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17 November 2006 Maria Bello vs Salli Richardson

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Posted by Simguy on 11/17/2006, 6:34 am.

Before: Bello’s hook might be the biggest single weapon in the fight, but Richardson sporting abs-o’-steel any 20 year old starlet would be proud to have--intriguing match up of body types and styles in this hard-working veteran’s tilt. “Heather (Kozar) doesn’t like us to trash talk out opponents,” says veteran Salli Richardson in preflight, “so I won’t, but I WILL say this: Maria Bello’s been very fortunate to get the opportunities she has in this business. She can’t out-act me OR out-fight me--but I know people think of her as a huge favourite just because they might recognize her. All I can say is, I’m ready for Maria as I was for Carmen Electra--and that’s PLENTY ready!” Bello relaxed, poised at the dais--looking and acting the favourite in preflight. “If my hooks ruined Demi Moore--they’re going to hurt Salli,” Maria shrugs, “that’s just a given. It’s not like I’ve never seen Salli go at it--she’s a fine fighter--a Paula Abdul with some size--I’m looking forward to hunting her down and taking her out!”  Maria in baby blue lace push up and bottoms, hard working low ponytail with bangs framing her face. Salli in pinky/lavender bra and boy-leg panties (recent “Eureka” episode). Small black workout gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Bello’s stalking early--pawing the double-jab setting up overhand rights, all to get that heavy left hook into Salli’s ribs. Richardson showing good scoot--hopping out of range when she has to, brisk-stepping and pivoting to her left. Bello the aggressor ‘til late: Salli chips her jab, hops in and TAGS Maria a stunning right/left toc-toc combo on the chin! MARIA BELLO’S HURT! Blonde staggering wobbly butt, covering up dukes-at-temples: Salli turning suddenly feral--lips curling off teeth, eyes blazing as she TEARS at Bello’s midriff. Crowd pleasing stuff--Salli blazing away to bodkin, stepping back in good order and bouncing short lefts and rights off Bello’s forehead as blonde stumbles forward. Bell: Salli pumped, nodding her head aggressively; Bello visibly trying to compose herself, shaking her head, blinking her eyes, working her jaw as she steps gingerly to corner.

R2: Salli brought herself a ton of respect last round: she spends it by crowding Maria, trying to boss the blonde around inside. Curvy legs plant strong as girls lean in mouth-on-shoulder--each using small-glove grip to clamp the other about her inner-elbows for cagey jostling/straining sessions. Salli nifty-quick on the inside--elbows in, snappy delivery when she gets off--but Bello shows why she’s a brute in close. Maria not shying away from Richardson’s toned abs--going there deliberately with hooks and shoveling little right hands. Maria better at clutch-and-punch, often scoring and tieing up before Salli can reciprocate--Bello with all sorts of tricks o manage Richardson’s superior speed in tight. Bell: Salli flustered--she took more punishment than she needd to an she knows it.

R3: Salli shows her versatility--much more footwork, lateral movement, slashing in-and-out work this round. Salli’s face very intense--frowning eyes, bared teeth as she gets off--crowd responding well to emotional brunette. Salli’s jab: chippy, quick, often catching Maria’s face before Bello can react. Salli’s right hand: chopping, off the shoulder--she gets it AFTER she’s established position with her feet--never reaches. Salli’s hook: clawing, biting--not a heavy stroke, but gorgeously turned--100% Salli behind it when she gets into her front (left) foot and digs it to Maria’s ribs. Bello proving sturdy, covering her head well--blocking a lot of shots, but unable to cut the ring off on her nimble foe in the third.

R4: Maria using her jab to stabilize and time her foe--then OH, the body Bello’s taking this round. Maria with that cute Mickey Ward hook-to-the-liver--just a short swipe set up bny a clout against Salli’s ear up top--Richardson pulling away in distress when Maria’s able to sink it in flush. Bello keeping the right at her temple--stepping to Salli as she retreats--Richardson getting too hurt to the body to walk Maria into shots. Steady pressure, Maria--walking Salli down, hammering her hooks head, flank and waistline; reaching in with those little gloves to grab at Salli’s biceps to push her to ropes. Good chewy stuff on the inside from Maria--right uppercuts taking Richardson in her lungs--cudgeling hooks against the head: Salli doing a lot of shaky-legged clinching down the stretch. Bell: Richardson blinking back tears, sniveling from body hurt that wont got away during the break. Maria hard-eyed on her stool, taking on water, nodding vigorously at advice to “Stay on her body!”

R5: Salli’s hurt…but you’d never know it. Richardson chip-chipping her jab, then hopping away, circling, turning Maria midring before jumping in from a fresh angle. Salli’s hands very quick--nice staccato tattooing of Maria’s ribs and arms, forcing her to cover up, thereby allowing Richardson to escape. Midway through, Salli starts landing that sneaky right --Bello just staring into the punch, getting nailed: when Salli starts putting the hook along with it--that tic-toc wallop on Maria’s chin puts blonde wobbly butt, Final minute just grim blonde determination: Maria’s hurt, stumbling forward behind her guard as Salli bounces snappy lefts and rights off Bello’s skull, Bell: Hard eye contact, Salli to Maria--both girls have felt the other’s sting through 5.

R6: Salli senses Maria wilting--Richardson ups the tempo. Doubled-up jabs get Richardson close--she lets her dukes go in crisp, clipping combinations, then hops away as Maria’s blinking in astonishment. Bello trudging forward, dukes up, but reactions slowing--n ot moving her head at all as Salli jabs Bello’s mouth. Midway through, Salli steps to her right like she’s taking one of her walk-arounds, then she HOOKS THE TASTE OUT OF MARIA’S MOUTH! Gorgeous step-away hook staggers Maria--Salli jumping in a chopping right hand to spank Maria’s head hard to starboard. Bello clattering backward, shook up and startled: Salli hooks Bello’s mouth off the hop, chasing blonde to ropes. BLISTERING flurry--Salli baring her teeth and TEARING it up on poor Maria. Bello cringing forward behind her mitts, taking a thick pummeling in her ribs underneath the breast line, then in behind the elbows as she stoops farther forward. Salli digging hooks, weight on her left foot, right toe skidding up off canvas as she REEFS at Maria’s flank and THE REF STEPS IN! Bello in tears, badly, badly gut-shot as ref cradles her to rope--Salli lifts her mitts and bellows in TKO6 triumph!

After: Bello distraught, protesting the stoppage--but it’s always ugly to see a helpless vixen just stooped over, taking withering blasts in her body with no trace of resistance. “I took her out to the body!” A jubilant, glistening Salli beams I post fight. “Maria’s got a great hook to the body, but I’m no slouch down there too and look what I did to her! This is huge for me--it really is. Before tonight, everyone would have thought Maria bello was out of my league: now they know better!”

Reposted by Archer 6/30/10.

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