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21 April 2006 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Michelle Williams

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JMD Bout


Posted by Simguy on 4/21/2006, &;06 am.

Before: Mish throwing her hat in the JMD ring--she calls out one of the big guns in that department to make a statement; Both beauties reportedly planning and training for KO victories--neither with an illusions about what that will entail for the loser. “It’s making for better fights,” Jennifer tells the press in preflight, defending the controversial post fight smother. “Girls want to put jug to one another, but to get it, you have to knock your opponent out. So nobody’s coming in looking to play tiddlywinks: we’re in there slugging hard from the get-go, looking to hurt and drop the other girl. I can box as sweet at Kelly Packard or Claire Danes when I want, but when I KNOW there’s JMD at stake, that gives me the green light to swing away.” Mish heartily concurring: “There’s nothing in the world like pinning your ears back and hammering a cheap slut like Hewitt or Simpson u against the topes. Fan love it--and I like the face that the best girl wins--not the sneakiest or slickest. I think the media ought to get out of the morality business and stick to reporting facts: namely, that I’m going to ring Jennifer up and teach her what JMD is really all about!” Mish in leopard print push up, scarlet swimsuit bottoms, Hewitt in TIGHT white turtleneck crop-top with short sleeves, bare midriff, whiter string bikini bottoms--pony tailed hair with bangs.

During R1: Hewitt out swinging for the fences--Mish ducking under, letting Jen overswing and lunge herself out of position. Williams slips a sweeping right, comes up behind Jen to reverse field--puts a blunt right/left onto Jennifer’s jaw before Hewitt’s ready to receive. Mish surging forward with short lefts and rights, scrubbing Jen to ropes--Hewitt hits strands hard, but manages to bounce off and cram a beefy right hand to the pit of Mishy’s belly. Williams undaunted, clouts Jenny a wide right to the chops and hooks her shoulder--then Mishy’s squirming inside to shrug-a-chug that rack. Mish all over Jenny’s jugs--hup-hup-hupping away to those bulging puppies, forcing a breathless Hewitt clinch. Shoulder butt from Mish in Jen’s mouth spoils the tie-up: Williams able to bump a series of pumping lefts and rights to breadbasket to sit Hewitt in the ropes. Back to the jugs; Mishy chugging. Back to the midsection: Mishy digging. Back up top: Mishy bouncing uppercuts off Hewitt’s forward guard or hooking her ear as Jen sits hurt in the strands. Mish Williams mop up to the bell--Jennifer managing moist clinches around her foe’s waist or head, but never really stopping the punishment completely as Williams smears Hewitt for points in a raucous first.

R2: Bumpercar boxing continues as girls to midring and slug away snarling. Both leaving wide openings--this time it’s Hewitt capitalizing as she catches Mishy’s chin a few sturdy right crosses in pell-mell back-and-forth pitching. Williams’ legs give a shimmy--she’s suddenly uncertain, backing away--Hewitt rushing in with guard up, running her forearms into Mishy’s guard and stampeding the blonde to ropes. Jen smudging Mish sideways with the guard, then punching recklessly to Mishy’s body: tummy, rump and jug all buffeted as Mish curls up, covers her head and leans her right side into the ropes, Ref pushing seething Hewitt back--but she’s right back on top with a leaning right hand smashing Mishy’s head aside. Jen pushing up wit her guard again, this time smearing Mish to her left, exposing her right side: tummy, tits and rump all re-bumped as Jen slugs away left/right with hustling impunity. On and on like that--Mish being bullied, shoved sideways and abused--ref forcing breaks--Jen wading back in with bared teeth. Round finishes up with Hewitt working the Williams rack with methodical, shrugging uppercuts--poor Mishy stooped forward in shock, hands at her temples, just sitting in the ropes as her breasts take a fearful pummeling. Bell: Hewitt shoved back--hard feelings all around as raucous brawl takes its toll.

R3: Crazy swinging action as girls leap-in right hands, duck down, bound away. Hard punching, but sloppy-not a lot of clean contact as both girls take insane risks to put the other to sleep. Minute mark, girls trade blunt right hands on offending chins, both come back hooks but HEWITT GETS ROCKED! Jen hurt worse by the initial shocking right--Mishy’s left hook with much more on it as a result--Jennifer’s sent reeling into ropes with a blank stare of hurt. ON COMES MISHY! She pushes her way in, palming Jenny’s arms back, then cleaning up on jug; punching brunette face side to side; swinging freely to gut. Poor Hewitt battered senseless, trying to push her hands out to refuse the beating, but Mishy’s just pouring past the defences or shoving them out of the way, Scrubbing washerwoman attack rubs Hewitt threadbare--she’s swaying in the wind, helplessly soaking punches when the REF STEPS IN! Furious TKO3, Mish Williams!

After: Williams exulting, strutting the ring, taped hands held high as poor Hewitt is led blubbering to her stool--doesn’t takes Mish long to demand tribute, Mish pushing her way past officials to help Hewitt to her feet by her shoulders, stacking her upright in the corner as Jen’s sniveling in protest, then driving a brutal shoulder block deep to Hewitt’s abdomen, bunching her up with a sob, leaving her breathless. Wonderfully efficient maneuver, gets Hewitt in by the sides of her head, Williams with gloating, bully’s grin as she cinches up the smother: left arm snaked strong behind Jen’s head; left hand cupping the right bicep; right hand gripping damp brunette locks atop jen;s head to hold her snug.

Some side to side jerking and shaking--Williams wanting to cinch those jugs in tight--poor Hewitt stumbling around in the grasp, hands pushing at Mishy’s thighs or tummy, or encircling Mishy’s waist in a light loop. On and on and on--Mishy backing herself into convenient turnbuckle for balance as she gives Jenny more jug than she can handle. Finally, Mish releases with a flourish and a lascivious grin: Hewitt melts away to canvas, sprawling on her back in deep slumber, face all clammy and moist from the soft press of Mishy’s cupcakes. Williams steps across the pile of brunette, struts away every inch the JMD victrix.

Reposted by Archer 6/22/10.

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