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1 Janaury 2000 Cameron Diaz vs Carrie Ann Moss

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 01-Jan-2000 10:56:21

Before: Dangerous opponent, but Diaz wants rounds, doesn’t want someone who’ll lay down. Moss (“The Matrix’) a tough as nails brunette--a little predictable and rough around the edges, but sharp with her offensive techniques, and always a big, strong-bodied competitor in excellent shape, Moss in black bikini, hair longer than in “Matrix”, up in ringlets--Cameron in green beach volleyball bikini.

R1: Carrie with her hands up, palms out in a modified Muay Thai stance, looks to chop down on her opponent’s cheeks, and she opens with a slashing counter right hand, hacking down over Cameron’s playful jab to rock the blonde beauty at the outset. Diaz wobbled, craters back to the ropes, and Carrie has delicious minute of dominance as sge effortlessly bodies up, hurling 2 right, 2 lefts, push and repeat to Cameron’s slender ribcage. Diaz finally able to pull Carrie’s head down and spin off the ropes, gets on her bicycle, spanking at Moss’ face with the jab while bo0uncing backwards. In the final  minute, Diaz lights Carrie up with a cracking one-two while backpedaling, busting up Moss’ lips, but failing to halt the brunette’s advance. Round to Carrie as Diaz looks concerned at the bell.

R2: Vintage Cameron Diaz as she dances around Carrie, dropping swatting lead rights, rising left hooks, and the pestering jab as Moss moves continually forward. Moss’ gloves are high, but too wide, allowing Cameron to pick her apart, Midway through the round, Diaz steps in to crack that straight right directly the face if Moss, landing heavily, but again, Carrie soaks it up and keeps coming. Diaz quickly back to stick and move, shakes her right fist at the bell as if it might be hurt.

R3: Shutout Diaz as her legs are winning this fight. Moss grimly walking the blonde down, looking to trade punches, but Cameron in constant movement, scoring at will with the jab, and stepping into mean right hands to the foreheas and nose is in tactical control.

R4: Diaz luring Carrie forward, and the blonde clips a slick double left hook wide on the jaw, then steps into a short straight right hand on the mouth that sends a shower of sweat into the air as Moss is caught clean. Carrie rocked back a step, shakes her head, tucks her chin and continues to steamroll forward, to Diaz’s evident disbelief. Cameron goes back to the jab, but in the final minute, Carrie finally hems her in against the ropes to rake the blonde’s midsection again with bludgeoning blows. Diaz not too proud to clinch, doesn’t like those body shots.

R5: Diaz opening strong again, this time burying Carrie Ann under an avalanche of blistering lefts and rights, Crowd on its feet as Diaz puts on a flurry-clinic, chopping down rights, clipping up under Moss’ chin with rising lefts, stepping back and laying into the brunette as  she stumbles forward. Moss soaks it all up, crossing her arms and stepping forward in a crouch as her face is pelted. Once again, Diaz has to break off the attack as Carrie won’t be discouraged. Round ends as Moss traps Diaz on the ropes, pounding right hands against the ribcage as Diaz clinches, pulls Moss’ head down frin behind the neck to the bell.

R6: Another blistering attack from Diaz lumps up Carrie Ann to open the round, but the brunette walks through it, crossing her arms, bobbing up and down, always seeking to come forward. Diaz circling, reaching in with pecking jabs to pat Carrie’s bruised, glossy face, but taking no chances as Moss’ body language still conveys strength.

R7: Shutout Diaz--Moss pivoting, hemmed into the center of the ring as Cameron circles, potshots from well outside. Carrie lunging at Cameron’s body, knows she needs to put some mileage in those legs, but she can’t square up to do it.

R8: Girls trade punches more or less flat footed for the first time, and Diaz retreats as Carrie’s hard fists bounce off her ribs and tummy in crunching combinations. Down the stretch, Diaz with that talent to punch backing up, walks Moss into another crushing short right hand on the lips, spanking back Carrie’s head, but simply not hurting the brunette enough to make her back off.

R9: Diaz ramming a lead right hand across Moss’ mouth to open the round--smacks the gumshield free, and turns the brunette’s head, but Carrie keeps coming. Moss finally landing with authority to the gut of Diaz, has Cameron cringing in pain as the left bites up and in,. Diaz able to clinch, turn her foe, and get back into open space as Moss plods after her.

R10: Diaz with her typical strong finish, shuts Carrie Ann out, and puts a fearful beating on Moss’ beautiful face this round. Final minute sees Diaz land withering combinations, slicing up Moss’ defense as the brunette leans forward, arms crossed, but face exposed to punish. Diaz punching herself on Carrie’s head, but the bell brings the fight to a close, Massively one-sided point spread, but Moss doesn’t exactly look ready to concede, smiling through swollen lips as the decision is announced.

After: Diaz astounded at Moss’ resilience, gives Carrie a Chuvalo-like rep by calling her the ‘toughest I’ve face”. Moss less impressed, saying Diaz “hits like a girl”, and that in a smaller ring she would have killed Cameron. Still, 9 rounds to 1 for Diaz as she avoids trouble for the most part with dazzling ring generalship.

Reposted by Archer 6/12/10

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