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21 July 2006 Title Ch Eva Mendes vs Scarlett Johansson

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Part 1:


Posted by simguy on 7/21/2006, 12:50 am.


Before: "What's that thing on your stomach?" Eva taunts Scarlett from the podium. "Oh wait...that IS your stomach!" (mindless sniggering from the Mendes entourage--Eva switches focus to the press in attendance.) "Look: no cheetos-eating, flabby-lipped, skank-looking PUNK is gonna beat me in a boxing ring. I'm Eva Mendes--I'm gonna erase this cow in two rounds and send her back to the buffet line where she belongs." Scarlett unflappable, laughing along with Eva's diatribe--blonde showing absolutely no sign of intimidation whatsoever, despite Mendes' fearsome Latina rep. "Hey--Mendes is a great fighter,: Scarlett shrugs, "I just didn't know she was such a comedian! I don't have the traditional model's physique---and I'm ok with that. I'm paunchy, I'm curvy--doesn't mean i;m not training as hard or harder than Eva for this challebge. Mendes is a bully, and I'll tell you what: when I'm still standing after 2, and and punching back hard--Eva's going to do what bullies always do. She's going to start doubting herself, And when that happens, me and my cuddly little pouch are gonna knock her washboard-abbed body out cold!" That's too much for Eva--she's put of her seat--mayhem ensues--and Johansson's laughing throughout, goading Mendes even more as security sorts out the circus. Scarlett in midnight blue push up panties, silver/white lace trim, blonde curls up. Eva in rainbow, horizontally barred bikini (bars of varying width), belted bottoms, fashionably scruffy ponytail.


During R1: Scarlett in exaggerated southpaw stance--left at her cheek, right across her body, left shoulder pointed at Eva--Johansson bending low at the waist, swivel-pivoting to her right, Eva marching forward with snarl, right hand up, palm out; left hand slightly extended, tracing little circles in the air, spitting out jabs to locate Johansson. Obvious Eva's a little disconcerted by the southpaw look--she can't quite dial in her punches with authority and meanwhile--Scarlett's countering JOLTING straight right left hands out of her crouch, catch Eva in the mouth! Startling stuff--Mendes adjusting late by stepping left to cut off Scarlett's pivot and shooting the straight right up the middle, finally backing Johansson up at the bell.


R2: Mendes stepping left, jabbing her left hand into Scarlett's raised right: straight right hand jams Scarlett's teeth--DROPPING HER TO HER BUTT! Eva batting her mitts together, stomping around the ring, nodding her head--ponytail tossing--screeching "ROUND 2!" in jubilation. Johansson ginergly up noff the canvas, shaking her woozy head during 8 count--she nods "yes" to ref and HERE COMES MENDES! Eva snarling, nostrils flaring--she SO resembles a young Raquel Welch in the throes of a finishing run. WITHERING rights and leftsw--Mendes twitching her hips side to side generating sinuous leverage oin murderous strokes--SHE'S SHREDDING POOR JOHANSSON AT THE ROPES! Gloves bouncing off Scarlett's skull, shoulders, jug--she swoons up against the ropes, ends down desperate to slip punches, rolling shots and ANSWERING BACK A BOOMING LEFT HAND FROM THE CROUCH! Mendes caught in between her strokes--big head-swivel, eyes suddenly buggy--she staggers forward: Scarlett steps to her right, jams a stubby straight left to the left side of Eva's face and MENDES IS DOWN! Eva stumbling to her knees, long arms draped in the ropes--disbelieving face staring out into a screaming audience--MENDES pulls herself up the ropes to take the shabbiest 8 count of her career! ON COMES JOHANSSON! Sheer groggy shock and awe on Eva's face as she pushes out feeble lefts and rights--Scarlett patient, bending low, weaving this stuff and BLASTING EVA her hardest left hands out of the crouch. Johansson PLACING the poke--smashing Mendes' head over the top rope--top strand snaps it back into place for more Johnasson punches. RIGHT HOOK JOHANSSON! Scarlett bites that baby against Eva's cheek, turning tight into the shot, tucking chin behind right shoulder and crouching down on follow through. BELL: Mendes sputtering, swaying out on her feet--still pushing out I'm-hurt punches as Scarlett steps back, licks lips, eyeing her ramshackle foe HUNGRILY!


R3: Mendes proves a champ--boxing a smart round to get her legs back, keeping Scarlett out on the end of the jab. Eva loping in spots, lips pulled back in her trademark snarl--eyes clearinjg as she pumps stick, steps to the left. Johansson forced to come forward--not as effective as she gives up a bit of that southpaw angle in the process. Scarlett goes undamaged, but she's effectively shutout--Eva getting herself together, showing the discipline many have only questioned whether or not she possesses.


R4: Little set-piece battles all over the ring--Scarlett doing a nice job of inducing Eva forward, countering the lanky-limbed Latina very effectively with straight left hands out of the crouch. Johansson economical, and MUCH improved with her feet--little steps in and out, drawing punches from Mendes, then issuing sudden receipts that Eva's not reading well. Mendes stepping out, circling with a scowl--chink in her armor could well be the southpaw stance: she's just not as comfortable with young Scarlett as most expected. Johansson with quiet little smirk on her lips down the stretch--letting Eva know with just a look: "I'm outboxing you." BRASH!


R5: Mendes tentative, gnashing her teeth--baffled by Scarlett's closed stance and unorthodox orientation, Eva's not getting off with the furious abandon for which she's famous. And look at Scarlett's counter! Johansson easing to her right, stepping in, backing off a smidge, ducking down as Eva releases, then niftily stepped in and placing that straight left hand on the Mendes mouth. Scarlett using her facial expressions to prod and vex Eva--Mendes clearly furious at Johansson's smirking cockiness--Eva not moving her feet, just looking to tear Scarlett's head off and it's not working. Midway through, Scarlett changes things up: scooping her lead-left to Eva's flat midriff on the lean-in, then leaning away to rap that biting right hook off Mendes' head--SENDING EVA REELING TO ROPES! Scarlett tilting her chin up and smiling, hands waist-high as she looks down her nose at Eva: Mendes scowling, shaking her head, then throwing herself at Johansson in reckless fashion. Scarlett acting the veteran here--pivotings, turning Eva's flanks, countering her like a master: Johansson pitches a smooth southpaw shutout; it's all Eva can do not to scream in frustration en route to her corner.


Mendes/Johansson Title Bout conc.


Posted by Simguy on 7/21/2006, 12:51 am.


R6: Scarlett takes her third straight round, boxing with unguessed poise. Johansson working angles, fading Mendes and countering with the left hand, then easy onto left (back) foot to bite that right hook around. Eva getting gave-pasted--defence non-existent--she just doesn't respect Scarlett, isn't prepared for the southpaw stance, isn't reacting or reading well. Mendes not shutout, but again, her punches are glancing or missing over the top: Scarlett managing distance like a 10-year veteran in a classy sixth.


R7: You can feel the growing disbelief in the audience--arena relatively quiet as Johansson fans are tight, anticipating disaster--Mendes fans numb, unable to process what they're seeing. Scarlett takes another round--another shutout--embarassing Mendes at this point. Johansson supple (movement exercises with Tricia Helfer clearly evident) as she crouch-swivels to he right, dangling the right hand low, keeping the left hand tucked and screened in her closed stance. Eva baited forward, then she just can't get out of the way of Johansson's stamping left--and where the left hand leads, the right hook follows as Scarlett eases weight to left foot, leaving her calling card on the Mendes left temple, At the bell, Scarlett ducks a wild Mendes right, sneaks in behind Eva and ties her up in an insolent hug around the belly. Mendes shrieking in outrage--actually draws warning from the ref she's so mout of control.


R8: Champ roars back, relying oin an old Latina standby: bodywork. Mendes stepping-to Scarlett, sweeping the right hand to the pit of Johansson's paunch, then batting a shivering hook off Scarlett;s right hip/flank Scarlett wincing, covering up and pivoting-out rather than punching back--Mendes really getting to Johansson, hunting her down all around the ring this round. gets increasingly bad for Scarlett--final minute sees her backed up to the ropes, bobbing and rolling desperately as Mendes unleashes a TORRID body attack. Gorgeous rights and lefts--Eva keeping her elbows in and pitch'em sidearm, twitching her hips side to side, slamming her away to buxom young jug, pink ribs and tummy with awesome force. SCARLETT GOES DOWN! Johansson cramping up at last, stooping rickety to all fours, belly panting in and out--roaring Mendes pushed back as red prevents any Latina temptation.


R9: Scarlett combative in first minute, bedevilling Eva again--but Mendes on the warpath, concentrating on her foe's ribs and backing Johansson to ropes once again. Scarlett';s right at her left cheek, left across her gut as she bends forward at the waist, then leans back, desperately slipping wallop. Midway through, Eva penetrates with a driving straightr right, pounding Scarlett's head back over top rope and unhinging blonde knees: Johansson falls forward hurt, clinching around Eva's slick ribs for a panting ref's break. Eva cleans up the rest of the way--even when Johansson clinches around Latina waist--Mendes keeps thrashing her arms, pounding at Scarlett's flanks and back with withering intensity.


R10: Close fight--sizzling eye contact between the fighters: both know how important this round is. Mendes trying to step left, spit her jab and fit that straight right onto Scarlett's chin. Johansson pivoting to her right, daring Eva's right hnd in order to get counter lefts onto Eva's mouth--riskiest of games, but Scarlett's gambles are paying off. Midway through--sharp, exquisitely timed left smashes against Eva's mouth--SENDING HER REELING TO ROPES! Fans on their feet--Eva momentarily stunned, caught a very clean, visible punch--she KNOWS she had to get that back! ON COMES MENDES! Scarlett staying compact, executing pivots, nipping straight left hands off the right (front) foot, biting right hooks off her back (left) foot, taking advantage of the openings as Eva opens up. Eva clanging away--still smashing into Johansson ribcage with authority, but she NEEDS chin now--can't find it. BELL: Mendes snarling, bodied back by the ref--this thing goes to the cards, closer than anyone could have predicted. Comes back UD10 for the winner...and NEW bantam champion--SCARLETT JOHANSSON!


After: PANDEMONIUM! JOhansson lifted into air by HMK trainers and fighters--little Scarlett coming through against big-bad Eva M in deliriously improbable fashion, Ringside--a distraight Brittany Daniel stands with fists pulling at her blonde curls: there goes that sweet gatekeeper gig. "The southpaw stance bothers some girls more than others," Scarlett explains amidst the in-ring euphoria. "I knew right away that Eva wasn't comfortable, but the biggest thing was coming off the canvas and knocking her down in the second. She was really deflated by that because of her prediction (2nd Rd KO) and it when it didn't happen--I saw she was a little discouraged. i also got into her head a bit--Eva's a fiery, emotional puncher who just wants to hit and dominate: I always kept a smile on my face, never showed her when I was hurt--it was driving her crazy." Scarlett, Scarlett: did this come too early? Are you really ready to defend this belt against the best bantamweight contenders? "I guess I'll have to be," Johansson smiles. "You're right--I never dreamed I'd be wearing the belts this early in my career, but I feel like I've earned them. I want to thank HMK for having faith in me through some pretty tough times; Tech for helping engineer this title fight--I mean, this was a team effort all the way." (HBO said to be touting Elisha Cuthbert as a young, hot first defence--but it's all so shocking and sudden, no one really has any idea at this point! (JOB FOR TRACTORPULL/ARCHER/ALL MEDIA OUTLETS: get reactionfrom Carmella Decesare on this: Scarlett;s just leapt the cue BIG TIME and i want HMK backstage dirt).


Reposted by Archer 5/31/10

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