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17 March 2000 Lucy Liu vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 17-Mar-2000 22:55:08


Before: Liu taking a strangely personal stance in this fight, resenting perhaps the stated fondness of Kim herself or the plucky blonde with the cat-like eyes. Tough match up for the straight ahead slugging Michelle—Lucy’s exotic style could pose innumerable problems if Williams gets tagged early. Lucy in leopard print push up, black aerobics bottoms, Williams in red sports bra, white adidas terrycloth trunks with red stripes at the side.


During R1: Liu expressionless, hands at her side, bends her face in towards Mish and sways back out of range on wide spread legs as the blonde swats air with short strokes. Liu weaving in and out, occasionally bringing the popping left uppercut from her hips into Michelle’s full breasts, then falling off to the left side to leave Williams throbbing. Late in the round, Mish cutting off the ring, scrubs Lucy’s gut as the Asian lays in cheek to cheek at the bell.


R2: Liu circling, still swaying in and out, slapping the backhand jab, and looking to time Williams with those jerking uppercuts from the knees. Williams staying disciplined, keeping her girl in front of her, answers with short left hook ion the side of Lucy’s head, punching with the Asian to keep things even through much of the round. Wheels fall off late as Lucy sways back on her hips to make Williams miss a right hand, and counters with a wagon wheel right of her own to smash mish upside the head. Blonde in trouble, covers up and Lucy pounds wide lefts and rights around the guard, pounding away on those famous eyes to the bell, Liu purring at the break as Williams looks shaken.


R3: much more flat footed Liu, doing it with mesmerizing upperbody movement while standing right in front of Williams. Michelle’s punching becomes much more tentative as every single punch is immediately answered by an improbable counter from a weird angle. Liu lifting heavy uppercuts into Williams’ bra has the blonde breaking down from the pain and starting to wilt. Shutout Liu as she potshots and counters mercilessly his round.


R4: Mish bulling in to bash at Liu’s ribcage with feverish punching early, but Lucy simply disengaging, loping around her foe and lunging in from a new angle retakes the initiative, Williams wyes taking a fearful battering this round as Liu just too quick, able to stab at Michelle’s face before the blonde can react, then slinking down and away with her head below Michelle’s waist.


R5: Liu getting a little cocky, standing in with Michelle and the blonde is finally able to out her punches together, digging hard into the firm meat of Lucy’s torso, Liu vibrating as Michelle pounds her chest and stomach, but stepping back waving the blonde in, trades toe to toe, pulling her fists around her body to smash into Michelle’s stomach. Williams more economical inside, more determined, wins her first round, but liu pumping her first at the bell looks the more upbeat.


R6: Liu waving Michelle in for more inside mayhem, then changing the rules as she jerks a surprise right uppercut in Williams’ face as the blonde walks onto the punch. Williams wobbly butt, legs quivering as the punch shuts her down, and she’s on autopilot as Liu goes to work. Meanspirited chopping lefts and rights on the eyes have Williams in retreat as Liu pulls at her opponent’s wrists, getting Mish’s guard away from her face to pound away at the prize behind. Williams cut, ends up with her back against the ropes, getting punched into a daze as Liu swats double lefts and rights at will. Liu at the bell smiling as Michelle is ruined, seated on the ropes and barely processing her surroundings.


R7: Mish virtually blind at this point, eyes tragically swollen , and Liu toys with her, pecking the jab, stepping out to walk around her foe, then jumping in with the uppercut into the belly or breasts. Lucy content to chip away—pathetic as she misses badly and breasts late as the punches add up.


R8: Liu with her hands down, bends in on Williams, putting her face at belly level, drawing Williams punches down and countering with a stunning wide left hand on the cheek that spins Williams a quarter turn to her right. Williams shattered by the punch, somehow keeps her feet as Liu brushes her head across Williams stomach, dragging the wide right hand behind her to spank loudly against Michelle’s waistline, Heavy, heavy leather being unloaded onto Mish, but she refuses to go down, staggering to the ropes and propping herself up there to withstand the barrage. Liu taunting, dipping in to tap the belly and breasts with nuisance jabs, then pounding something hard off those purple eyes. At the bell, Liu walks with Williams back to corner, smiling insolently as Williams refuses eye contact.


R9: Liu posting another cruel, unnecessary shutout. Lucy able to land anything she wants, but she’s pecking, toying her foe, wanting to keep Michelle in the ring in the ring and struggling like some trapped mouse. Elegant showboating from Liu as she slips punches with ease, then presses her body or shoulder against Michelle, timing the blonde and making her miss as Williams swings in frustration.


R10: Liu standing toe to toe, finally lets Williams into the game, and Michelle has surprisingly enough left to land some stinging shots across Liu’s ribcage. Lucy letting Michelle get off, then salts the round away with circling movement, countering Williams with wide lefts and rights to the ears until the final bell, Lucy raising her fists in the air, gives Michelle a final glare as the badly battered blonde staggers to her corner. 9 rounds to 1, Lucy Liu.


After: Liu handing out the gangster slap, prolongs the beating and maliciously targets her foe’s breasts and eyes in none of the most vindictive performances of her career. Williams chin there for the taking over the last half of the fight, and Liu deliberately passing up the mercy kill puts a hurting on the blonde in this one. Lucy responding to pressure avoids the sweep and leaves it up to jewel to establish bragging rights between the two prestigious gyms.


Reposted by Archer 5/2/10

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