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28 June 2010 Title Ch Evangeline Lilly vs Jaime Pressly

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Special PPV Bantamweight Title Event




Posted by simguy on 6/28/2010, 7:48 pm


BEFORE: "It always comes down to Evangeline and me," Jaime grins smugly in prefight. "I think I've got the fittest, strongest body in L.A. - Lilly thinks she does: that's really what this game is all about. And after I break her down and take her titles, there's not going to be any doubt who the best bantamweight in the history of the FCBA is!" Lilly grinning at Jaime's boast: Vangie knows history's on the line everytime she faces Pressly. "Jaime's definitely The Test, you know?" Lilly says at podium. "If I come in at 95% that's not going to be good enough - and I can't say that about many of my opponents. I respect her enough to give her an unforgivable beating - because no champion can afford to leave pride like Jaime's unbroken." Jaime in white SHAPE magazine bikini; smooth blonde ponytail; small white gloves. Evangeline in royal blue bikini with gold ring connections; hair in slick battle braid; small white gloves.

During R1: Jaime in upright closed stance: left shoulder pointed at Vange; left at her tummy; right at her chest. Lilly crouching, dukes at cheeks, head bobbing. Jaime grinning - poking out that left elbow to measure and push; jotting out chopping rights; clipping super-short left uppercuts. Evangeline pawing jabs to locate, then snapping off taut hooks - spanking Jaime's jugs/snapping off flat blonde tummy. Pressly standing ground - dipping left to bat hooks in behind Vangie's right elbow in reprisal for Lilly body shots. Tasty, coiled-spring stuff - small mitts nipping quick on hard-toned bodies. All even until Jaime lights Lilly up late: vicious left uppercut to chin; two bat-bat hooks cuffing paunch; dip-n-rip right uppercut off right leg buckle Lilly's knees. Pressly unleashing torrid flurry - bobbed and weaved by Vangie: hurting brunette manages a brace of cudgelling hooks to convince blonde it's not time to go all in. Round to Pressly puts confident grin on blonde girl's face.

R2: Similar stuff - LIlly attacking the presented left flank of Pressly, furiously inspecting that tight midsection via snapping hooks: Jaime digging in, making liberal use of that high poking/prodding left elbow to set up slashing combos right/left. Bobbing head movement for Lilly; weaving in-out upperbody stuff from Jaime as both girls basically work in front of each other. Minute in - Lilly alters trajectory on her hook: she's been working body, now she jams in on chin and PRESSLY'S ROCKED! Jaime punched out of her stance all wobbly-butt: first woozy earmuff of the fight shown by JP as Lilly steps-to, RIPS right/left to the waistline. Glorious small mitt licks digging in on toned blonde beef: Jaime grimacing, trusting her abs/legs as Lilly romps. Jaime gives ground in her earmuff - walking barrage from Lilly tearing at taut belly meat: blonde buttocks hit ropes as crowd roars. Lilly dipping side to side, fetching 2 or 3 right hands into Jaime's trembling ribs behind the elbow; dipping left to work the other side of the plate - brunette intent on crippling her foe! Jaime stooped, sponging, and down the stretch...ANSWERING! Sudden counter-right uppercut quick out of the earmuff, clips Vangie's chin, spoils her punching. Jaime still in earmuff...weight on left leg as she nips a tidy left uppercut...shifts to right leg to clip in right uppie...Lilly clinches! Evangeline stunned, mouth open on Jamie's shoulder: blonde girl wriggles right elbow down inside Lilly's embrace - turrrns Evangeline into ropes - throws the right shoulder into Lilly's mouth and JAIME STARTS PASTING 'VANGIE! Lilly suddenly stricken - butt-in-ropes, hands at temples as she's strafed a series of rip-snatch left uppercuts/chopping rights in close. Bell: Jaime's fists bouncing off Lilly's head and shoulders...blonde girl fighting off a tremendous Lilly barrage to get respect through 2!

R3: Lilly cut in the mouth, staring, but determined. She bobs on approach - jabbing for Pressly's chest: soon as mitt meets jug, Lilly deploys the roundhouse right, taking Jaime thick above left hip. Pressly grimacing, stepping back, walking Lilly onto that gorgeous right uppercut off the right leg! Lilly's legs give a shimmy...she bores in - heaving another right to Pressly's ribs, then hook-hooking the blonde to liver. Pressly gasping, fading back to ropes: she's ashen faced, blue eyes welling up...LILLY'S UPON HER! Whirling assault on Pressly's rib cage - Lilly baring teeth, carving away palm-down lefts and rights - small mitts gouging in/bouncing off tart. JAIME ISSUES CLINCH! Blonde legs shimmying...Lilly straining to stack her blonde in ropes, then wriggling to get right hand free to shove into breadbasket. Jaime slides left arm in under Lilly's right...they're clinch-fighting in close. Pressly stuffing/cuffing right hands to Evangeline's straining midsection - digging out initial success. Lilly shifts - gets her left in under Pressly's right, then Vangie's joining in - digging rights to body, or clubbing up top in the half-clinch. Ref lets it go as both are working...then Jaime ties up for break, mouth open and panting on Lilly's shoulder. Tough, scrounging points for Evangeline...she gives Jaime a cold look of appraisal, checking blonde gas tank.

R4: Jaime strong at midring, in closed stance, using that questionable left elbow to measure and ward Lilly off. Evangeline busting up under the sudden, twitch-quick rights and lefts Pressly delivers from the stance - blonde girl slicing at brunette face to delirious effect. Furious response from Lilly pounds waist/ribs/tits...Pressly forced into bitter body exchanges as she dips to rip left uppercuts off her left leg, snatching at dense ab meat. Bruising, vicious, gorgeous stuff...Lilly trying to force Pressly to ropes, but often propped-off by that left elbow: ref barking warnings to Jaime as she's really rough with it - especially on Lilly's eyebrows.

R5: Pressly in that closed stance, opens with a murderous sequence of hacking, downward chopping rights; snatching, cuffing hooks to paunch; withering left uppercuts off the left leg. Lilly bobbing on the spot - mesmerized and punished by handspeed...Pressly's tearing her up! Jaime just operating on Lilly - blonde lips pressed tight, eyes narrowed and hard - Pressly's elbows in tight to her body as she bends and twists, shifting weight slick from one foot to the other. Midway through, ripping 6 inch left uppercut punches the mouthpiece off Lilly's busted face: Evangeline's eyes glassy, lips bloodied as Jaime continues to chop and pelt. Pressly sliding in her stance dragging her lead (left) foot - occasionally walking Lilly into left uppercuts or nasty-quick rights: it's a shining blonde moment, seriously reducing Evangeline Lilly. Break: ice applied to Lilly's ribs and face both - she's wincing in pain at her trainer's touch.

R6: Pressly up on her toes, boxing, giving angles! JP circling in either direction - twitching her shoulders to feint Lilly; jabbing her face once-twice while pivoting clockwise; spreading her out a long jab while taking a big pivot-step counterclockwise. Pressure from Lilly is faded: Jaime's springy legs, imperious footwork dictating terms. Dogged Lilly attacks ARE rewarded: punishment accruing to Jaime's ribs in spots whenever Evangeline can close. Round to Pressly though: she's determining when and where combat takes place - steadily picking Lilly apart through 6.

R7: Oh those merciless left uppercuts! Jaime putting weight forward onto left leg to dig lefts to Evangeline's body; shifting weight to right (back) leg to clip lefts across Evangeline's puffy face - then pushing that left elbow out to ward Lilly off. Lilly cringing, but fighting-through: another whirling palm-down assault of rights and lefts behind the elbows has Jaime gritting teeth/tying up midway through. Down the stretch, Jaime separates herself with a majestic series of left uppercuts-and-pivots - turning herself clockwise around a weary Evangeline. Bell: Pressly nostrils flaring, eyes making blazing contact; Evangeline all busted up, looking shabbier than we've seen her in some time!

R8: Grim, pounding assault - Lilly on Pressly. Scooting footwork/bobbing upperbody/stubby jabs chase Jaime to ropes: Lilly bodying up, sliding left arm in under Jaime's right to establish position. Clinch-fighting brutal, non-stop: two hyper-fit, determined women digging down, ripping at each other in turns. Heads in close to protect chins - each focusses on subjugating the rival body. Lilly pushing on Jaime, controlling her, beating her: Pressly fighting back bitterly, hacking and hacking right hands at Lilly's hip, but this is brunette's bread and butter. Corner screaming at Jaime to tie up and get to mid-ring: Pressly either willfully ignoring, or unable to renegotiate terms as Lilly pounds out points.

R9: Lilly plowing forward...GOBBLING UPPERCUTS! Pressly sliding back slick - dragging that left (front) foot...she's fitting Evangeline for short left uppies off the left leg/short right uppies off the right, then feeding her the left elbow while pivoting clockwise to turn Vangie's right flank! Lilly groggy, but relentless - bobbing after Pressly, trying to reel her in. JP clippin' 'em tidy - elbows in tight as she gets her legs/back/buns into the blows - picking Lilly up, then sliding around her, luring her forward. Midway through - muscular short left uppercut picks Lilly up drowsy (face: eyes closed, lips pursed); dip-n-snatch left hook hacks in behind Lilly's right elbow, bunching her forward "OH-H!" Little shift-pivot-left puts Jaime outside Lilly's right shoulder - Pressly chops in a mean little right hand down onto Lilly's unsuspecting right cheek, then arches her back to get the tightest little left uppercut ever to scrape across Lilly's face. Evangeline stooped forward, frozen, then TOPPLING FORWARD! Evangeline noses in, sprawling on her tummy with hands trapped beneath her body, left cheek down, lips pursed in slumber...KO9 for the winner and NEW bantamweight champ - Jaime Pressly!

After: Pressly bellowing down, roaring in triumph at Lilly's bronzed, conquered back...ref bodies blonde away as party gets started in Franchise corner. "I knew I was better!" Jaime crows in postfight. "I knew it in my bones. My body is fitter, my skills tighter...I just KNEW tonight was my night!" Evangeline a tragic sight coming-to on her stool: heroic effort for a legit bantam legend comes up just that short tonight.


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