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11 June 2004 Claire Danes vs Dani Fishel

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Posted by Simguy on 6/11/2004, 7:09 am.


Before: Dani takes the scales with tensers wrapped tight around bruised ribs—Claire can’t wipe the smile off her face. Eliza goes down to defeat, but it’s mission accomplished for HISC—Dushku putting hard rounds on Dani, wearing out that body and busting up the brows—poor Fishel limping into the Danes match/”It’s going to be tough,” says one expert BLONDE! analyst. “Dani doesn’t want another distance fight, but to press hard for an early KO plays right into Claire’s hands. Fishel’s got her work ct out for her.” Claire in red bra style sport bikini—Dani in teal sports bra, grey stretch cotton boy cut trunks, messy ponytail. Girls touch gloves during instructions—Danes smirking, licking her lips ostentatiously.


During R1: Claire want to set up slip n’ slap, but Dani pouring in bucketfuls of short arm leather—stubby straight rights, hooks, jabs—anything to keep Danes occupied. Claire forced to trade, backing up to walk Dani into punches—it’s spirited two-way fare—FCBA equivalent of Dorin/Spadafora. Down the stretch, Dani’s got Claire against the ropes—Fishel leaning forward, head to Danes’ chest and REEFING hooks at the right hip/flank. One, two, three, four booming shots—a little prop n’ shove to reset, then another two big, beefy left hand shots. Claire straightening up, tight wince on her face at the bell—Fishel hollering in taller girl’s face, letting her know there’ more where that came from.


R2: Dani swarming Claire-gotta be hurting Fishel to bob up and down at the waist like that, but she’s doing it, ripping punches out of the crouch, backing Danes to the ropes. Claire purely defensive, extending her arms to palm-bunt Dani in the shoulders and forehead, laying over on either side, rolling and slipping, Fishel a non-stop punching juggernaut—working, working, working for openings. Fishel putting straight harm on Claire, stubbing out her fists in Danes’ chest, leaning forward to swing hard underneath, bumping and jostling with brawny shoulder, Claire hard pressed, unable to punch back, but she’s keeping her chin off the table—if Dani’s going to stop her, it’s going to have to be the long wood chopping route as opposed to the lightning bolt.


R3: Claire retreating while jabbing and turning on sudden slinging right hands—Dani walking right through it, tackling Danes to ropes and digging muscular, Nothing fancy—Fishel just pounding offending ribs, hips, flanks and arms—touching Danes every couple of seconds wide, straight, curling and overhand. Midway through, thumping hooks on the waist have Danes bending forward, trying to use her shoulder on Dani to ease her off—Fishel with a sudden swivel of her hips licks a tight left uppy clean to the chin and DANES IS HURT! Claire suddenly woozy at the ropes and Dani SMOKES a sweeping right off the face! Claire sliding to her left, eyes wide—Dani hopping with, missing a swinging hook to chin that would have ended it—Claire hits corner in swoon. Dani driving in had and shoulders to stack Claire up then HEAPING home the hurt! Dani all

squared away, gritting her teeth with the pain her own punching causes—ripping in the right to the body, setting, reefing home the left, Claire breathless, hanging on—she makes it to the bell all protesting legs and quivering belly.


R4: Dani visibly slowing a full step—Claire able to take midring, set up behind her jab and start to turn Fishel’s right flank. Danes establishing distance with stick to Dani’s eyes, swivel-pivoting to the left, chin tucked behind the left shoulder—Fishel swinging from too far out, starts to miss over the top as Claire executes her sidesteps. Danes landing her first snap-lick right hand against Dani’s paunch—tasty blonde punching a harbinger of things to come. Fishel able to surge late and land to the ribs of Claire but Danes on the board with a professional fourth.


R5: Claire getting her range, tempo and style—easing round the left, carving away on Dani’s face the jab, stepping to spots and releasing snappy right/lefts to tear up Dani’s gut. Fishel’s upper body movement clearly restricted now—she’s stiffening up, getting tagged. Midway through, crowd shouts out as Claire tidies up the gut, bibs, then picks up Dani’s chin with a crisp, tight left uppercut—setting Fishel’s backside a-wobble. Claire never in one place for long—she stings Dani then she’s gone, now jabbing from all over Dani’s right shoulder to exploit fresh angles, Dani swinging with an air of desperation, telegraphing—Claire seeing the single punches without difficulty, dipping under them or bending into them to let the arm wrap around her shoulders. Meanwhile—it’s snick-snack-snick on Dani’s war-torn gut and ribcage.


R6: Another Claire Danes shutout—evil mirth unmistakable in strawberry blonde’s eyes as she goes about the task of ripping up Fishel’s stout midsection. Poor Dani can’t body up—closing on Claire’s like squeezing a wt bar of soap. Every Fishel miss exposing her tender, throbbing torso to snapping bites from Danes—Claire with her fists at chest and stomach height, bending low as she swivel around, turning her opponent—just snatching at Dani with patient precision. Danes a-glow at the bell, seeing the cramped look of pain and frustration on Dani’s face—not to mention the blood seeping from a re—opened cu8t on that left eye.


R7:  Never count your beatings-Claire a little cocky, renewed snap from Dani catches blonde by surprise and gets her out of her stance. Key for Fishel is volume—hurts her to throw speedy and in combination, but it’s the only way to touch Danes. Claire forced to the ropes—she’s bending low, using her shoulder-nudge against Dani’s hips, then trying to lean back to get tight counter-uppercuts in. Good puncher vs counterpuncher action as Danes stands in one spot, changing her height rather than distance—Fishel keeping up a peppering barrage below the neck.


R8: Claire with a tidy right uppercut in the opening moments, swiveling around it—moments later collects a crisp left uppercut—Dani unraveling as slender beauty keys on the chin with 100% legs and body underneath short shots. Danes staying close to Dani but sliding around her—she’s just dipping, digging in with either hand, licking rising lefts and rights body and head. Crowd reacting more and more as Dan I cringes from the odd body shot or is brought to a standstill by chin-clipping uppies—Danes making a statement as she circles and chops away. Midway through—Danes with whip-snap lefts and rights against the waist has Fishel sobbing out loud—suddenly it’s just one girl going at another as Danes stops circling, starts committing downstairs with pump-action rights. Dani, stiff, tilting forward soaking up punches amidships, baby stepping forward as Claire steps back in good order, and FISHEL WILTS TO ONE KNEE! Dani sobbing for air, arms crossed on her raised left thigh—Claire with a sunny, hard working smile as she raises her mitts and struts away from the carnage. Fishel beating the count, but she’s shopworn, unable to punch—Claire gets in and rides hard to the bell with lashing combinations off the pivot.


R9: Shutout Claire Danes, Dani in tatters, all tore up in her gut, seemingly unable to punch—she’s crouching forward, seeking to close on instinct, but just doesn’t have the tools to make it happen./ Claire patiently working in the eye with jabs, banging right hands—she’s pecks away up top, then strokes in tuff downstairs, drawing groans of sympathy from the crowd, Methodical abuse meted out—Claire able to circle, slash away with both dukes pretty in there with hesitation rights and cutesy bob/slide-backs—easy to look smooth with crippled quarry.


R10: Mission accomplished Claire—Dani’s left eye swells shut in a grotesque bulge—Danes lips tight with satisfaction at the sight. Poor Dani a mess, crossing her arms, stumbling forward—Claire just slashing and pelting away, snatching at the body then swiveling to the side like a pro. Claire able to get brawny on Dani, sometimes getting low and using the shoulder to steer Fishel off balance or even  backward—Danes just applying numbing polish. Down the stretch, Dani’s legs buckle as Claire comes off the body with a tangy left uppercut, followed by a tidy right uppy—Fishel put wobbly butt, staggering straight back to the corner destitute—she finishes up cowering as Claire steps-to and releases the hounds. At the bell—Claire shrieking I triumph, lifting her mitts and strutting—poor Danu hugging at battered ribs, slumps on the neutral corner. Standing O from Mish at ringside. Comes back UD10 Claire Danes.


After: “I don’t know what Eliza’s problem was,” says cheeky Claire in post fight.l “I got after Dani and broke her down like the cheap pre-lim bum she is, and that’s all there was o it. I boxed her, I banged her, I tidied up that pudgy belly of hers—I pretty much put Dani Fishel over my knee and let her have it all night long.  Not much left for Mish I’m afraid, but I’m sure she’ll have fun mopping up the dregs.” Dani busted up, fading down the stretch—attrition is piling up: it’s been a long hard road to get to Williams as Fishel logs 20 brutal rounds en route.


Reposted by Archer 5/9/10.

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