment while blocking—Lilly’s mitts bouncing loud off the guard, the biceps and body/ Evangeline trying to pound that blunt right hand up the middle: not penetrating, but Jewel grimacing as shock transmits through her gloves into her skull.


R3: Jewel getting a little closer—jab starting stamp home, leading to more exchanges. Lilly still the busier—nice lively footwork as she gets off and steps: she’s tuning Jewel up hip to head, Final minute: Kilcher in off her jab up top, dips a shoulder,. Rips a short left hook to Lilly’s stomach—bunching Evangeline up in alarm. Lilly steps back and to her right, face pinched: Jewel steps-wth, unleashing a vicious, gouging hook, taking Lilly in her ribs as she’s shying away. LILLY TAKES A KNEE! Crowd roaring to it’s feet at the sudden eruption of mount Kilcher: jewel stalks past, blue eyes smoldering: she’s goit Lilly panting on bended knee.


R4: Lilly recuperating, meeting Jewel midring with a brace of stiff left jabs—all absorbed by Jewel’s high guard. Straight right hands follow—Lilly stampin’em in up the middle: they’re blocked, but Kilcher can’t risk punch-with. Lilly relaxed, firing off smooth, heavy punches, extending on her blows, pushing off the back (right) big toe: very efficient mechanics for Evangeline as she gets back to investing in Jewel’s arms and torso for the long run.


R5: Lilly’s pulverizing, non-stop punching if Jewel’s arms starts paying off: Kilcher grimacing—stepping out of rang and shaking out her arms before stepping back into her frame look. Ripping hooks to Jewel’s body have her grunting/cramping forward: Lilly able to ring a left uppercut off just such a body shot to clip Jewel’s overhanging face. Blonde’s knees buckle, then firm: she’s still stooped over when Lilly hacks a vicious pair of sidearm right hands in behind the ear. Jewel beaten to ropes at the stagger: she forms up behind her guard again, gritting her teeth as Lilly rips repeat hooks to the waist. Jewel in desperate trouble—legs paralyzed, body under withering assault: she keeps her guard together, denies Lilly chin and absorbs hellish punishment as Evangeline sets that murderous miler’s pace. Rounds ends to the sight of Lilly’s legs springy and tense, buttocks ringing as she shells her blonde senseless.


Lilly/Kilcher conc.


Posted by Simguy on 1/26/2008. 9:55 am.


R6: Kilcher shocks Lilly with concussive jabs from the frame guard—punching Evangeline’s forehead and upper chest to get her to cover up. Kilcher able to step in close, carrying her right hand to the pit of Evangeline’s stomach” now they’re fighting shoulder to shoulder, rubbing skulls. Jewels eyes hard and cold—she’s hunkered down, rotating her shoulders, beating Evangeline in her waistline, picking up her jugs with tucking, clouting blows underneath. Jewel bumping with her left shoulder—bouncing tidy left or right uppercuts off Lilly’s forehead as brunette leans forward: Jewel really putting a lot of good, short leather on Lilly this round. Evangeline taking a good shot, but off her game: Jewel establishing a kind of localized superiority when the girls play bump-n’-punch at close quarters.


R7: Lilly leads the right hand midring, punching Jewel’s face back off her gloves: Kilcher stunned when the follow up hook toggles her chin. Jewel completely undone—stomping hurt in fence post holes: for the first time she’s wide open as Lilly POURS in through the breach. Evangeline snarling as she clips her left uppercuts across Jewel’s jumpin’ jugs; clouting right crosses turn Jewel’s head; hooks double back and forth  between Jewel’s head and body—beating her groggy. Kilcher stumbling around—Lilly stepping-with and turning—fists like a cloud of bees stinging, stinging and JEWEL BANGS BACK! Kilcher punched into a stupor, slams back a right hand ion instinct, pounding Lilly’s head back so she’s momentarily facing the ceiling. Girls trade hooks: Lilly’s knees bend—she’ stumbling forward in swoon. Jewel open-mouthed, steps back and shrugs short lefts and rights into Lilly’s oncoming tummy, beating the breath from the champ. Jewel turns at the ropes, sidestepping to allow Lilly to stumble face-first into cables: blonde wading in thick—widening her stroke to haul thudding rights and lefts onto wilting brunette. LILLY SLUGS BACK! Lilly catches Jewel a  short right hand flush to chin; Jewel answers a clubbing right—they’re both just wobbly-butt warriors, mindlessly slopping away. Crowd on its feet, ROARING as faces and breasts get spanked stooped, Bell: groggy vixens just wailing away robotic—ref has to pull Jewel off a swaying champion.


R8:  Lilly’s convinced: champ come out boxing behind her jab rather than risk any more toe-to-toe. Kilcher regrouping behind her frame defence, slowly walking Lilly down as brunette circles counter-clockwise. Jewel’s heroic 7th obviously very expensive: beautiful blonde bow mouthbreathing, eyes half closed with fatigue as she steps heavily in pursuit. Lilly fresher—absorbing a terrific-pummelling but recuperating well—her jab starts to bounce off Jewel’s defences, or stick into unprotected paunch as Kilcher strains forward. Lilly extended on stiff, straight rights and lefts, distributing the damage upstairs and down: systematic shelling has Jewel looking sluggish, going wobbly-butt from sheer accumulation. Late the round, Lilly determined to beat her right through Jewel’s guard—brunette pours in a series of half a dozen slamming rights—finally scoring with the last two as Jewel faces bleakly into punishment.


R9:  Jewel in frame defence, waiting on Lilly: Evangeline rings a one-two off the guard up top, dips n’ rips a hook to body. Jewel absorbs it without complaint, then hooks Lilly clean to chin and EVANGELINE’S HURT! Delayed effect as Lilly gobbles the shot, extends her left to measure, then wobbles as her legs give a shimmy. Lilly forms earmuff, tilting forward: Jewel clips a tidy right uppercut, skidding it off Lilly’s overhanging forehead, then pops hips-right  to lash a thundering hook in behind Evangeline’s elbow. LILLY TAKES A KNEE! Evangeline blurting in pain, sinks to her bright knee, stricken: Jewel panting, walks to neutral corner with hands on hips. Evangeline sucks it up at 8: she digs in at apron, forming V front guard (hands either side her face, elbows together at her tummy.) Jewel wades in—all drowsy with hurt and exhaustion herself, but she squares away big girl to smash at Lilly’s defences. Big, thudding blows spank off Lilly’s arms and flanks, shaking the champ; skidding uppercuts scrape through the middle—Jewel keeping ‘em nice and tight. Hooks rip and rip at Lilly’s right hip and waist beside her collected elbows—occasionally straying slightly low  to evade the defences. Borderline shots—ref lets’em go, though he’s leaning in close here. Jewel cleans up huge, beats Lilly into stupor, but can’t get champ to submit through 9.


R10: Kilcher exhausted—she spent up all her money in the 9th. Lilly wading into Jewel,  reaching in to push Kilcher back for the first time: brunette using her hands to pull apart the frame defence; using her body to squirm in and stack Kilcher at ropes. Lilly getting her forehead on Jewel’s clavicle—pushing Jewel’s arms out of the way, then going to ribcage and jug with brutal intentions, Torrid thumping shock applied: Jewel sobbing, eyes frowned shut as she limply tries to tie up. Evangeline fighting off Jewel’s chest, owning blonde to the body, then coming up top with short uppercuts and clubbing blows to either temple. Nonstop, glorious Evangeline Lilly assault: she’s used up Jewel’s reserves through the preceeding —now going hard at the defenceless dregs. Jewel brave—slumping against the ropes as her systems shut down—by the end she’s just standing there fleshy and hurt—taking terrible blows in her tummy and ribs, head tossing around on limp neck, Ref finally pushes in, cradling Jewel to safety. TKO10. Evangeline Lilly,


After: Lilly wandering away in stupor—right hand raised on instinct, but she’s not fit to celebrate. Evangeline collapsing on her stool in the aftermath—Jewel likewise sat down and tended to: what a war as Lilly claims her third Krusher scalp at tremendous cost. Hard feeling forgotten: when Lilly’s ribs are tensered up—she limps to the Kilcher corner, leaning in to kiss Jewel’s matted hair and offer words of acknowledge, Jewel’s body in the process if being tensered up as well; battered blonde can barely draw breath to speak.


Reposted by Archer 4/16/10.

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