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29 April 2000 Lucy Liu vs Portia de Rossi

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 29-April-2000 11:03:11


Before: Had to happen “Ally McBeal” co-stars start to sort out pecking order with an on-set collision. Crew and cast only in attendance—Portia making weight despite clear height advantage—it’ll be her rangy reach against Liu’s explosive leg driven attack, Slick ponytails both women—Portia in baggy white adidas terrycloth trunks, red sports bra, Liu in black sports bra, red aerobics bottoms.


R1: Liu posting the shutout, using that supple upperbody movement to take Portia out of her comfort zone. Swaying her head low and close to Portia’s body, Liu has the blonde shortening up her strokes and stepping back awkwardly, missing over the top and affording Liu counter opportunities. Tactical round to Liu, who never badly hurts  Portia but clearly has her over-defensive.


R2: Portia uptempoing, takes the fight right to Liu and has surprising success this round, repaying the shutout in kind. Portia using feints to get Liu to commit early, and midway though the round a double jab opens up room for a stabbing right on the ear, catching Liu bent over at the waist. Liu staggered, is on her bicycle the rest of the way as Portia stalks.


R3: Pendulum swings back the other way as Liu’s legs re-take the initiative, and Portia is shutout once again. Liu’s nimble in and out and low movement is simply too much for Portia, who’s frustration is evident as she chops and slices left and right over top Liu’s head. Liu content to drop the single shot, often to the body, the bounce out of range for her foray.


R4: Both girls getting things done as Portia has some success with a cuffing left uppercut, occasionally pre-empting Liu’s sweeping attacks to the body. Lucy’s successful in getting Portia to look low, and in the final minute, Liu lunges in, bringing the slinging right hand over the top to crack back Portia’s head with violent impact. Portia cut in the mouth, doesn’t look the same girl—staggering in retreat pushing out punches and looking worried as Liu starts to grin.


R5: Liu now in complete control has Portia overeacting to the slightest movement and Portia always in retreat is clearly looking only to survive. Liu still patient, swooping in low to drag wide right hands into Portia’s flat tummy, just looking ro tempt the blonde’s hands down for the kill shot.


R6: All Liu as she gets braver, leaning in with hands low, tempting Portia to punch half-heartedly, and slapping blonde’s mouth wide, straight arm counters. Liu just too quick, Portia not committing to her shots and as the blonde covers up to receive serve—Liu cross steps to her left, driving the straight right hand through Portia’s gloves and dropping her at the ropes. De Rossi on her stomach, eyes open but limbs paralyzed, gives up the 10 count as Liu glares, paces back and forth like she wants some more. KO6 Lucy Liu.


After: Portia really tailor-made for Liu, not busy enough, no body attack and not showing enough killer instinct to finish when she had Lucy hurt early. Liu really taking over after the 4th—Portia not the same girl after tasting Liu’s power.


Reposted by Archer 5/3/10.

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