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4 June 2004 Dani Fishel vs Eliza Dushku

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 6/4/2004, 6:58 pm


Before: “It’s the beginning of the end for Dani,” says Eliza Dushku at the podium, with smug HISCmates Danes and Williams grinning in the front row. “These beatings will finally put a stop to a girl who’s been reeling for years—it’s almost merciful when you think about it. It’s a tricky task for me—how to put mileage on Dani without taking her out early—I’ve got to really parcel out the beating carefully.” Fishel grinning, basking in the challenge of being in the crosshairs—she sings a different tune. “Me going 3 and oh against these hobos is going to be sweet. Frankly, I’m glad they’re protecting Mish by putting Eliza first—fights’ll get easier the farther along I get, which is perfect, If HISC were serious about running me down, they’d keep Eliza fresh and sacrifice Mish early—but that’s what you get with a bureaucracy calling the shots!” Intriguing stuff—Fishel durable and willful as they come—but that could be a disadvantage in this set up. “Suppose Dushku starts really beating up on Dani,” speculates one BLONDE! staffer, “smart thing to do would be to go down, stay down, and get to the other girls with some gas in the tank. Dani won’t do that and you have to wonder if her stubbornness wont get her seriously hurt in this kind of competition.” Dani in teal sports bra, grey stretch cotton cut trunks, Eliza in red leather bikini.


R1: First minute: Eliza spotting her jab, stepping to either side, keeping Dani at the end of her punches, Second minute—Eliza looking for punches—she’s timing the right cross down off her jab; she’s easing onto her back foot as Fishel comes in, picking Dani up the short-arm let uppercut. Final minute: Dani getting hit hard, backed off—Eliza starts to come forward. Dushku freezes Dani to the waist—spanking lefts and rights buckle Fishel forward—E puts her left shoulder in Dani’s chest and just shrugs that left uppercut home—one, twice, three times—Dani sputters back into the ropes as the crowd roars. Eliza stepping with, drives a lunging right to the eye and DANI GOES DOWN! Groan from the pro-Fishel faction as Dani is dropped to all fours at the bell—Eliza batting her gloves together and smiling brightly at the sight.


R2: Eliza flat footed, looking to bare down on hurting Dani. Dushku jabbing, then easing in with the left shoulder, snuggling in close to swap body shots with Fishel. Dani still a little buzzed, but punching back out of the crossed arm, getting beefy spank off Eliza’s waist. Dushku with cute sidesteps and slides, turning Dani, methodically touching up her belly and chin—tidy, swatting strokes to control Dani in the second.


R3: Eliza changing looks, shedding ring-identities like a chameleon—now she’s a potshotting sharpshooter. E using feints, stepping right and walking Dani into glorious hesitation lead rights on the left side of the head—Dani shook, crouching forward in response, trying to keep her feet grounded. Midway through, Eliza with a nice spin move at the ropes, putting Dani face-first into the strands—Fishel turns and eats a crisp left/right uppercut combo—Dushku nice n’ tight with compact delivery—DANI GETS DROPPED! Fishel woozy, on all fours—Eliza shouting down at her—HISC beauty doesn’t want this thing ending early. Fishel beats the count, sags into the ropes: All Eliza piling on. Bruising final minute—Dani covered up and dug in—Eliza squared away, gentling Dani’s head to either side I order to rip up underneath with multiple lefts or rights—leaving Fishel paralyzed at the bell.


R4: Eliza prancing across the ring, grooving an oily one-two against Dani’s head—Fishel rolls her torso under the combo, comes up a swinging hook on the jaw and ELIZA GOES DOWN! Thunderclap wallop SO flush—Dushku sprawled on her back, picking her head up, eyelashes fluttering—takes everything she’s got to beat the count. ON COMES DANI! Fishel with a chance to end—pours in her reserves—she’s a twisting, writhing blur of clubbing lefts and rights, jiggling backside, constantly bodying up and driving into Dushku to keep her propped. Down the stretch, Eliza’s eyes half closed, no longer reacting to Dani’s concussive blasts across the ribs and tummy—Fishel gets a wicked hook into liver, resets off it and gets 100% Dani behind a Tysonesque short left uppercut, ELIZA SWOONS OUT ON HER FEET—Dushku’s hands dropping—she’s sideways to the ropes, defenceless—Dani bludgeons away wild-eyed and ELIZA GOES DOWN! Dushku mumbling on all fours—seething Dani being bodied back—long count saves the former champ as she’s up at the bell.


R5: Eliza’s ruined, mouth opened, body pulsing with hurt—Dani charges the mound, stacks Dushku HARD to ropes! All Dani Fishel, feet wide, twisting viciously on her hips to cudgel home thick, blunt lefts and rights—poor Dushku stacked up, trying to maintain some semblance of a ragged defence as boulders bash onto shoulders, skull, tummy and flanks. Eliza shook, but alert—she’s tieing up around Dani’s head, reaching around her arms, then sagging into ropes to pull Dani onto her—anything to slow the non-stop assault. Fishel bell to bell, HEAPS the beating onto Eliza’s body—gobbling up that Dushku lead—letting a weary Eliza hear it at the bell.


Fishel/Dushku conc.


Posted by Simguy on 6/4/2004, 7:00 pm.


R6: Dushku heavy off her stool, but hard-eyed—she wades into the trenches with Dani Fishel for a grinding attrition round in the sixth. Girls all sweaty temple to temple, shoulder to shoulder, jerking short digs into straining bellies, turning into tight punches that Pack forearm follow through to tits and chins—constant scrubbing wear and tear. Dushku still cute—sliding ‘round the side while leaning in, getting little angles on Fishel, keeping the initiative. Dani forced to shuffle her feet, not getting off as automatically as she had been, and she’s not happy to see Eliza getting that uppercut re-etablished.


R7: Girls laying in, working—Dani in a crossed arm, bobbing up and down, keeping her head on  Eliza’s chest—Dushku with the left across the body, right at her chin, using her left shoulder on Dani, trying to pick her up right uppies and slithering hooks inside. End of minute one, Dani with the thumping left on the waist, freezes Eliza, quick left upper cut so short and savage—PUTS DUSHKU ON HER BACK! Eliza quivery, tingling head to toe—Dani bouncing all grins to her corner as Dushku peels herself up off the canvas I stages. ON COMES DANI! Shopworn Eliza battered, dug in at the ropes, but cagey—she covers up, tilts forward to accept a torrid Fishel right hand across the ribs, then answers right uppercut to chin while leaning back into the ropes. Forward and back like that—Dani baring her teeth and hurling herself at Eliza in a blaze of bashing lefts and right—Eliza using defence, fitting selective punches in making’em count, Crowd ping-ponging oohs and aahs back and forth as Dani will shock Eliza to the midsection—Dushku will pick Dani’s head up clean in furious action at the ropes. Bell sounds—girls still punching—ref separate ‘em—CHECK the carnage. Dani busted up over that left eye—Dushku mouthbreathing from bodywork and HER left eye closing, nostril leaning blood. Claire and Mish exchanging high fives ringside—it’s the best of both worlds when Eliza and Dani take turns punishing each other like this.


R8: Mouth on shoulder, groggy but intense brawling—girls just lay in, do their best to use the other up. Dushku with that left shoulder, rubbing and bumping with it, then easing back—she’s walking Dani into clipping left and right uppercuts, setting Fishel’s backside to wobble with worrisome regularity. Dani trudging through it, crossing her arms as she bibs at the waist, comes out of her crouch with gob-stopping swings—and when she gets to Dushku’s chest, she’s working, slathering that achy gut with belting hooks, murderous back and forth takes it’s toll, but Eliza positionally superior—walking Dani into shots, easing her off with the shoulder and not ignoring the Fishel gut. More than once little Dani staggers back from a jagged hook to her right side, forced to regroup as Eliza commits downstairs.


R9: Sensational, heartfelt slugging continues—both women shabby with hurt—often laying in on the other for mutual support—they’re fighting on will and determination at this point. Dushku no longer cute—she’s getting smacked hooks across her drowsy face of thick to her midsection and just staring back. Fishel getting sweaty on Eliza, reaching under Dushku’s arms, pressing her back, pushing and bumping her to set up the beat down, Dushku still dangerous with sudden, jolting counter uppercuts, turning to her right to clap short hooks across Dani’s face. Bell sounds—more robotic punching from both women as it’s just last woman standing stuff at this point.


R10: Girls drift into each other midring—Dani reaching around greasy Eliza waist, walking Dushku back as brunette can’t hold her canvas. Fishel easing Dushku into the ropes, pushing heavily off the woman, then going to work. Dani in the crossed arm, methodically laying her strapping hook against Eliza’s side, then pushing up the shoulder prop, Dushku all lumped up, sullen—right hand under chin, left across her body—she’s just posing, tilting a little to either side to help soak up a shot, but she’s not punching back. Fishel roasted herself, but keeping the beat—pounding away to the arms, chest and waist of her foe, then smothering Eliza against the ropes, making her feel constant weight. Ain’t pretty, but Dani pounds away in workmanlike fashion, fighting off exhaustion to keep up the brutal shellack—it’s a shutout tenth. Dushku all used up at the bell, unresponsive, slumped forward, not reacting to punches—senseless brawl ends as ref bodies a war-weary Fishel off as the crowd roars in approval. Comes back a blistering one point duke: Dani Fishel!


After: Fist fight of the HISC/Fishel series yields a Fight of the Year contestant—Dani on her stool, getting oxygen—Eliza collapsing, unable to stand—neither girl able to acknowledge the crowd in the wake of the decision. Claire and Mish forgetting their mutual hatred long enough to hug, clap and love what they’ve just seen—sure Dushku gets beat, but she takes a HIDEOUS toll on Dani—HISC blondes can’t wait to get at the dregs. “Dani probably won’t even get out of the hospital till midweek,” gushes Claire, “and then I get her! Cuts won’t have healed—those ribs have to be bruised at least.—I’m gonna have a field day!”


Reposted by Archer 5/8/10.

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