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17 June 2010 Courtney Cox vs Lori Loughlin

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Cougar Beach



Posted by simguy on 6/17/2010, 7:48 pm


BEFORE: "Ever since Courtney got Cougar-town, she's been prancing around like she's the best of us," Lori laments in prefight. "But last time I checked, I'M the cougar-queen - reigning and defending. Courtney can pose all she wants, but when you get in the ring, the truth comes out. I'm going to sort Courtney out, 'cause she's pretty confused these days. Lori Loughlin's still the cougar to beat!" Cox grinning throughout - she's a confident beauty coming in. "Lori's a good solid blonde," Courtney shrugs in prefight, "but she's nothing special. I'm probably the hottest thing on TV these days, and Loughlin can't handle it, but that's not my problem. For her, it's going to feel like fighting an 18 year old ingenue, because that's what my conditioning is like. There's nothing out there like me - and Lori's about to get all she can handle!" A Jenny O'Dell production - outdoor Malibu beach setting (standard ring/bleachers). Courtney in white bikini shot through with red tiger type striping; small white gloves; frisky ponytail with bangs at temples. Lori in mauve bikini top/dark purple bottoms; small black gloves; shoulder length blonde locks loose. Jenny O'Dell sitting next to Julie Bowen at ringside, a fact not lost on fans of cougar fighting.

During R1: Court in wide stance - pinpointing left jabs; right hand up near cheek as she pumps out the poke. Lori stalking, showing V front: elbows collected at breasts, hands bracing cheeks. Court's jab chipping, scuffing, trying to penetrate as she's circling clockwise. Lori crouching/blocking/inching forward...she's timing Courtney - issuing stubby left jab receipts - pounding at the Cox rack, or punching her mouth. Stiff-stuff - Lori getting out worked, but landing the heavier knocks...down the stretch, she punches Cox out of her stance via batting left hook to chin. Courtney staggered, toned legs suddenly wobbly: Lori scoots-to, jotting the straight right lead to Courtney's face, knocking Cox ropeside at bell to take the round.

R2: Sharp-chopping counter right from Lori clips chin early: Cox stepping in fence-post holes. Blonde going to brunette waistline thick - fitting in small-glove hooks PIK! PAK! in under right elbow. Cox stunned, stumbling backward: another hard right hand lands to chin, draping her ropeside. Lori in that compact V-front crouch - she's weaving in close, then puttin' 'em together solid - ringing snappy lefts and rights off Courtney's toned chassis. Cox digging in, suffering terribly, but down the stretch - tight right uppercuts start to find Lori's chin as beauties trade short power strokes in close. Trade in hooks goes Courtney's way: Lori's back foot slides out from under her - pitching her to her right at the stumble. Punished-but-vengeful Cox glaring as she walks wounded Lori down: payback at ropes as Loughlin sits in strands to soak. Gorgeous licks issued: Courtney's lean frame wire-taut as she rips hooks to Lori's brown waist, then scours Loughlin's jugs right/lefts in close. Action directly above Bowen - Julie pursing her lips in acknowledgment of Courtney's muscular savagery through 2.

R3: Cox outclasses Lori midring - round dominated by Courtney's stiff, chipping left jab. Cox circling clockwise around her poke - scuffing Lori's face and scalp - trying to stitch in between Loughlin's mitts. Lori still issuing well-timed receipts - straight punches from either hand - but she's badly outworked this round as Cox stays busy. Drumming home the point: rangy Cox hooks CHUP! CHUP! in behind Lori's right elbow, just because.

R4: Chopping counter-right timing-punch chips Cox to chin: she's stepping in fence post holes early as Lori goes over to offence. Brawny left hooks take Courtney deep to gut: she's pitching forward, gasping/eyes shut tight. Short left hooks clobber Court's jugs, punching her upright; swift right crosses turn Courtney's head aside - her lips pursed, eyes shut on receipt. Lori patient, insistent - constant blonde combinations spank and snatch at Courtney, bouncing off the meat. Cox hurt, trying to punch-back off the ropes, but it's a mistake: Lori timing the receipts, punching-with and landing glorious right hand chops to chin, often draping Cox helpless in ropes. Courtney's super-toned legs hold her up, but she absorbs a thrilling beatdown: Loughlin gambling on power in this first half, basically giving Cox all she's got.

R5: Lori timing Courtney's jab, committing on vicious right hand counters stubby to chin: Coxie's wobbly-butt early. Loughlin smeliing blood: there she goes to the body again, hooking Cox helpless. There she is in Courtney's rack, humbling those jugs via crisply-turned hooks, then leaning in to kiss chin righty. Cox ragdoll to ropes, staring, lips parted: she's hurt, unable to marshall her world-class skills as Lori turns puncher! Loughlin on top at ropes - nice tight form as she keeps elbows in, twists on her hips to get her back behind short, chopping, withering lefts and rights. Poor Courtney! Cox covering up face-in-gloves, helpless in the face of blonde onslaught...she's cringing at the ropes, slugged from one foot to the other as Lori belts away and THE REF STEPS IN! Good lord - TKO5 Lori Loughlin!

AFter: Lori Locks skipping away and squealing like it's her first-ever audition-fight: blonde power-punching gamble pays off as Courtney fought hurt from the get-go. "You know - we DID gamble on the knockout," Lori confides in prefight - scuffed, but showing dimples any ingenue would kill for. "Courtney Cox is in unbelievable shape, and we didn't want to be boxing her in the second half, because that girl's got marathon stamina. But I felt like I could hurt her if I went all in, and that's what happened. She couldn't take my best, and that makes me the better woman - STILL!"


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