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8 February 2008 Elisha Cuthbert vs Kate Hudson

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Posted by Simguy on 2/8/2008, 7:46 am.


Before: Bouncy blonde title—Hudson scrapping in support of her new movie coming out: she could have had easier—why Elisha? “Because I’m ready,” Kate smiles, radiating confidence. “I don’t know if you guys have been noticing, but I’ve been putting my game together over the last year and I’m really smokin’ in the ring these days. The producers were thinking of a pretty flyweight—maybe Cruz or somebody like that, but I nixed it. Right away, I said ‘Cuthbert’—because I know she did all those tough rounds with Neve and beating her means something to people. I want to hype the movie, but I also want to climb in the standings: only Elisha’s defeat accomplishes those two things.”


Elisha in hot pink bandeau top, sturdy teal bottoms (swimsuit); white gloves; short blonde hair, Kate in lemon bikini, sturdy-bottomed bikini; white gloves; pretty ponytail with bangs.


During R1: Brisk—Kate pumping stiff stick, scooting to her left with eyes narrowed: she’s sharp, intense early. Cuthbert crossing arms, bobbing torso, negotiating out on the end of Hudson’s poke—taking skidding blows off her hairline and shoulders. Hudson meticulous—working the jab, then quick-stepping in with the hook, dropping the short right hand, then quickstepping in with the hook, dropping the short right hand, then hopping back out while Elisha covered up. Bell—beaming grin Kate Hudson—she’s just touched Elisha c for a shutout.


R2: Elisha gives Kate the bill for that shutout: rough and tough second fought at much closer quarters. Cuthbert eating jabs to get in, hooking Kate hard to her waist—Hudson leaning in shoulder to shoulder, looks to swap rather than bounce outside. Cuthbert eats Hudson up in trade: Kate digging, punching back in feisty threes, but Elisha’s the one coming forward with the edge in heft.


R3: Katie, where’s the jab? Elisha able to close and bang—forcing shoulder to shoulder dig-fest as Hudson accommodates. Tight-lipped hard-working grimaces all around—sporty blondes in there with left shoulders/extended left elbows bumping and propping for position. Spanking trade in underneath—both girls curling lefts and rights in tight rising arcs, taking each other to tummy, rib, jug and arms. Hudson slowly backing up—weight of shot for Cuthbert proving decisive.


R4:,5: Cuthbert marching, backing Hudson to ropes, having her way with Katie. Katie grimacing, trying to slug back, but she’s always on her feels or getting jostled into ropes—can’t get leverage. Meanwhile—Cuthbert throwing a blanket out on Kate and battering her—smothering the receipts with sturdy body-ups as required, Cuthbert in control with her left shoulder I Kate’s chest, preventing a Hudson escape attempts, Elisha’s stocky legs stamping, keeping her weight on Kate and maintaining position: Katie wanted the girl who had hung tough with Neve and Rachel—she’s getting her. Every once in awhile—Elisha steps out, tilts forward and pounds away straight, palm-down right/lefts into Katie’s gut. Furious, jamming volleys double Huddie up: she cringes, arms crossing at her body as Elisha commits—pretty impressive pounding down there.’


R6: Kate Hudson proves resilient, absorbing a consistent body beating over the last few rounds and coming back strong as Elisha takes a breather. Hudson able to come forward—hooking Elisha to the body, then stepping into her with left shoulder: Cuthbert starting to back up with a frown. Kate forcing shoulder to shoulder exchanges, and winning them—Elisha withdrawing with a cranky pout—well-spanked about her arms, breasts and tummy. Hudson also turning into a ship-shape little right cross—nothing explosive, but very clean clout applied to the problem of Cuthbert’s chin this round.


R7: Toughest two-way action of the fight a girls dig in midring to deny each other forward progress. Both bumping shoulders to set up thudding combos to midsection. Both pushing and propping with the left elbow—often while taking a cute little step-right to set up a short right hand. Both love the body first, but often finish up top, buffeting the other girl about her temples—but it’s clean. Scrappy blondes want to win this above the trunkline.


R8.9: Kate coming forward at some expense: Cuthbert fighting hard for every inch of canvas before she gives it up. both rounds see Kate takes Elisha to ropes: first time it happens, you can see the shock in Cuthbert’s eyes as she’s really forced to respect Hudson’s sturdiness. Hudson even indulging in a little payback in spots—leaning in to jam away with the palm-down right/lefts to body that double Elisha up gasping Cuthbert getting smoked—left across body, right under her chin as she stoops forward, face stricken as Katie’s trying to overload Elisha’s midsection.


R10: Close fight—both girls scuffed and disheveled , but rising resolute from stools at the bell—blazing eye contact as they step-to midring. They’ve fought each other inside all night—neither has had her will broken—only the hungrier girl can prevail in a fight like this.


It’s all Elisha.


Cuthbert digs down, refusing to allow Kate to compete with her, Elisha hammers gut, ribs and biceps, baring her teeth bas she stoops forward and curls up with thudding shots,. Hudson driven back breathless—flicking out the don’t-hurt-me jab. She tries to turn at the ropes, but Elisha tackles her into cables instead, stocky legs stamping for dominance,. More body blows—furious body blows—batting hooks in 3s, 4s, and 5s spank at Kate’s midriff and chest ass she sullenly turns torso-right to close stance. Elisha pushing Kate into ropes, going to body with that vicious, stamping palm-down delivery, then coming upstairs with hooks. Elisha’s body is rigid with effort—legs stamping, buttocks ringing, arms working, torso twisting: Kate’s body is slumping—she’s spending more time butt-in- ropes, less time slugging back. Midway through, a dazed and battered Hudson takes a breathless knee—panting, blinking in hurt. Fight’s over: Elisha’s got another minute after Katie’s 8 count, but Cuthbert’s imposed her will. She pours in, batters Hudson in one-sided fashion to bell and rips away the UD10 like a hungry dog carrying off the last bone.


After: Hudson crestfallen, hugging her throbbing body and being tensered up in her corner—but she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Kate showing how much she’s grown as a fighter by first even challenging Elisha, and second by fighting her so hard and well for so much of this fight, “She’s weak,” Elisha says on camera in postfight, offering Kate absolutely no respect after a good tussle. “Little bit of stubbornness there, but anything I wanted from her, I took. I didn’t even feel her punches, She couldn’t keep me off, you know? If a girl can’t do that, then I own her—it’s that simple.”


Reposted by Archer 4/18/10.

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