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21 April 2006 Lacey Chabert vs Jessica Simpson

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Posted by Simguy on 4/21/2006, 7:10 am.

Before: Chabert aggressively pursuing JMD supremacy--she knows a big win over Simpson to follow up her shocking upset of Dani-Buster Allison Mack will be a tremendous boast, Simpson under unexpected pressure from the media, trying to spin reports that she was “punked’ by Lindsay Lohan in public--could be hurting the blonde’s focus and training as she attempts to turn back Lacey. “It’s ridiculous,” Jessica tells assembled newshounds. “Lindsay’s a street-fighting gutter tramp and yes, she wanted to ‘step outside’--bit I’m Jessica Simpson: people pay huge sums of money to see me fight. I don’t just step into any-old alley to make cheap sluts look like they matter. If Lohan’s so eager to get punked--AGAIN--by me--she can book a fate in the ring like a pro.” Simpson in heart pounding Dukes bikini, white aerobics runners and socks: Lacey in neon-bright blue bikini, white aerobics runners and socks. White gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Pell-mell hammer and tongs--li’l jigglers leaning in close, thrusting repeat right hands into offending tummies--both girls jam-packing punches in all tight lipped and straining. Too much heat for Simpson--30 seconds of this mindless plowing and she backs away all hurt-faced. Turns to her right and takes a knee. LACEY TACKLES JESSICA TO CANVAS! Brunette squirming on top, jamming right hands into Jessica’s side as blonde wriggles to dislodge her tormentress--ref pulling Lacey off and eventually restoring order with warnings all around. Upon resumption--Lacey’s able to back Jessica up with heartfelt slugging amidships--blonde bumped to ropes as brunette chugs away both dukes. Down the stretch, Simpsy firming at the apron starts to slug back: Lacey steadily driven back step h step from whence she came and CHABERT’S HURT! Far ropes, Lacey sobbing, covering up--Jessica squaring away and pumping it to poor Chabert. Jessica finishes up chugging away as Lacey turns her right side into the ropes,  covering her head. Thigh, hip, ribs and back take a tanning as Simpsy romps strong to the bell. Chests heaving, nostrils flaring--ref having a ough time coaxing brawlers to respective corners.

R2: Butts back, chests out--girls slugging lefts and rights toe to toe: Lacey’s beating Jessica to punches, Simpson standing in as white gloves buffet her face and chest--Lacey in a nice swinging rhythm just swabbing away as  Simpson misfires. Jessica facing bravely into punches, but driven to ropes: Chabert squirming in close to jam her mitts into tender Simpson underbelly, pink trunks, and tanned thighs--romping away well low as Jess sits cramped in ropes. Migrating up-torso, Chabert starts to ticket Jessica’s heaving rack--furious hup-hup slamming away to the proudest jugs in Christendom, drawing whimpered protests from Simpson, Jessica on her heels, helpless to stop it--Lacey pushing and punching--she’s either lifting uppecuts in to bunch up the meat, or she’s scrubbing side to side to smudge it. Simpsy beaten to blubbering tears by the rampaging jug assault: Lacey bellowing in Jessica’s face “I’M PUNKING YOU TOO!!!” as ref takes a hand.

R3: Simpson wins a festive exchange of lefts and rights, scoring well to Lacey’s face and bumping the brunette a 90 degree turn to her right-Jessica punching right hands between Lacey’s shoulder blades to hound her all the way to ropes. Simpson very rough with Chabert: pulling  her head down with the left hand and slugging her repeat right hands belly and breasts; smothering her sideways and belting away tummy and back; constantly bumping, guarding-up and shoving Lacey in between assaults. After a minute’s worth of beating Lacey’s tummy-Jessica wanders up torso and SAVAGES those offending jugs--bitter payback blonde to brunette as Simpson answers everything Lacey did in the third, Chabert bursting into glug-glugging tears trying to push Jess away or cover up--she’s helpless, routed, and Jessica’s pumping away to the finish line. Simpsy all jiggly, legs straining to add leverage, fists jamming away to Chabert’s heaving goods--blonde ignores the bell to continue plundering, forcing ref to intercede on Lacey’s behalf.

R4: Chabert’s punked--teeth bared in a worried scowl--she’s walking away from Jessica, left hand extended in a “Stop” gesture as Simpson walks her down. Jessica able to wind up and sock it to her foe--hounding Chabert to ropes and sailing into her body with both dukes, then pushing up deep to reset. Simpsy working the rack out of the wrap--riding her left arm across Lacey’s upper back to slump her forward for pumping rights, Chabert’s tummy and tits absorbing non-stop wallop and she’s not exactly stoic about it-shouting and crying as she sits and soaks in the ropes. Bell to bell Simpson--just plugging into Lacey, punishing her, bumping her up--Jessica all grins back to her corner as her jugs seem to be wearing Lacey’s out through 4.

R5: Withering beat down at the ropes--Jess on Lacey--Chabert cramped up behind her mitts, absorbing it to midsection and jug and LACEY GOES DOWN! Chabert panting on all fours--Jess kneels down directly in front--reaches in between Lacey’s arms and chests the brunette up and over, just to put her flat on her back! Lacey screaming in outrage, wriggling piteously--Jessica laughing all big and brawny--ref pulls quivering blonde off her prey and issues a world-class finger waggling to unrepentant Krusher, Chabert up, badly flustered--Jessica wades in expecting to pillage, but Lacey’s resistance firms with her back to the ropes. Pumping back and forth as the girls lay in mouth-on-shoulder and work--both just sloshing hooks to one another’s trunks and tummies, pushing up for balancy, keeping heads close to the bell.

R6: Simpson too aggressive--she’s winning the free-swinging exchanges midring, punching Lacey’s face and ears, driving Chabert backwards, Against the ropes, Jessica can impose her full program: the writhing body-ups; the constant tummy punching; the creeping barrage up the flanks, and; the romping hup-hup to jug. Poor Lacey Chabert: she can’t get off the ropes, can’t stop crying, can’t come forward and slug--she’s being all used up as Jessica strains on widespread legs, boppin’ her way to another shutout. Bell: Simpson happily chesting up and letting Lacey hear all about it--tempers flare--ref has to intercede yet again as little juggernauts refuse to heed his commands.

R7: Lacey beats Jessica to that rub-a-dub punching midring--Simpson’s face takes a pasting as her flailing blows can’t quite find the mark: it’s Chabert able to come forward, forcing Simpson backside into waiting ropes. Swishing side to side lefts and rights swab Jessica’s jugs--Lacey slugging with bared teeth--poor Simpsy can’t get off her heels. Rears spill down Jessica’s face: Lacey redoubles her efforts--sloshing away left and right--sometimes sloppily, but occasionally really clouting Jessica hard upside the head, Simpson wilting to her right, sliding into the corner--she takes a robust right hand on her forehead and immediately covers up behind her gloves. LACEY UNLEASHES! Chabert pouring her reserves into the fight--flooding Jessica’s tummy and trunks with punches, breaking Simpsy down. Blonde drooping forward--Lacey jerking up with repeat rights to rack--JESSICA’S CRUMBLING! Simpson growing loose in her stance--wobbly--Chabert gassed, but smelling blood, keeps pumping, lifting Jessica up body and chest with hoisting lefts and rights and SIMPSON GOES DOWN! Jessica stumbling to all fours, panting and blubbering--Chabert staggering away, arms numb: if Jessica beats the count, Lacey’s got NOTHING left. SIMPSON CAN’T GET OFF HER KNEES! Crazy Lacey Chabert upset KO7.

After: Lacey can’t wait to get out of her gloves, reefing and tugging her arms as trainer pulls on mitts--she hustles over to a shaken Jessica Simpson only just getting to her feet. Simpsy groggily pushing and slapping at Lacey’s reaching arms--Chabert’s lips pursed as she struggles to pull at Simpson, corral her, Jessica hounded to ropes and roughly handled--she’s too hurt o resist Lacey for long as Chabert slowly slides her arms into position, muscling Jessica’s face into the deep cleft between Chabert’s pulsing njugs. Upon establishing the seal, Lacey squeals in triumph--left arm strong behind Jessis head, cupping the right bicep while the right hand palms the top of damp skull. Chabert in her glory, pushing Simpsy to a seat in the ropes, shaking her vigorously side to side, letting her jugs do the hard work of using Simpson up. Crowd chanting “J-M-D!” “J-M-D!” Lacey straining, biting her lower lip, eyes narrowing as she seeks ways of squeezing harder or making Jessica more uncomfortable. Simpsy’s hands reach up behind Lacey to pull at brunette shoulders, then hug up around Chabert’s lower back--Jessi’s limbs growing visibly weaker with every passing moment. Finally--Lacey feels it, knows that Jessica’s gone out--she steps back, turns away without glancing back as Simpson pools into a steaming puddle of beaten blonde, face down. Chabert lifts her hands to strut, acknowledging the crowd she’s just taken out one of the very best at this sort of thing, establishing herself as a JMD force to be reckoned with.

Reposted by Archer 6/22/10.

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