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Stable Wars

Page history last edited by Vassago 1 month ago




Stables have been a basic building block of the FCBA almost since its inception.  As a natural consequence, direct competition between the various stables have gone hand in hand as part of the FCBA experience.  Indeed, in its existence, only two years have gone by without seeing at least one Stable War. Simply put, a predetermined number of contenders from one stable will be matched up against an equal number of contenders from another stable.


These so-called conflicts typically come about either one of two ways.  In the first case, a rivalry between two alpha competitors will escalate and cause their respective stables to coalesce around the pair for an all-out conflict.  In the other scenario, the stable war will emerge as the result of a rivalry (friendly or otherwise) between the managers of the two stables. 


How is the winner of a stable war determined?  At first glance, this seems like an easy question to answer - whichever stable wins more fights wins the war (and for the purposes of this page, that is how the "winner" is deemed).  However, there are other qualifiers that are often taken into account.  For instance, if the losing stable's flagship fighter wins against her counterpart in the winning stable, it can be argued that the "loss" is not really a loss at all (or at least, not as decisive a loss as it might otherwise have been).  Likewise, since stable wars often feature title matches, a partial victory can be claimed based off of which side is able to win or retain their championships.


Kim's Krushers are probably the most notable participant in stable wars.  As the most frequent competitor in this type of conflict, the Krushers held a record of 6-2 as a stable and an individual fighter record of 20-14 (10 KOs). Second most notable would be Hawkeye International Sports Consortium, which holds a group record of 5-2 and individual record of 15-9-1 (7 KOs). The core flyweight and bantamweight fighters that make up HISC's so-called "Wolf Pack" are particularly feared for their ability to compete as a group and dominate their rivals in other organizations.


Fight History






Tank Enterprises (TE) vs. Kim's Krushers (KK) - Kim's Krushers win 2-1

03/17/00. (Maxim Lightweight Title) Catherine Bell (TE) Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (KK) (UD10)

03/17/00. Lucy Liu (KK) Def. Michelle Williams (TE) (UD10)

03/17/00. Jewel Kilcher (KK) Def. Dani Fishel (TE) (UD10)


Sexy World Order (SWO) vs. Club Beautiful - Club Beautiful wins 2-1 

04/28/00. MIssy Hyatt (CB) Def. Shannon Tweed (SWO) (KO2)

04/28/00. Cindy Margolis (CB) Def. Ali Landry (SWO) (KO4)

04/28/10. Trish Stratus (SWO) Def. Midajah O'Hearn (CB) (1 Pt. Dec.)




Kim's Krushers (KK) vs Tank Enterprises (TE) - Kim's Krushers win 4-1

10/20/01. Lil Kim (KK) Def, Michelle Williams (TE) (KO2)

10/20/01. Lucy Liu (KK) Def. Danielle Fishel (TE) (UD10)

10/20/01. (Non-Title Bout) Terry Farrell (TE) Def. Jewel Kilcher (KK) (KO6)

10/20/01. Janet Jones (KK) Def. Syren (TE) (1 Pt. Dec.)

10/20/01. Charlize Theron (KK) Def. Catherine Bell (TE) (KO6)




BSE (B) vs. HISC (H) - HISC wins 3-0-1

 06/17/02. Jennifer Garner (H) Def. Halle Berry (B) (UD10)

06/17/02. Estella Warren (H) Def. Catherine Zeta Jones (B) (UD10)

06/17/02. Claire Danes (H) Def. Britney Spears (B) (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/17/02. Eliza Dushku (H) Draw Vs. Jessica Alba (B)


Sexy World Order (S) vs Kim's Krushers (K) - Kim's Krushers win 3-1

06/24/02. Brittany Daniel (K) Def. Kelly Ripa (S) (TKO10)

06/24/02. Christy Brinkley (K) Def. Daisy Fuentes (S) (KO4)

06/24/02. Charlize Theron (K) Def. Shannon Elizabeth (S) (UD10)

06/24/02. Ali Landry (S) Def. Jewel Kilcher (K) (UD10)


BSE (B) vs. HISC (H) - BSE wins 3-0

10/15/02. Daisy Fuentes (B) Def. Estella Warren (H) (KO9)

10/15/02. Shakira (B) Def. Claire Danes (H) (KO6)

10/15/02. Britney Spears (B) Def. Eliza Dushku (H) (UD10)






HISC's "The Wolf Pack" (WP) vs. TE's Danielle Fishel "The Tank" (DF) - The Wolf Pack wins 2-1

06/04/04. Danielle Fishel Def. Eliza Dushku (1 Pt. Dec.)

06/11/04. Claire Danes Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

06/19/04. Michelle Williams Def. Danielle Fishel (KO10)


Ultimate Fighter (UF) vs. Kim's Krushers (KK) - Kim's Krushers win 3-2

07/02/04. (Non-Title) Kristanna Loken (KK) Def. Torrie Wilson (UF) (KO6)

07/09/04. Jaime Pressly (KK) Def. Jessica Alba (UF) (UD10)

07/16/04. Rebecca Romijn (UF) Def. Katherine Heigl (KK) (UD10)

07/23/04. Elisha Cuthbert (KK) Def. Jolene Blalock (UF) (KO1)

07/31/04. Victoria Pratt (UF) Def. Charlize Theron (KK) (1 Pt. Dec.)


"The Coalition" (C) vs. "The Wolf Pack" (W) - The Wolf Pack wins 3-0

10/30/04. Michelle Williams (W) Def. Kate Bosworth (C) (UD10)

10/30/04. Claire Danes (W) Def. Natalie Portman (C) (KO6)

10/30/04. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Eliza Dushku Def. Britney Spears (1 Pt Dec)


Kim's Krushers (K) vs. HISC (H) - Kim's Krushers wins 3-1

11/27/04. Jaime Pressly (K)  Def Claire Danes (H) (KO1)

11/27/04. Charlize Theron (K) Def. Jennifer Garner (H) (UD10)

12/04/04. Eliza Dushku (H) Def. Elisha Cuthbert (K) (KO10)

12/11/04. Katherine Heigl (K) Def Estella Warren (H) (UD10)


"The Wolf Pack" (W) vs. "The 2nd Coalition" (C) - The 2nd Coalition wins 2-0

12/15/04. Danielle Fishel (C) Def. Michelle Williams (W) (KO7)

12/15/04. Britney Spears (C) Def. Eliza Dushku (W) (KO1)




Bell Sports Entertainment (B) vs. Tech Unlimited (T) - Tech Unlimited wins 4-2

01/21/05. Rachael Leigh Cook (T) Def. Natalie Portman (B) (1 Pt. Dec,)

01/21/05. Jennie Garth (T) Def. Katie Holmes (B) (KO2)

01/21/05. Jennifer Connelly (T) Def. Britney Spears (B) (KO10)

01/21/05. Jennifer O'Dell (B) Def. Jessica Biel (T) (KO2)

01/21/05. Laetitia Casta (T) Def. Charisma Carpenter (B) (1 Pt Dec)

01/21/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kaley Cuoco (B) Def. Keira Knightley (T) (UD10)


Tech Unlimited (TU) vs. Kim's Krushers (KK) - Tech Unlimited wins 3-2

12/14/05. Jewel Kilcher (KK) Def. Rachel Nichols (TU) (TKO4)

12/14/05. Naomi Watts (TU) Def. Jessica Simpson (KK) (UD10)

12/14/05. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Jaime Pressly (KK) Def. Jennifer Connelly (TU) (UD10)

12/14/05. Laetitia Casta (TU) Def. Charlize Theron (KK) (KO8)

12/14/05. (Unified Lightweight Title) Jessica Biel (TU) Def. Ch. Katherine Heigl (KK) (UD10)




Kim's Krushers (KK) vs. Tank Enterprises (TE) - Tank Enterprises wins 3-1

07/15/06. The Set-Up

07/15/06. Kristanna Loken (KK) Def. Terry Farrell (TE) (KO5)

07/15/06. Hilarie Burton (TE) Def. Jessica Simpson (KK) (KO2)

07/15/06. Danielle Fishel (TE) Def. Jewel Kilcher (KK) (UD10)

07/15/06. Catherine Bell (TE) Def. Charlize Theron (KK) (UD10)

07/15/06, Post Fight Punishment


Kim's Krushers (K) vs. The Mountees (M) - Kim's Krushers win 3-2

12/23/06. Elisha Cuthbert (M) Def. Jaime Pressly (K) (UD10)

12/23/06. Charlize Theron (K) Def. Cobie Smulders (U) (KO4)

12/23/06. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Rachel McAdams (M) Def. Jewel Kilcher (K) (UD10)

12/23/06. (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Kristanna Loken (K) Def. Natasha Henstridge (M) (UD10)

12/23/06. (Tie Breaker Bout) Jessica Simpson (K) Def. Kristin Kreuk (M) (KO6)




Tech Unlimited (TU) vs. Ultimate Fighter (UF) - Tech Unlimited wins 3-2

05/11/07. Sarah Michelle Gellar (UF) Def. Virginie Ledoyen (TKO1)

05/12/07. Rachel Nichols (TU) Def. Laura Prepon (UF) (TKO7)

05/25/07. Kelly Hu (UF) Def. Jennifer Connelly (TU) (TKO4)

05/25/07. Scarlett Johansson (TU) Def. Jessica Alba (UF) (KO2)

05/25/07. Jessica Biel (TU) Def. Victoria Pratt (UF) (KO9)


HISC (H) vs. Foxfire (F) - HISC wins 3-1

10/19/07. Alyson Hannigan (H) Def. Danielle Harris (F) (KO2)

10/19/07. Claire Danes (H) Def. Sarah Carter (F) (UD10)

10/19/07. Hayden Panettiere (F) Def Michelle Williams (H) (UD10)

10/20/07. Eliza Dushku (H) Def. Rachel McAdams (F) (UD10)




Foxfire (F) vs. HMK (H) - HMK wins 4-3

11/11/08. Stable War Signing Day

11/20/08. HMK Analyzed

11/22/08. Foxfire Analyzed

11/27/08. Sarah Carter (F) Def. Kate Bosworth (H) (UD10)

11/27/08. Hayden Panettiere (F) Def. Eva Longoria (H) (UD10)

11/27/08. Scarlett Johansson (H) Def. Rachel McAdams (F) (TKO6)

11/27/08. Brittany Daniel (H) Def. Laura Vandervoort (F) (KO3)

11/27/08. Carmella DeCesare (H) Def. Elisabeth Harnois (F) (KO9)

11/27/08. Mandy Moore (F) Def. Tricia Helfer (H) (KO2)

11/27/08. (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Erica Durance (H) Def. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (F) (UD10)




Foxfire (F) vs. HISC (H) - HISC wins 3-2

08/21/09. (Non-Title Bout) Claire Danes (H) Def. Sarah Carter (F) (KO4)

08/31/09. Michelle Williams (H) Def. Elisabeth Harnois (F) (KO7)

09/06/09. Hayden Panettiere (F) Def. Kristin Kreuk (H) (KO10)

09/17/09. Eliza Dushku (H) Def. Danielle Fishel (F) (KO2)

09/18/09. Laura Vandervoort (F) Def. Katie Holmes (H) (KO8)



HISC (H) vs Lookout! Boxing (L)--HISC wins 3-2

05/29/10. Michelle Williams (H) Def Megan Fox (L) (KO2)

06/05/10. Hilary Duff (L) Def Kristin Kreuk (H) (UD10)

Post Fight

06/05/10. Missy Peregrym (L) Def Eliza Dushku (H) (TKO4)

Post Fight

06/06/10. Claire Danes (H) Def Jessica Simpson (L) (UD10)

06/11/10. Michelle Williams (H) Def Hilary Duff (L) (TKO2)


Foxfire (F) vs Sceej Boxing (S)--Foxfire wins 2-1

11/03/10. Rachel Nichols (F) Def `Adrianne Palicki (S) (KO10)

11/12/10. Gena Lee Nolin (S) Def Mandy Moore (F) (KO10)

11/19.10. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch Rachel McAdams (F) Def Jenny McCarthy (S) (KO3)

Post Fight



Ginny's Academy (A) vs Front Street/Empire (F/E)--Academy wins 4-3

03/06/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Nicole Scherzinger (F/E) Def Reese Witherspoon (A) (UD10)

03/06/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Halle Berry (A) Def Neve Campbell (F/E) (UD10)

03/06/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Amanda Seyfried (F/E) Def Teri Hatcher (A) (KO3)

03/12/11. Introduction.

03/12/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Serinda Swan (F/E) Def Candice Swanepeol (A) (KO4)

03/12/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Charlize Theron (A) Def Cameron Diaz (F/E) (UD10)

03/12/11. (Simguy & Simgrrl) Sharon Stone (A) Def Jewel Kilcher (F/E) (KO7)

     Post Fight

03/13/11. (Simguy) Julie Benz (A) Def Sienna Miller (F/E) (UD10)


Hawkeye International Sports Consortium (H) vs Jeri's Knockouts (J)--HISC wins 4-2

11/05/11. Introduction

11/05/11. Lacey Chabert (J) Def Kristin Kreuk (KO10)

11/05/11. Mila Kunis (H) Def Jennifer Love Hewitt (KO5)

11/05/11. (Unified Flyweight Title) Natalie Portman (H) Def Ch Scarlett Johansson (J) (TKO7)

11/09/11. Jennifer Love Hewitt (J) Def Eliza Dushku (H) (KO5)

11/09/11. Michelle Williams (H) Def Lacey Chabert (J) (UD10)

11/09/11. Claire Danes (H) Def Scarlett Johansson (J) (UD10)



Hawkeye International Sports Consortium (H) vs Pretty Little Punchers Inc.--HISC wins 4-0

12/07/12. Kristin Kreuk (H) Def Lucy Hale (P) (TKO7)

12/07/12. Claire Danes (H) Def Troian Bellisario (P) (TKO7)

12/07/12. Michelle Williams (H) Def Ashley Benson (P) (TKO9)

12/07/12. (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch Eliza Dushku (H) Def Shay Mitchell (P) (UD10)

    Post Fight 





Foxfire Boxing (FF) vs Pretty Little Punchers Inc--(Foxfire wins 3-1)


01/26/14. Lucy Hale (PLP) Def Clare Bowen (FF) (KO3)

01/26/14. Hayden Panettiere (FF) Def Ashley Benson (PLP) (KO5)

01/26/14. Sarah Carter (FF) Def Troian Bellisario (PLP) (TKO3)

01/26/14. Laura Vandervoort (FF) Def Shay Mitchell (PLP) (UD10)



Lookout! Boxing vs Lioness Club of America (Lookout! wins 6-3)


10/03/15. (JMD) Charlotte Church (LCA) Def Kim Kardashian (LB) (KO6)

10/03/15. Jessica Simpson (LB) Def Geri Halliwell (LCA) (KO5)

10/03/15. Nina Dobrev (LB) Def Shenae Grimes (LCA) (KO8)

10/03/15. Selena Gomez (LCA) Def Ashley Tisdale (LB) (KO6)

10/03/15. Elisha Cuthbert (LB) Def Nicole Scherzinger (LCA) (TKO7)

10/03/15. Kate Upton (LB) Def Karolina Kurkova (LCA) (KO8)

10/03/15. (JMD) Vanessa Hudgens (LB) Def Jessica Lowndes (LCA) (KO9)

10/03/15. (Unified Lightweight Title) Odette Yustman (LCA) Def Ch Yvonne Strahovski (LB) (UD10)

10/03/15. Minka Kelly (LB) Def Eva Mendes (LCA) (KO7)

     Post-Event Press Conference



Empire Boxing vs Mirage Boxing (Currently Ongoing... Empire leads 13-6-1)

03/20/16. Kate Beckinsale (E) Def Angelina Jolie (M) (KO6)

03/20/16. Julianne Hough (E) Def Reese Witherspoon (M) (KO4)

03/20/16. Candice Accola (M) Def Zoe Saldana (E) (KO5)

03/20/16. Taylor Swift (M) Def Jen England (E) (KO4)

               (Swift switched to Empire after this fight)

03/20/16. Lacey Chabert (M) Draw Sienna Miller (E)

05/12/16. Camila Cabello (E) Def Ariana Grande (M Guest) (KO5)

05/12/16. Olga Kurylenko (E) Def Marisa Miller (M) (KO4)

05/12/16. Julianne Hough (E) Def Jessica Alba (M) (KO5)

05/12/16. Taylor Swift (E) Def Cameron Diaz (M) (KO4)

05/12/16. Sienna Miller (E) Def Eva Longoria (M Guest) (TKO3)

05/25/16. Camila Cabello (E) Def Ellen Page (M Guest) (KO3)

05/25/16. Megan Fox (M) Def Emma Stone (E) (KO4)

05/25/16. Jamie Chung (M) Def Keira Knightley (E) (1 Pt Dec)

05/25/16. Taylor Swift (E) Def Camilla Belle (M Guest) (KO4)

05/25/16. Sienna Miller (E) Def Jennifer Love Hewitt (M) (KO6)

06/10/16. Emma Stone (E) Def Dove Cameron (M) (KO4)

06/10/16. Katie Cassidy (E) Def Caity Lotz (M) (TKO10)

06/10/16. Lacey Chabert (M) Def Christina Aguilera (E) (KO5)

06/10/16. Candice Accola (M) Def Kate Hudson (E) (KO5)

06/10/16. Taylor Swift (E) Def Katie Holmes (M) (KO5)


Ginny's Academy vs Los Ingobernales (JMD/JMDD) (L.I. Wins 4-3)


04/01/16. (JMD) Elizabeth Olsen (GA) Def Celeste Bonin (LI) (KO5)

04/01/16. (JMDD) Natalie Eva Marie (LI) Def Jeri Ryan (GA) (KO6)

04/01/16. (JMDD) Charlotte McKinney (LI) Def Catherine Bell (GA) (KO3)

04/01/16. (JMDD) Blake Lively (GA) Def Gemma Atkinson (LI) (KO6)

04/01/16. JMD) Lindsay Lohan (GA) Def Nikki Bella (LI) (KO8)

04/01/16. (JMDD) Stephanie McMahon (LI) Def Charlize Theron (GA) (KO7)

04/01/16. (JMDD) Hayley Atwell (LI) Def Jennifer Lawrence (GA) (TKO4)


Front Street Gym vs Lioness Club of America (Currently Ongoing... tied 2-2)

01/29/16. (Unified Lightweight Title) Brooklyn Decker (FS) Def Ch Odette Yustman (LCA) (UD10)

02/29/16. Cheryl Cole (LCA) Def Kat Graham (FS) (KO7)

04/29/16. Antje Utgaard (FS) Def Sophie Howard (LCA) (KO7)

07/01/16. Minka Kelly (LCA) Def Allison Mack (FS) (KO12)


Pretty Little Punchers vs The Wannabees (PLP Wins: 2-1)


08/09/16. (Lookout & Archer) Ashley Benson (P) Def Sarah Hyland (W) (KO7)

08/09/16. (Lookout & Wannabees) Sammi Hanratty (W) Def Janel Parrish (P) (KO5)

08/09/16. (Lookout & Archer) Danielle Campbell (P) Def Zoey Deutch (W) (KO6)



Pretty Little Punchers vs The Wannabees Vol. 2 "Boxing on the Beach" (PLP Wins 2-1)

01/25/17. (Lookout, Archer & Wannabees) Sammi Hanratty (W) Def Janel Parrish (P) (KO7)

01/25/17. (Lookout, Archer & Wannabees) Danielle Campbell (P) Def Zoey Deutch (W) (KO8)

01/25/17. (Lookout, Archer & Wannabees) Danielle Campbell (P) Def Sammi Hanratty (W) (KO9)


Lookout! Boxing vs Lioness Club of America Vol. 2 (Lookout! Wins 3-2) (by Lookout/Vassago)


04/23/17. Demi Lovato (LB) Def Selena Gomez (LCA) (KO6)

04/23/17. Vanessa Hudgens (LB) Def Jessica Lowndes (LCA) (KO7)

04/23/17. Minka Kelly (LCA) Def Emily VanCamp (LB) (TKO9)

04/23/17. Odette Yustman (LCA) Def Missy Peregrym (LB) (KO4)

04/23/17. Kate Upton (LB) Def Cassidy Freeman (LCA) (KO8)


VIXENS vs Lookout! Boxing (VIXENS Win 4-3) (Lookout/Caspian)

06/17/17. Megan Fox (V) Def Demi Lovato (L) (KO7)

06/17/17. Emily VanCamp (L) Def Emily Ratajkowski (V) (KO6)

06/17/17. Alyssa Lynch (V) Def Teresa Palmer (L) KO5)

06/17/17. Luisana Lopilato (V) Def Rosie Jones (L) (KO6)

06/17/17. Nina Agdal (V) Def Missy Peregrym (L) (KO7)

06/17/17. ("Fittest Flyweight"/JMD) Vanessa Hudgens (L) Def Lily Collins (V) (TKO10)

06/17/17. Kate Upton (L) Def Kelly Rohrbach (V) (KO8)


Ginny's Academy vs Floydian (Bonzo's Gym) (2-2 tie) (Lookout, Simgrrl & Bonzo)

09/17/17, Evangeline Lilly (F) Def Lindsay Lohan (GA) (KO6)

09/17/17. Kira Kosarin (F) Def Blake Lively (GA) (KO7)

09/17/17. Jeri Ryan (GA) Def Milena Govich (F) (KO5)

09/17/17. Hannah Ferguson (GA Guest) Def Amanda Righetti (F) (KO8)


Girls Friday vs Lookout! Boxing (Lookout! wins 3-2) (Lookout/Girls Friday)

06/11/18. (Slumber Party) Jenna-Louise Coleman (L) Def Elizabeth Henstridge (GF) (KO5)
06/11/18. (Barn Boxing) Hilary Rhoda (GF) Def Missy Peregrym (L) (KO7)
06/11/18. (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Coffee Shop Clash) Kaya Scodelario (GF) Def Ch Emily VanCamp (L) (KO6)
06/11/18. (Unified Lightweight Title) (Body Paint on the Beach) Ch Yvonne Strahovski (L) Def Alessandra Ambrosio (GF) (KO7)
06/11/18. (War@The Club) Kate Upton (L) Def Kendall Jenner (GF) (KO8)


VIXENs vs Lioness Club of America (VIXENs win 3-2) (Lookout, Caspian & Vassago)

     Intro: A Lioness and Vixen Walk Into a Bar (feat. Megan Fox, Jessica Lowndes, Nina Dobrev & Brooklyn Decker)
09/22/18. Alyssa Lynch (V) Def Charlotte Church (L) (KO6)
09/22/18. Odette Yustman (L) Def Luisana Lopilato (V) (TKO6)
09/22/18. Kelly Rohrbach (V) Def Karolina Kurkova (L) (KO7)
09/22/18. Emma Watson (V) Def Selena Gomez (L) (KO5)
09/22/18. Brooklyn Decker (L) Def Hannah Ferguson (V) (KO8)


VIXENs vs Holloway Boxing (Holloway wins 3-2) (Lookout, Caspian & Holloway)

11/18/18. Allison Holker (H) Def Kyra Santoro (V) (KO6)
11/18/18. Georgia Mae Gibbs (V) Def Zendaya Coleman (H) (KO5)
11/18/18. Dua Lipa (H) Def Emily Ratajkowski (V) (KO6)
11/18/18. (Queen of the Ice Hotel) Ch Anllela Sagra (H) Def Kelly Rohrbach (V) (KO10)
11/18/18. (JMDD Title) Ch Hannah Ferguson (V) Def Amanda Cerny (H) (KO7)


VIXENs vs Lookout! Boxing II (VIXENs win 4-3) (by Lookout & Caspian)
08/17/19. (Bare Knuckle Bout) Lily Collins (V) Def Vanessa Hudgens (L) (KO6)
08/17/19. (JMD) Emily Ratajkowski (V) Def Emily VanCamp (L) (KO5)
08/17/19. Luisana Lopilato (V) Def Rosie Jones (L) (TKO6)
08/17/19. Evangeline Lilly (L) Def Kate Beckinsale (V) (TKO7)
08/17/19. Alice Eve (L) Def Megan Fox (V) (KO6)
08/17/19. (Queen of the Ice Hotel) Ch Alexis Ren (V) Def Gal Gadot (L) (KO7)
08/17/19. (JMDD Title) Ch Kate Upton (L) Def Bo Krsmanovic (V) (KO7)


VIXENs vs Holloway Boxing II (VIX wins 3-2) (Lookout, Caspian & Holloway)

09/14/19. Lily Collins (V) Def Louise Thompson (H) (FCBA Debut) (KO5)
09/14/19. Briana Evigan (H) Def Alyssa Lynch (V) (TKO6)
09/14/19. Emily Ratajkowski (V) Def Dua Lipa (H) (KO9)
09/14/19. Anllela Sagra (H) Def Georgia Mae Gibbs (V) (KO8)
09/14/19. (Queen of the Ice Hotel) Ch Alexis Ren (V) Def Amanda Cerny (H) (KO7)


VIXENS vs Fates Boxing (VIX wins 4-3) (Lookout/Caspian & Fates)

10/19/19. Emma Watson (V) Def Katherine McNamara (F) (TKO7)

10/19/19. Alyssa Lynch (V) Def Elizabeth Olsen (F) (KO5)

10/19/19. Brie Larson (F) Def Emily Ratajkowski (V) (KO6)

10/19/19. Emily DiDonato (F) Def Kelly Rohrbach (V) (KO7)

10/19/19. Bo Krsmanovic (V) Def Ana Beatriz Barros (KO6)

10/19/19. (Queen of the Ice Hotel) Taylor Swift (F) Def Alexis Ren (V) (TKO8)

10/19/19. Hannah Ferguson (V) Def Behati Prinsloo (F) (KO8)


Chimera vs VIXENs Jugs Of Mass Destruction Stable War (Chimera wins 3-2) (by Lookout & Caspian)
11/17/19. Miley Cyrus (C) Def Emma Watson (V) (KO6)
11/17/19. Samantha Hoopes (C) Def Kyra Santoro (V) (KO4)
11/17/19. Georgia Mae Gibbs (V) Def Lauren Mellor (C) (FCBA Debut) (KO3)
11/17/19. Alice Goodwin (C) Def Kelly Rohrbach (V) (KO5)
11/17/19. Hannah Ferguson (V) Def Jessica Ashley (C) (FCBA Debut) (TKO6)


VIXENSs vs Foxfire Boxing (VIXENs win 4-3) (by Lookout, Archer & Caspian)

02/15/20. Natalie Alyn Lind (F) Def Alyssa Lynch (V) (KO5)

02/15/20. Alexandra Daddario (F) Def Georgia Mae Gibbs (V) (KO6)

02/15/20. Megan Fox (V) Def Rachel McAdams (F) (KO4)

02/15/20. Jennifer Garner (F) Def Kate Beckinsale (V) (KO7)

02/15/20. Bo Krsmanovic (V) Def Mandy Moore (F) (TKO6)

02/15/20. Alexis Ren (V) Def Mary Elizabeth Winstead (F) (KO10)

02/15/20. (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch Emma Watson (V) Def Hayden Panettiere (F) (TKO8)


Pretty Little Punchers, Inc.VIXENs vs (VIXENs win 4-3) (by Lookout, Archer & Caspian)

03/14/20. Lily Collins (V) Def Lucy Hale (P) (KO6)
03/14/20. (JMD) Kyra Santoro (V) Def Ashley Benson (P) (KO5)
03/14/20. Sasha Pieterse (P) Def Alyssa Lynch (V) (KO5)
03/14/20. Emily Ratajkowski (V) Def Troian Bellisario (P) (KO8)
03/14/20. Hayley Atwell (P) Def Luisana Lopilato (V) (KO6)
03/14/20. Bo Krsmanovic (P) Def Kelly Rohrbach (V) (KO9)
03/14/20. Alexis Ren (V) Def Melissa Benoist (P) (KO7


IBB vs Revolution Boxing (Revolution Boxing Wins 3-2) (by Lookout, IBB & BenLegend443)

09/19/21. Maria Ozawa (RB) Def Chiara Nasti (IBB) (KO3)

09/19/21. Cree Cicchino (IBB) Def Saaya Irie (RB) (KO4)

09/19/21. Vivian Hsieh (RB) Def Elodie Di Patrizi (IBB) (KO5)

09/19/21. Elettra Lamborghini (IBB) Def Harumi Nemoto (RB) (KO6)

09/19/21. Sabrina Lynn (RB) Def Diletta Leotta (IBB) (KO5)


Pretty Little Punchers, Inc. vs HISC (PLP wins 3-2) (by Lookout/Archer/Hawkeye)

11/26/21. Shay Mitchell (PLP) Def Naomi Scott (HISC) KO7)

11/26/21. Priyanka Chopra (HISC) Def Melissa Benoist (PLP) (KO5)

11/26/21. Natalie Portman (HISC) Def Danielle Campbell (PLP) (KO5)

11/26/21. Sasha Pieterse (PLP) Def Michelle Williams (HISC) (TKO6)

11/26/21. Brec Bassinger (PLP) Def Dove Cameron (HISC) (KO10)


VIXENs vs Lioness Club Of America (VIXENs win 4-3) (by Lookout/Caspian/Vassago)

03/20/22. Lottie Moss (L) Def Alyssa Lynch (V)  (KO4)

03/20/22. Eden Cohan (V) Def Joy Corrigan (L) (KO6)

03/20/22. Megan Fox (V) Def Minka Kelly (L) (KO7)

03/20/22. Kelly Rohrbach (L) Def Hailey Clauson (V) (KO8)

03/20/22. Alexis Ren (V) Def Odette Yustman (L) KO3)

03/20/22. Nina Adgal (V) Def Lily Aldridge (L) (TKO5)

03/20/22. Brooklyn Decker (L) Def Hannah Ferguson (V) (KO9)


Italians Boxing Better vs Lookout! Boxing (Lookout! wins 4-3) (by Lookout & IBB)

03/25/22. Millie Bobby Brown (L) Def Joey King (I) (KO5)

03/25/22. Kylie Jenner (L) Def Maya Hawke (I) (KO6)

03/25/22. Valentina Fradegrada (I) Def Yvonne Strahovski (L) (KO4)

03/25/22. Wallis Day (L) Def Anna Tatangelo (I) (KO7)

03/25/22. (JMD Title) Ch Elettra Lamborghini (I) Def Demi Lovato (L) (KO5)

03/31/22. (JMDD Title) Lorella Boccia (I) Def Ch Kate Upton (L) (KO6)

03/31/22. (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch Vanessa Hudgens (L) Def Cree Cicchino (I) (KO9)


Italians Boxing Better vs Odds & Ends Fight Studio (Odds & Ends Fight Studio wins 3-2) (by Lookout, IBB & O&E)

08/28/22. Camila Mendes (O&E) Def Chiara Nasti (IBB) (KO5)

08/28/22. Elettra Lamborghini (IBB)  Def Samara Weaving (O&E) (KO4)

08/28/22. Brianna Dale (O&E) Def Valentina Fradegrada (IBB) (KO6)

08/28/22. Lorella Boccia (IBB) Def Tahnee Atkinson (O&E) (TKO6)

08/28/22. (Princess of the Beach) Demi Rose (O&E) Def Mia Khalifa (IBB) (KO7)


VIXENs vs Italians Boxing Better (VIXENs win 3-2) (Lookout, Caspian & IBB)
10/15/22. Nell Tiger Free (V) Def Cree Cicchino (I) (KO6)
10/15/22. Mia Khalifa (I) Def Alyssa Lynch (V) (TKO5)
10/15/22. (JMD) Kyra Santoro (V) Def Elettra Lamborghini (I) (KO4)
10/15/22. Valentina Fradegrada (I) Def Eden Cohen (V) (KO5)
10/15/22. Hannah Ferguson (V) Def Diletta Leotta (I) (KO7)


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