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7 March 2008 Claire Danes vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by Simguy on 3/7/2008.

Before: "Jugweight isn't fighting weight," Claire reminds press in prefight. "Take away Scary-Jo's rack and she's a flyweight most nights. She had to make 110 for 'Boleyn', so it's not like she's a huge bantam to begin with - I'm very comfortable with the size factor; it won't be an issue for me. That leaves her being a southpaw, and I'm really looking forward to taking that apart. Eliza and I goof around with southpaw looks occasionally - and Mish has two left feet - so I've had good preparation for this girl." Scarlett nonplussed - Danes taking a pretty high hand throughout prefight, basically writing Johansson off. "I love how Claire talks like she's got this all sewn up," Scarlett says, not really loving it. "I fought Jennifer Connelly to a standstill - I can handle slick boxers, BETTER boxers than Claire. Plus I've hurt girls like Eva Mendes - Mendes would've run Claire Danes right out of the boxing ring - so I think I match up very well in this fight." Claire in scarlett bikini, white gloves. Scarlett in midnight blue crushed velvet push up and panties, white gloves.

During R1: Tentative action at range - both girls flinching, feinting. Claire doubling up her jab and stepping left to keep her lead (left) foot outside Scarlett's lead (right) foot. Johansson slipping poke, trying to answer back sleek left hand from the crouch, coming up short. Danes offering straight right hands up the middle scores to Scarlett's face - not crushing contact, and not often - but enough to take a tactical first.

R2,3: Similar stuff - girls rotating clockwise with Claire dictating. Danes' jab not really scoring over Scarlett's right hand - but it's keeping Johansson defensive, reactive. Claire shootiing straight rights - hoping for face, but she'll smite jug when available. Punching is sporadic - neither lass wanting to lean too far forward or slug out of position - it's very contained, safety-first boxing. Hard to beat Danes at this pace - Claire chips away for more points as Scarlett gets bewitched.

R4: Johansson more combative - looking to lean in and work straight left hands to Claire's midsection. Tactic opens things up as Danes jumps back, regroups in big circles outside, curling back in on Johansson to renegotiate foot position. Danes' straight right the principal scoring weapon - she's punching Scarlett effectively to face and breast - scoring once, then pivoting away before the receipt. Claire making cute, tight turns around her left shoulder, chin tucked as she swivels: Scarlett just can't draw a bead through 4.

R5: Girls slap lead hands (Claire's left against Scarlett's right), looking for advantage. Johansson gambling, lunging in with the left to Danes' chest, then doubling it - increased volume chasing Claire back, making Scarlett the aggressor. Johansson turning over her right hook more - licking it in under Claire's left elbow - Scarlett visibly picking up the pace, just touching Claire more this round. Danes over to defence - slipping and swivelling, stepping out to circle away: Scarlett's walking her down for points through 5.

R6: Scarlett continues to press - turning slugger to get after Claire and push the pace. Danes frowning - she's eating the odd left hand on her chin, taking the right hook to her stomach - HISC sorceress being scuffed up and chased down as she steps out. Scarlett dropping her jab onto Claire - pesky pawing motion designed to set up the more serious left hands. Johansson able to squirm in close off Danes' left shoulder, chopping the left onto the left side of Claire's face or tucking it into her stomach then crowding close to smother receipts. Danes with a dose of her own medicine, can't find an angle, gets touched for points. Johansson brightening at the bell, grinning en route to her corner.

R7: Claire stiffens and straightens her jab, channelling Scarlett with it: Johansson stalling on the approach, eating the Danes straight right to face. Claire punching the first right to stop Scarlett, then doubling it to beat Johansson back: nice spanking connects to face have Scarlett shining up. Claire penetrating, scoring, then melting away - she's back to the clockwise rotation, using her jab to keep Johansson defensive and turning. Danes wins back initiative, shows increasing accuracy against southpaw Scarlett.

R8: Shutout Danes - she picks Scarlett apart this round. Claire pivoting briskly left - pumping her jab onto Scarlett: Johansson grouchy as she stays compact, trying to slip under the poke, but getting touched plenty now. Claire routinely placing the straight right now - punching it through to Scarlett's mouth, knocking her head back - Danes not shy about doubling the punch. Claire getting cheeky in spots - swinging a fat sidearm right deliberately and maliciously to Scarlett's rack: big juicy claps to jug have Scarlett grimacing on her heels. Johansson off balance, out of position, late on receipts - she's spellbound as Claire undresses her midring.

R9: Claire dialed in in the 8th, now she punches with authority, trying to get Scarlett out of there. Doubled up right hands detonate off Johansson's face, kicking back her head, sending her reeling back on her heels. Claire stepping left around her jab, then edging in with the right hand taking Scarlett on the right side of her face: odd angle swivelling Scarlett's head, buckling her knees. Claire hasn't done much to the body, but she addresses that this round - stabbing straight rights down into sternum, doubling up the palm-down delivery. Johansson stumbling about, frequently wobbly butt, confused and hurt: she's very brave taking punishment, refusing to bend a knee despite some very clean punches from Claire. Judges give Danes 10-8 without the knockdown - Johansson frazzled, rickety en route to her stool.

R10: Claire backs off: if she didn't get Scarlett in the ninth, she's not going to get her. Johansson well contained - Claire dictating ring position, foot position, angle and tempo - if Johansson's willing to take punches, she can work a left hand into Danes' ribs. Claire easy breezy - pivoting left, keeping the jab on Scarlett, taking no chances - Danes boxes out the round, leaving Scarlett fuming in frustration; well lumped and touched. UD10 Claire Danes, wide.

After: Scarlett puffy, downcast, brooding about the fight as decision is announced. Johansson only shutout in a couple of rounds proved competitive, but clearly outclassed - Claire able to fight her pace and style almost all night long. "I never felt her strength," a beaming Claire reveals in postfight. "She never put a body on me, or hurt me at any time - because I wouldn't let her. I think she truly believed she could box with me, and that cost her. It was the wrong approach, and I pasted her for it!


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