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5 February 2008 Cheryl Burke vs Trista Sutter

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Posted by Simguy on 2/5/2008, 10:26 pm.


Before: Burke trained by Carrie Ann Inaba for this one—Inaba probably more vocal about getting Trista beat than Burke, but Cheryl knows the plan just as well. “Back her up,” Burke says in Beachbeat magazine. “Brooke couldn’t get Trista to back up, and paid the price: I’m not going to make that mistake. Plus, I’m not going to shy away from her body: I know how proud she is of it, so that’s definitely the way to break her spirit: get downstairs. Oh, and can I say one more thing? Cheerleading isn’t dancing. Trista’s no dancer.” Cheryl in bright peach bikini, black gloves. Trista in white bikini with ring connecting straps to cups, tie-side bottoms; white gloves. Inaba up with Cheryl during ring instructions, clapping and tainting Trista: Sutter ignoring it, staying focused on Cheryl, frowning in the sun. Open-air bout—Malibu beach: ring stanchions set up directly in sand bleachers for 300 or so well-heeled fans.


During R1: Crude trade in blunt, straight rights and lefts—both women punched hard of pretty faces, but CHERYL GOES DOWN! Burke stunned, wobbling to all fours seconds in—crowd bellowing “TRIS-CUIT! TRUS-CUIT!” as smiling Sutter jogs to neutral corner jugs a-jumping’. Mop up typically muscular from Trista: she squares up on Cheryl, and bludgeons her, beating the curvy brunette senseless as Burke grimaces, covers up. Cheryl nifty at the ropes: even though hurt—she squirmy, bending and elusive—rolling punches well despite absorbing hellish blonde thump to the body and both arms/


R2: Trista forward strong, bobbing her torso, punching straight, short shots from hunched shoulders—she’s literally bashing Cheryl backwards, Burke grimacing—having no luck backing Trista up: gorgeous brunette forced to improvise as Plan A goes out the window. Fight drifts to the ropes—Cheryl sets up pocket defence cute: little dips and slips, rolls to either side, leans-back into ropes. Cheryl carrying left hand across the body, right hand under the chin, or either side of the head to block. Trista relentless. Pounding away at chest, arms, waist, knuckling up to push Cheryl into ropes, jabbing stiff to reset: Burke slashing back slick single counter shots, turning torso into the shots and curling up on follow through. Trista much the busier beauty.


R3: Cheryl hammering at Trista’s gut toe-to-toe—blonde grunting, can’t advancer. Grueling shoulder-to-shoulder short-arm slugging going on—women moving their heads to either opponent shoulder, tucking in punches to offending waists: clouting short hooks to jaws inside Burke finally able to make expensive headway, banging Trista’s midsection, swatting her luscious jugs, then shouldering her off, walking her down. Sutter’s back hits the ropes—she scowls at the touch, crosses her arms, bobs on the spot: much less cute than Cheryl had been against the cables. Burke pushing in with her left shoulder, then easing out to get off in combination—swiping and swatting Trista about her face and breasts. Sutter rugged, absorbs her beating like a trooper. Burke making sultry eye contact, checking for signs of wilt at the bell.


R4: Withering, withering body blows. Cheryl to Trista: Burke’s lips curling off her teeth as she digs in; Sutter doubling up, face pinched in hurt. Cheryl pushing Trista off, walking her down—Burke relaxing, twisting into shots, showing her class: she’s swiping a right hand across Trista’s face; placing the hook beneath Trista’s elbow; hooking Trista’s jaw. At the ropes—Cheryl’s pushing in with the left shoulder/extended left elbow—bullying Trista before snapping and snatching hooks at her, Sutter trusting her curves, absorbing thrilling shellack: Trista just doesn’t have a lot of answers when her back’s to ropes. Burke openly grinning en route to her corner—shining sweaty and bronzed in the dun: Inaba’s keeping up a healthy clap-and-hoot rate.


R5: Girls engaging shoulder-to-shoulder, turning gently clockwise as they lean in before slugging. Burke cuter with her hands, slicker with her slips and rolls: Trista grunting with effort but finding it hard to paste Cheryl flush—even at point blank range. Burke busying herself about Trista’s firm gut—digging up that firm paunch with either hand. Burke also swatting Trista’s inviting melons little cuffing clouts—Cheryl just twitching her torso to either side, swiping her mitt across bulging blonde jug. All going Cheryl’s way until a late right hand finds her chin: Burke suddenly rocked, stops punching. Trista pushing forward, hooks Cheryl’s tummy, then her jugs; drops a clubbing right across mouth: Burke’s head tosses to starboard, right hand at her chest, left at her gut as her legs threaten to give. Burke driven to ropes: Trista pushes in close with left hand at Burke’s right shoulder, propping her up for a series of murderous right hands pumped tummy and chin in tight. Sutter steals the round—has to be pulled off wilting Cheryl as Inaba’s screaming “FOUL!” from the Burke corner.


R6: Cheryl’s hurt—wincing, unable to hold her ground: Trista slugging and bumping her way forward hounds Burke to ropes. Tired pocket defence from Cheryl—she’s dipping, rolling her torso, twisting away from shots, crouching back down to shoulder Trista off her tummy, Not much leather coming back from Cheryl, so Triscuit stays on her: short, bashing shots—some straight, some batting wide—all brawny and discouraging.


R7: Cheryl bodied to ropes, bumped and beaten. Burke looking frazzled, lips curled off her teeth, eyes wincing—she’s pushing her left shoulder into Trista, then leaning back to clip cutey-pie hooks or right uppercuts off the right foot. Sutter undeterred, slamming back with gusto. Out wide, Trista will bash at Cheryl’s hips and flanks with swinging, palm-down delivery. Up the middle, Trista will jam away criss-cross, just stamping her fists onto Cheryl, beating the brunette down. Burke clinching, mouth open on Trista’s shoulder—blonde stamping in sand to stack her foe into ropes, buttocks ringing with triumph as Cheryl’s limp form relaxes into cables, Trista grinning huge as she turns away at bell: Cheryl’s hugging her tummy, looking discouraged as Inaba starts clapping and chirping in support.


R8: Another beating for Cheryl as she soaks on the ropes. Burke sullen—often just turning her right shoulder into the ropes, cowering and absorbing punches as Trista squares away and slugs. Triscuit head up, butt back as she pounds away—often missing or skidding as Cheryl’s still cute with the torso-movement and shoulder-rolls, but blonde staying busy and hamhanded. Trista warned for slamming right hands into Cheryl’s back—but it’s unintentional—caused by the way Cheryl’s turning her body. Trista apologizes verbally, touches gloves, then digs back in where bit hurts.


R9: Cheryl to ropes of her volition—pre-empting Trista with a sneaky lead right from the closed stance, then leaning onto right foot, weight supported ropes, swat-hooking Trista’s jugs. Trista back with a hook to Cheryl’s belly—missing a clubbing right over the top as Burke rolls to her right: Cheryl with right shoulder against ropes, showing Trista the left shoulder, just bobbing and bending at the waist cute as blonde misses swishing over the top. RIGHT HAND, CHERYL BURKE! Burke suddenly turning into a short, screened right cross, nailing Triscuit on the button: blonde head tossed back; blonde fists suddenly stop punching. Burke  reloads, rips the tidy right uppercut in close, touches Trista with a left elbow in the breasts, then smites her a drifting right across the mouth. Sutter stunned, buttocks ringing: Cheryl swats a biting right to ear—nice tight elbow-in delivery to punch Trista sideways to ropes. Burke quickly spinning out, now ion top—lips curled off her teeth as she POURS in the leather! Pasting lefts and rights bounce Trista’s pretty head this way and that: blonde’s right hand motionless under her chin—left dangling down in her lap as she slumps into ropes. TOO MANY PUNCHES! Cheryl’s eyes ablaze as she keeps it short n’quick—chop-chop-chopping out lefts and rights to the face and breasts and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO9 Cheryl Burke.


After: Two-time “Dancing With The Stars” champ stops former Miami Heat dancer in a blistering beach epic. Trista punched into stupor—still woozy when a belligerent Carrie Ann Inaba pushes in and starts letting her hear all about how her Bacholorette ass just got quick. Grinn’ Kiana’s right there—makes the fight in principle before tempers can cool.


Reposted by Archer 4/17/10.

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