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6 March 2008 Keira Knightley vs Winona Ryder

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Posted by Simguy on 3/6/2008, 7:13 am.


BeforeL “Remember when Winona and I was a HUGE fight?” Keira smirks snooty at the p[odium. “Well, I’ve kept up my end—I’m still the biggest star—by far—in the division, if not in boxing as while. But Winona! She’s let her celebrity go almost as badly as she’s neglected her body. Both are soft, lumpy, sad shadows of their former glory.” Winona pursing her lips, blushing—Knightley has pinked Ryder in prefight. “Ever notice how every British girl comes off all snooty right up until she gets her ass kicked?” Winona answeres. “I may not have the pick pack abs—I may not have the experience or profile she does anymore—but whatever. I’m going to swing away on this chick—you know?” Keira’s getting her smug ass kicked all the way back to London in this one—I PROMISE!”


Keira in scarlet bikini; blonde hair wet, winched into a tidy fighting bun; small black gloves. Winona in pink cotton bra and panties—pretty and soft; small white gloves.


During R1: Winona crude—snarling as she stomps forward, swings from her hips and BELTING KEIRA SENSELESS! British vixen upright, taking clout upside her head—she’s reeling, bouncing off ropes, stumbling about as Winona’s rudimentary, but heartfelt slugging does wonders. Midway through, Knightley desperately backpedalling, tries to execute sharp right pivot-left to sneak around Winona’s right flank: Winona bending in, loops a sweeping right, catching Knightley upside the head and DROPPING HER TO HER BACK! Keira in shock—elbows planted on canvas, hands up, face contorted in astonishment: Ryder hooting and shouting, has to be bodied back by the official.


R2: Keira stabilizing—run out of the ring in the first, she rallies nicely in the second. Knightley with both arms slightly extended—she’s just knocking and tapping pesky lefts and rights against Winona’s face—stepping lithe around Ryder’s left flank while peppering her. Ryder spluttering, hands up, but getting pasted—scrounging, prodding punches not hard, but rattling and buffeting Winona off balance—she can’t get off. Keira maintaining a healthy scrub on Winona—jamming the odd hard right cross or swatting hook to jug: Ryder on her heels, gets nibbled bell to bell.


R3: Similar stuff from Knightley—pepperpot punching, peskily at her girl, hounding Winona all around the ring. Ryder hands up, sputtering—pawing at Keira or blocking: Winny just beaten to punches, nudged off balance and turned as Keira sets a withering pace. Knightley smiling—executing with confidence. To the constant facial tapping up the middle, she’s adding swinging rights with some hip and torso-turn behind them, taking Winona hard to her left side with a palm-down delivery. Also: clawing hooks from Keira continue to bedevil the Ryder rack—once on of the most sought after prizes in all boxing.


R4: Winona slapping, swinging wide: easy for Keira to lean out of range, then swoop back in, timing her punches onto Ryder’s shiny face. Knightley using the constant peppering to set up wiry power—Knightley bending in and slinging right hands over, clouting Ryder heavily to face. Midway through, on such lariat wallop smites Ryder flush—turning her to the right and dropping her to all fours, Keira brightens, jobs all sinewy to neutral corner: poor Winona gets up rickety, Follow up from Knightley thorough--a good lashing lather administered against the ropes, slender limbs licking at tummy, tits and chin in blender fashion.


R5: Winona busting up, discouraged—she’s in full, stumbling retreat, hands up, head turning away from punches as Keira taps away. Knightley keeping up the constant facial peppering—little knocks and taps keeping Ryder off balance: Knightley able to set herself and lash withering right hands in spots. Ryder smitten to jaw and body both by the lanky, slinging right hands—one such lavish stroke takes Ryder in her ribs, easing her shabby to her knees. It’s all Keira—Knightley lovely on offense as she flits and steps about, doses Winona lightly up top, then leans into the fastball on occasion to hurt her girl. Ryder brave—fighting off the knockdowns and continuing to struggle. Ref asks Ruder if she wants to quit during the break: Winona emphatically denies him.


R6: Ref’s query galvanizes Ryder: she swings from the hips, clobbering Keira upside the head, finally disrupting pesky tapping. Keira buffeted off balance—suddenly discouraged—she’s no longer pressing the attack, allowing Winona to come forward. Ryder awkward—punches wide and amateurish—but delivered with raucous gusto, Keira can’t stand against the,. Headlong., helter-skelter retreat for Keira—she’s scampering, running away at times to draw boos and jeers. Final minute—Ryder with sweeping right hand takes Keira terribly hard in her body: Knightley  immediately hugging her ribs, stepping back and TAKING A KNEE! Keira blinking back tears, sniveling as she fights off the knockdown. Winona seething—proving herself a little battler in the 6th.


R7: Keira demoralized, still rattled—Winona retains the initiative, attacking Knightley all around the ring, Ryder swinging away—missing wild at time, but pushing forward at all times: Keira can run, but she doesn’t seem to have the heart to stand in and wrest control away from angered Ryder. Winona frequently wrong footed and outlegged—but she keeps her aggression, hounding and scrounging—occasionally tackling Knightley into ropes and mauling her well until ref can ussue break,. Keira harried, scuffed up at the break.


R8: Winona continues her assault—recklessly slugging as she steps forward, Ryder open for counters, but Keira too busy turning away and retreating to take advantage—Knightley simply allowing Winona to be the bully. Ryder panting--pace of the fight is taking a toll on her underconditioned body—but aggression seeing her through—she walks Keira down, clobbers at her with both hands, chasing Knightley pillar to post.


R9: Knightley’s superior conditioning begins to pay off: Winona mouth breathing, clearly fatigued—Keira able to re-impose her will. Keira will tap pesky rights and lefts up the middle—arms semi-extended as she cycles in chopping little pokes—then she’ll pump 2 or 3 jabs while stepping to her right, turning Ryder midring. Not hurting Ryder, but confusing and buffeting her: Winona gives up initiative, appears to be stalling out as Keira regains poise.


R10: Knightley knocking at Winona’s face up the middle, stepping right around a chipping jab. Ryder too exhausted to do aught but take, Keira resuming her lanky, limber right hand powerstroking—lashing wide wallop to Winona’s ribs, then scampering away as Ryder’s shouting in pain. Combination of pesky tic-tac-toe p top and withering wiry whacks downstairs has Winona in a bad way. Brunette turning, cringing, tasking punches—Ryder simply can’t go back over to offence as Keira pastes away for points,. Come back narrow UD10, Keira Knightley.


After: Former champ and whippet-fit Brit wins, but doesn’t cover herself in glory. Ryder able to get Keira and give her hell with raw brawling—dropping Keira on occasion and making her look terrible at times. “I am rusty,”{ Knightley admits in postfight. “I blame the Americans—they’re cowards for the most part and don’t wish to stand in for the kind of pasting I’m liable to give them. Still, even as out of practice as I am, I think you’ll agree I gave Winona a terrible thrashing tonight. I;’d rather be rusty than fat and shabby any day!”


Reposted by Archer 4/25/10.

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