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13 January 2006 Sophia Bush vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by Simguy in 1/13/2006, 6:53 am.


Before: Scarlett riding high on a wave of Jewel-busting euphoria: BLONDE! magazine centerfold interview ("The Little Starlet Who Could"): all the talks shows; international media; the works. "It's been great," admits a radiant Johansson in prefight. "A little jarring, but great. Camp was a little messed up this time around, what with all the interviews and promotion, but I'm ready: I feel like I'm riding an unstoppable wave of momentum right into Sophia Bush! Bush shunted to the sidelines by the Scarlett-centric focus of the promotion, but if she's the underdig, she's not acting like it. "I'm going to stop Scarlett Johansson," Bush bleats to the lone independent stringer who cares to listn. "There: I said it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Scarlett was a bum before Jewel and she's a bum now--all I have to do is remind her!" Sophia in lack bikini, small black gloves: Scarlett in silver bikini, small black gloves.


During R1: Bush wades into Scarlett...and is promptly rebuffed, backed up to the ropes by a side-to-side barrage of clubbing Johansson lefts and rights. Apron action: Bush grimacing, tilting forward behind her mitts--Scarlett pushing in with both hands to smear Bush to her right, then blonde hooks brunette in her midsection to crumpling effect. More pushing--Bush having a hard time staying square as Johansson keeps smudging her sideways, then digging hooks from outside brunette left shoulder. Johansson sturdy, punching, then bodying on to stack Sophia--little blonde doing a good job of hounding and pounding her foe bell to bell.


R2: Bush snarling as she jams repeat, prodding left jabs into Scarlett's right ear, turning blonde off balance at the open. Bush trudging forward, backing Johansson up: Scarlett's resistance firms up as her back touches ropes--hot two-way punching erupts. crowd roaring as Johansson gradually backs Bush up toe-to-toe--merciless hup-hup punching downstairs as little cuddlers lean forward and dig away at each offending breadbaskets. Final minute, Johansson's steady work holds sway--Bush eventually backed all the way to far ropes where she covers up earmuff: Johansson left free to ransack her brunette, Scarlett humming on all cylinders, punching freely to the flanks, pushing brawny, tossing rich uppercuts against Sophia's overhanging guard at the bell. big smile Scarlett as she leaves Bush smouldering on the ropes, stomping back to her corner up 2 rounds to love.


R3: Bush back with that prodding left--nuisance jabbing has Scarlett raising her hands, half-turning away from the punches to get some room. Johansson with some nice work in retreat, stepping back and walking Bush onto some crowd-pleasing right hands to the midsection: Sophia bulling through them, answering with scrubby lefts/rights up top to buffett Johansson to ropes. Sophia huffing and puffing, blowing Scarlett';s doors in: blonde's turn to cover up with a forwn as she's unable to extricate herself, Bush romping, plunging her fists into Scarlett's tummy, jugs, ribs--constant PIK! PAK! PEK! of brunette mitts sounds out from Johansson's pinking flesh, Bell: glaring Sophia turns on a cheap, way-late hook--Poor Scarlett jerked to her left, stunned as the ref bodies over-aggressive brunette away.


R4: Mouth-on-shoulder hup-hup midring: girls bracing short legs wide--leaning in and hustling punches into straining midriffs, Hot, bumping give and take midring--neither beauty budging--they're just in there digging, grinding away shoulders and tousels, chugging away downstairs, Final minute--both girls toss hooks: Scarlett's knees buckle as Bush wins the race. Sophia pushing forward, headbutting Scarlett in the process, helping herself to a thick right/left of trembling Johansson waistline: Scarlett's in trouble. Johansson gasping, muscled sideways to the ropes--she's presenting her left side, doubling forward and BUSH UNLEASHES! Torrid brunette punching splatters off Johansson's pale back, left flank and hip--Biush in on top, swabbing the decks with lusty lefts and rights, teeth bared with the effort of pouring it to Scarlett and THE REF STEPS IN! Johansson flushed, trembling, but disbelieving: stomping her little foot in exasperation as the official hugs her to safety. Upset TKO4 as Bush slays the giant killer in shocking fashion.


Reposted by Archer 5/31/10.

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