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13 January 2006 Lacey Chabert vs Michelle Trachtenberg

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Posted by Simguy on 1/13/2006, 6:58 am.


Before: Classic willowy finesse fighter vs fireplug slugger--Lacey hoping to shark it up on fellow ingenue while the sharking's good. "Michelle has no business in the FCBA," Chabert spits in prefight, voice oozing with contempt. "The best thing I can do for her is give her the beating of a lifetime. Seriously: the sooner this kid realizes she doesn;t have what it taks, the better off she'll be." Trachtenberg worked hard in the gym, getting physically stronger to handle bullies like Chabert--she's got the fresh-faced enthusiasm common to all aspiring fighting ingenues. "I'll give Lacey a fight," Michelle boasts in prefight, "As far as I'm concerned, we're on the same level and there's no reason at all that I can't box her." Chabert in pink/white check push up bra, white bikini bottoms--Trachtenberg in pink Hello Kitty fighting bikini.


During R1: Michelle boxing well early, fending Lacey off with a pushy jab on the nose, sidestepping to turn Chabert midring. Lacey undaunted, continues to pour herself at Trachtenberg, finally clobbering her upside the head free-swinging rights and piling into her to drive Michelle to ropes. Chabert in there tight, squirming away, shoulders rotating as bustling punches bump into Michelle's thighs, trunks and tummy--poor Trachtenberg swarmed at the ropes, grimacing, long arms clutching themselves helplessly at Chabert's back/head in futile attempt to halt the burrowing attack. Lacey greedy, shoving leather into meat even after the bell--ref has to tug her out of there by the hips.


R2: Similar stuff--Trachtenberg's colour high--very robotic textbook stance, but effective early as she pushes out the jab, steps left. Chabert with no head movement, but plenty of aggression--she's just walking through poke, willing to get a little scuffed up for a taste of Michelle's willowy torso, Fight soon migrates to ropes with Chabert panacaking Trachtenberg to strands: Michelle's head whiplashing on her neck as long arms once again scrabble at the short woman's back. Chabert snug n' comfy in there, basicaly climbing into Michelle's trunks and enjoying every inch of her: shoving, tucking punches worry the rib cage, bruise those ingenue jugs--and plenty of action to trunks, hips, and thighs draw angry shouts from a distressed ref. Chabert pulled off and earned with a full-fledged finger waggling--then she wades back in and smears Trachtenberg on ropes for more., michelle breaking down, mouthbreathing, looking hopworn--Lacey strutting all smiles to her corner as she runs up the score in the second.


R3: Big swinging Chabert right hand clubs Michelle atop the head, sends her reeling--Lacey all grins as she hops in pursuit, tackling Trachtenberg under her left am to bundle her to ropes. Lacey employing resort-hotel beatdown tactics: packing Michelle sideways to ropes, doubling her over, leaning the left forearm on her upperback to slam away righty to unprotected leftside hips, ribs, kidney. Constant punching from this posture to Michelle's helpless left quadracep has Trachtenberg sobbing--she's picking the left foot off the canvas, trying to curl the leg in against her stomach. Not boxing anymore--Lacey just in there strong, leaning on Michelle and punching her repetitive right hands--ref has no choice but to step in and rescue trapped vixen. Michelle blubbering, pointing past official and shrieking at Chabert--Lacey strutting with an insufferable grin, hands high like a Hooter's waitress who's just beaten a rival for her tip money at the end of a long Saturday night. TKO3 Lacey Chabert.


After: Michelle brusing at tears as Lacey confronts her after in-ring interviews are concluded--voices rising, fingers being pointed. Officials nowhere to be seen as a grinning Jennifer Love Hewitt (pale blue snug-fitting velour track suit unzipped to reveal white sports bra beneath) slips in behind Trachtenberg and all hell breaks loose, Hewitt's left hand takes a hold of pink trunks at the waistband, Chabert reaches in HER left hand to take a similar purchase from the front, and a VICIOUS burst of right hands--tummy and back--riddle a stunned Michelle T as she stands, spasming on the spot. Paralyzed by the body-jarring assault--Michelle is bundled to a neutra; corner and HERE COMES THE JUGS!


Chabert greedily climbing on first, left foot perched in bottom rope s she snuggles Michelle in close--Hewitt laughing and clapping, pacing the corner as Lacey has her way. Shifts are taken--Chabert stepping back with a hard-working grin, Hewitt reaching in under Michelle's arms to prevent the girl from pooling to the canvas--more jug applied as Chabert adjusts her pamties, claps, pats Hewitt on the back or rump. On and on and on in classic Samdog tandem fashion--poor Trachtenberg subjected to almost 12 pounds of jugs as brunette have Michelle at their leisure. Security FINALLY arriving, rescuing an unconscious, pasty-faced Michelle from further torment: high fives, cocky smiles all around as unsportsmanlike conduct--special hearing convened to rein some of these chicks in, levy fines, and restore order/credibility.


Reposted by Archer 5/31/10

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