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21 March 2008 Katie Holmes vv Jane Krakowski

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Posted by Simguy on 3/21/2008. 10:25 am.


Before: “When Poppy put the boots to Katie, we knew this could the start of something special,” Krakowski beams in prefight. “We hadn’t really been working too closely together before, but now—we’re determined to get in Katie’s face and really set her back hard. 3 beatings for Katie—one right after the other—all of us tuff, veteran blondes who won’t lay down for jumped-up brunettes like Holmes—that’s the plan here!” Katie frowning a lot, very businesslike: when she started, she had been hoping to ho on a showcasing tear—now she’s mired in stiff, organized resistance, “I’m fighting for real now,” Katie admits of these challenges. “these girls aren’t going to giving me anything—I’m going to have to dig down and root them out of their fox-holes. But I could not be happier about this: I never wanted a cupcake-run—I’ve always wanted to fight and beat some quality blonde veterans so it’s good to see they’re rising to the moment!”


Katie in royal blue sport top to high neck; matching blue bikini bottoms with white belt; white shoes an socks; white gloves; short fighting curls. Jane in tight orange surfer’s cropped T-shirt; red bikini bottoms with white belt; white shoes and socks; red gloves.


During R1: Katie loping to her right—pushing off and pivoting around her lead (left) leg. Lead right hands and hard jabs from Katie—elastic, rangy delivery as she targets Jane’s head. Krakowski weaving, hooking hard out of her crouch—she’s coming up short on head-hooks as Katie’s able to lean out of range; better luck to the body and chest. Holmes using heels of her hands and forearms to shove and shunt Jane to either side—brunette directing traffic, controlling midring in a feisty boxing first.


R2: Katie continues to dose Jane jabs—long, rangy pokes—very stuff—Katie twitching her left shoulder just before she pumps’em out, Holmes also accurate with the right hand—elastic, springy punch bouncing off Jane’s pate, recoiling back to Katie’s shoulder—Holmes stepping around her punches, never letting Krakowski draw a bead. Down the stretch--Jane trying to muscle-in: Holmes greets her with a pair of lanky, cranking hooks CHUP! CHUP! to breadbasket. Blonde cramps up, lips parting in pain as Katie shift to the right, observing the hurt. Katie’s not doner: she grooves a smooth 3 punch combo to Jane’s face—left, right, left—all punches straight, sliding tap-tap-tap into Krakowski, leaving her speechless at the bell.


R3: Katie jabbing long to head, then stabbing poke down into Jane’s middle: blonde looking harried, mouthbreathing as marathoning brunette ups tempo. Katie ranging to her right, bouncing the right hand off Jane’s forehead, then leaning onto front (left) left to crank hooks up underneath. Big spanking contact—Krakowski exhaling through pursed lips upon receipt: she up, cringing behind her gloves, unable to answer. Katie circling, pounding away from range—she’s really dialed in nicely, bouncing both mitts off all things Jane. Final minute—brace of lanky hooks takes Jane in her tummy and chin; blonde’s shook up, stamping in fence post holes, Katei shifts-right while pawing jabs, leans into a driving right cross, punches the mouthpiece off Jane’s teeth as blonde head snaps-right. Krakowski dreamy, blundering forward: Katie slides back in her stance, touching Jane’s forehead the jab, then REAMING her a vicious right cross bingo to chin. Vicious head snap, Jane—Krakowski continues to stumble forward, but she’s crumbling, eventually spilling to canvas face-first. Jane in deep slumber, lips open against canvas—that’s KO3 Katie.


After: Holmes smiling, taking a well deserved prance: brunette redeems herself big time with a clinical lanky-girl dismissal of a solid, but rusty Jane Krakowski. Subdued bench as Poppy Montgomery and Kelly Rutherford don’t have much to say: Katie with enough cheek to strut by in the ring and ink down, shrugging off all the pressure in the process.


Reposted by Archer 4/27/10.

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