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9 February 2008 Allison Mack vs Britney Spears

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 2/9/2008, 9:10 am.


Before: “They offered me either a special commentator or special referee gig,” says special commentator Dani Fishel ringside, “but I didn’t think I could be in the same ring as those two and not get into trouble! You know, I think this is a great fight-maybe not a special fight that me and Britney always is, but this is a good, tough bout for these girls. Allison’s going to give Britney hell, but I tell you what: I just don’t think Mack can sustain that kind of pressure you need to subdue Britney. There’s something unfinished about Alli—she’s really more a good solid top 20 name at this point, rather than an elite bantam. I think Alli’s tailor-made for Britney, and we’ll see Spears slowly but surely break Mack. Look for Britney to come from behind and stop Mack late—I just like Spears’ niftiness, defence and handspeed in this one. She’ll give Mack a lot of body, but zero chin, and Allison  won’t understand it’s a trap. Britney’s body can absorb hellish punishment—much more than you think she can when you first start working on her, But when you’re gassed in the 8th, and she starts picking part your defences—that’s when it dawns on you.”


Allison sporty—clingy crimson crop top with showy scoop front, form-fitting sleeves to the elbow; bare midriff to white bikini bottoms with asymetrical slash of crimson (like assian brush-stroke) and white belt; white gloves; black wrestling shoe with white socks for sturdy support. Britney with clingy black and crimson crop top with showy scoop front, form fitting sleeves to elbow; bare brown midriff to yellow bottoms/black belt; black shoes with white socks; black gloves. Effect of these sleeved crop tops is to accentuate the rounded thickness of the shoulders and arms of both girls.


During R1: Girls settle into ready positions—Britney on the ropes, Allison attacking her. Alli’s ready position: right stacked atop left at her body as she leans in her left shoulder against the forearms of Britney’s raised guard. Alli crowd in close, then erupting—pounding sudden bursts of right lefts and rights against Britney’s shoulders/biceps in concussive combination, then crowding back in with her left shoulder to reset. Britney calm in the pocket—ready position is elbows-in, gloves loose at cheeks, torso tilted slightly forward, Britney absorbing blows on her flanks and arms—letting Alli ramp up the punch count-then answering with cutey-pie little right uppercuts; cuffing hooks; frequently pulling on the back of Alli’s head and tying her up when Mack leans in.


Dani’s comments at the break: “You can’t score that for Britney, but those little cuffs and chops she’s putting on Allison will catch up with Mack down the road. Mark my words—Mack is getting eaten up here, and doesn’t even know it!”


R2; Alli establishes ready position: Britney relaxed—letting Mack shoulder-in against the Spears guard. Moe punishment to Britney’s arms—beefy smashing lefts and rights delivered in sudden PIK! PAK! PEK! bursts—softens Spears up, setting the stage for Mack’s other punches, Alli bumping her left shoulder in the ready position, then hooking Britney’s paunch a thick moist CHUPP!—quickly back to ready position, then hooking right uppercuts—doubling and tripling  ‘em up, scraping ‘em against Britney’s guard, diligently looking to part those mitts, midway through, Mack emerges from ready position to hook Brit’s right shoulder; hook Britney’s paunch, then; uppercut Brit’s chin, splitting the mitts with a curling left hand; SPEARS IS SHOOK! Britney sitting in the ropes in swoon, grunting as Mack consolidates with pair of hooks behind the right elbow, then a short, clouting right to Britney’s left bicep. Spears grimacing, clinches, pulling Alli in head-and-arm for ref’s break. Mack eyes bright—she shells Britney jab before leaning into ready position—methodically making sure of each distance before proceeding. Spears not able to counter much: Mack doing a very good jab of suppressing Britney’s receipts early.


R3: Britney’s got that cranky sullen look on her face; disheveled, frowning—she hunkers down at the ropes as Mack pushes in. Mack investing heavily in Britney’s arms early in each round—emerging from the ready position to slam away in brisk, side to side wallops—fists smashing against bicep and shoulder as Britney huddles forward behind her mitts. With Britney humming, Mack methodically diversifies: hooking tummy beefy; working uppercuts; constantly crowding and bumping. Spears supple—leaning back into the ropes with arms crossed; leaning forward behind her mitts; tipping side to side with hands stacked right atop left at her body and swatting back counters from the tic-toc torso movement. Mack really digging up good paunch this round—thick, muscular rights or lefts spanking into Britney’s brown belly mound, pasting and bunching up the flesh: Spears is mouthbreathing by the bell.


R4: Alli jabbing—bashing, slamming poke from a flat footed stance, just shelling the area, getting Britney to cover up—then Mack proceeds in with her shoulder to get her ready position, Bump-n-slug from Mack—that shoulder is a third glove in there, keeping Britney’s guard occupied, Heavy, clouting blows take Britney in her tummy, beating the brrath from her. Spears grimacing, groaning—riding her arms around Mack’s shoulders to biog her down. SPEARS TAKES A KNEE! Out of nowhere, breathless Britney buys herself a breather, getting up easily at 8, but clearly woozy. Mack grinning—spends a moment shelling her jab, coaxing Britney to a seat in the ropes, then stepping in with a monster side-arm right chopped thick behind Britney’s left elbow. Huge blast hacks into Britney palm-up, twisting to palm-down as it digs meat then follows through back to Mack. Spears shouting in pain, reaches to clinch up top: Mack ducks out of the grasp, tucks a short hook into Britney’s breadbasket, then jams a right to Britney’s ear as the girls fight tummy to tummy. Spears stunned, turns her right side to ropes, left hand cupping her head, teeth bared, Mack widens stance, sweeps a vicious right palm-down to Britney’s back, crippling Spears; swinging left hand takes Britney in her gut, shaking her: BRITNEY TAKES A KNEE! Spears blinking back tears, right arm in the ropes, right knee down; she’s hurting bad this time, taking the full 8 before rising. Mack glowing, batting mitts together, bouncing aggressively in neutral corner: she’s putting together the fight of a lifetime in her biggest payday to date. Bell: Mack beaming, arms outstretched towards her corner for a hug; Britney—achy on her stool, wincing as she slumps to a seat.


R5: Alli thumps Britney a withering right/left against the flanks; Brit soaks, licks a counter left uppercut to chin—doubling it into a hook to chin and MACK’S ROCKED! Alli’s legs give a shimmy—she steps back, arms crossed, then steps back in with an overhand right (blocked as Brit eases back into ropes). Spars twists torso-right, swiping her left across Mack’s face, following through to lay over on her right side to slip Mack’s hook. Allison’s mouth open—she’s stubborn, won’t abandon the position: Britney’s starting to eat her up with cuffing, swiping counters. Brit so cute with either hand—pairing uppercuts to hooks with the same mitt, slugging easily off either foot. Mack resuming her attack in Britney’s arms and flanks, but volume’s down: Spears able to hold-and-hit or slip and shoulder as she pleases, finding Mack’s face and torso available.


Spears/Mack conc.


Posted by Simguy on 2/9/2008, 9:10 am.


R6: Allison strong across the ring, piling into Britney—muscular writhing, straining as Mack mauls and stacks; feet stomping, backside jostling with effort, Mack crowds in, then pulls out to get off in withering 3s and 4s—smashing blows spanking off flanks, arms, and tummy. Mack reaching in as well—wriggling her arms underneath Britney’s to pull apart Spears’ guard before working rib and jug meat. Spears grimacing—joining in the sloppy clinches, struggling to tuck short punches to Mack-paunch, dipping side-to-side to pull shots onto Mack’s ears, ribs. Tough rounds to score: Allison busier, throwing more; Britney choosier, more accurate and cute. Mack disciplined about beating Britney below the neck: Allison rarely hurls a hook at Spears’ head, only uppercuts.


R7: Spears drained, mouthbreathing: Mack well-worn herself, but relentless, punishing Britney’s defences with heavy jabs before crouching I with the low shoulder. Mack erupting from ready position, then crouching back to re-establish it: smart, smart inside fighting from Allison. Allison very quick-mitted in terms of side to side power punches—very brisk beatings handed out to Britney’s biceps and flanks. Mack doubling the hook belly and head, then pushing in with shoulder to smother receipt. Right uppercuts constantly threaten Britney’s chin up the middle—and Mack’s sidearm right above the hip is no joke. Spears soaking and soaking without complaint—clipping and swatting back in spots—reaching to pull Alli into clinches, Spears hurt this round, but sitting in the ropes anyway: we don’t see the tell-tale butt-wobble until she’s walking to her corner for the break.


R8: Britney throbbing with pain—tilting forward, leaning back, rotating her torso: it’s all slow, achy movement. Mack pumping jabs to stabilize Brit at ropes, moving in with the shoulder to establish ready position—then moving through the disciplined checklist.


 1.) Beat Britney’s arms numb with rapid-fire combos, crowd in immediately thereafter.


.2.) Bump Brit the shoulder, then hook her paunch THICK, Crowd in thereafter.


 3.) Reach in under Britney’s arms, chest her to ropes, then clean up chest and ribcage before she regroups.


4.) Deploy right hands of opportunity: double uppercuts; vicious sidearm rights above Brit’s left hip. Crowd in immediately thereafter.


Late the round, clubbing attrition takes its toll: Britney sinks to her right knee, blinking back tears, face pinched.


R9: Spears lolling, butt-in-ropes, stooping forward: she absorbs a series of brutal uppercuts to her chest and ribcage as Mack wades in punching. First loss of discipline Alli’s had all night: she’s very open, takes that licking left uppercut/tidy left hook combo clean to chin. Mack wobbly butt—right hand up—left across her chest, elbow up and out to the side as she tries to crowd. Brit dips right, weight on right foot, whacks a savage right to Alli’s open ribs: Mack blurts in pain, crumpling forward, Brit gently o\pushes Alison’s head aside while dipping left, hooking off her left foot to Mack’s liver. Allison reaching in to clinch: Britney swipes a wider hook across kidneys while bouncing on the ledft foot—gets an insurance hook across and MACK GOES DOWN! Allison on all fours, staring out through the ropes: Fishel hooting “I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU MACK WOULD GO!” Spears hands on hips, dragging in breath as she stalks to neutral corner: she’s all but finished herself, but sight of Mack in peril boosting Britney’s spirits. Mack climbs ropes, beats the count: She’s one shabby little blonde, gloves at mouth as Britney’s invited on in after 8. Spears steps in wide, sweeping her hook to Alli’s liver; shifts weight to right foot while pulling hook across Mack’s brows. Mack spills to her right, hitting her own corner in stupor: Britney pouncing in, carrying her left hand low as she bends into slamming right to Mack’s jaw, Crowd roaring as Allison soaks the shot, slumps into turnbuckles with hands at her chest: BRITNEY’S LATHERING AWAY! Spears hup-hup-hupping lefts and rights, pasting Mack senseless, Bell: ref pulls Britney off her foe as Allison swoons out on her feet.


R10: Alli’s not right—drifting off to her left as she’s trying to walk straight. Britney virtually spent, but pouring in her last reserves: big hands miss, but chase Alli to ropes at the stagger. Spears steps-to, giving Alli a dose of her own medicine with the left shoulder-prop in close. Spears working bump-‘n-punch: tidy, licking, swiping hooks and uppercuts, scoring brutally against Mack’s breasts and tummy. Double-swat punch to paunch cramps Mack up late—she spits out her mouthpiece in pain, but manages to clinch, typing Brit up for ref’s break. Final moments painful to watch: Spears laying in, but unable to punch with enough authority to finish wounded Mack: all that Mack body and arm punching paying off by denying Britney finishing vigour. Comes back UD10…Allison Mack.


After: Fishel sheepish, oddly distracted comments: she’s staring into the ring, clearly preoccupied, Spears badly battered—nearly pulled it out, but Mack simply wouldn’t go, “It’s huge,” a shopworn, still-woozy Alli Mack says of the triumph, “not just the cheque: hammering Britney—going right at her and hammering her—THAT’S huge. Not many girls can do that 120, she’s just very slick and surprisingly heavy handed: I was very, very hurt when I went down, and I don’t remember much of the 10th, but I was just fighting on gut instinct and I wouldn’t quit. We had such a great game plan for Britney—I took so much out of her that she just couldn’t finish once she had the chance.”


Reposted by Archer 4/20/10

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