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2 May 2008 A J Cook vs Jennifer Lopez

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Posted by Simguy on 5/2/2008, 7:07 am.

Before: “Are you kidding?” AJ says, when asked about her feelings for her upcoming test. “My biggest payday--by far; my best opponent, by far; the most exposure I’ve ever gotten--I’m over the moon right now. The trick is for me to just be ‘AJ’ in this fight: don’t buy into the hype or get distracted by the press attention. This is a huge opportunity for me--a lot of girls never get a PPV shot like this, so I’m totally, 100% Focused on beating Jennifer Lopez,” Lopez low-key by her standards: biggest fight in history for AJ is just another stepping stone for Jennifer. “I’ve seen tape of this--she’s good,” Lopex admits. “he strong, sturdy, young--it’s a good test for me. I’d say my body is back fighting shape, but what I’m still honing is my timing and reflexes. That only comes with ring-time, and that’s what AJ’s here for: to get me better for things to come. Cook in white sport top; splash print bikini bottoms (shades of blue, white whorls); white gloves. Jennifer in gold lamme top to a high neck; green bikini bottoms; blonde hair back in slick ponytail; white gloves.

During R1: Jennifer jabbing to close, then crowding in with her left shoulder/extended left elbow pressing against AJ’s body, Jen bumping from there, then snapping off hooks, getting to work on Cook’s sturdy midsection and chest. AJ dukes up, chi tucked--she’s backing up early, staying compact to absorb Jen’s shock. Fight moves to ropes--Lopez on top--Jennifer methodically bumping-and-hooking, systematically working AJ over, Cook composed, dug in at apron: she starts to answer Jen with short left uppercuts out of the high guard; chopping rights to the face--always bringing the mitts back quick to her cheeks, elbows in. Pleasing hammer and longs--Lopez setting a thumping pace: Jen’s commitment rewarded late as she slips an AJ right to bury a withering hook into blonde liver. Cook doubling up, sitting into ropes hurt: she’s a fortunate beauty as bell sounds before Jen can clean up.

R2: Cook jabbing--with midring, trying to deny Jen forward progress. Jen forcing her way in, but AJ keeping her arms in, palms up and pushes Lopez back out by the shoulders. AJ starting to pound left jabs up the middle, knocking at Jennifer’s beautiful face: stern right hand by Cook toggles Jen’s chin, once again rejecting a Lopez advance. Jen frustrated, getting hit hard as she tries to encroach, but she keeps at it, dipping her head side to side; crossing/uncrossing her arms. Final minute, AJ pumping stick, suddenly drives in off her back (right) foot, catching Jen a gorgeous right cross to chin. Lopez instantly wobbly butt--forming up panicky earmuff: AJ catches her a left uppercut between the mitts, then a savage left hook in under the jugline, LOPEZ SWOONS FORWARD! Jennifer down--going to her knees and forearms, butt in the air, forehead on canvas as crowd roars to its feet. AJ startled--jogs to neutral corner, bouncing on the spot as shabby Jen struggles up. ON COMES COOK! Jen sitting in ropes, stooping forward behind her mitts: stooping forward behind her mitts: Cook sets weight on her front (left) foot and starts HOOKING THAT BODY! Oh the thump--AJ baring her teeth, reefing FURIOUSLY in under Jen’s right elbow. Lopez gurgling--slowly buckling: withering succession of hooks in her body sends her cringing to all fours again and it’s OVER! Jennifer quivering, sitting back ion her haunches, hugging herself in agony: KO2 in shocking fashion--AJ Cook!

After: Fresh faced Cook crying happily, looking around in bewilderment at the flashbulb-popping media throng in the ring. Lopez achy to her feet, escorted to her stool: signs of maturity from Jlo as she avoids throwing a tantrum, simply digesting what’s happened to her and trying to learn from it. “It’s so huge,” AJ says of her triumph. “I know it hasn’t all sunk in yet. So many doors are opened now, I really don’t know what to do. I want a Charisma Carpenter fight--that much I know. TU has made some overtures I need to look at. Yvonne Strahovski has sort of been keeping pace with me: maybe I need to sort her out. I don’t know--I’m just going to sit down with my people and try to make sense of all this--somehow!”

Reposted by Archer 6/26/10.

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