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24 September 1999 Halle Berry vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 24-Sep-1999 19:56:34

Before: Surprisingly spirited pre-fight session, with Berry asserting “that amateur crap won’t work on me” in reference to Liu’s unconventional attack. Berry a well-schooled, athletic looking fighter--but hasn’t had a lot of world-class opposition. Most expect an early stoppage for Liu tonight. Lucy in black sports bra, red high cut trunks, Halle in yellow and black striped aerobics two piece.

During E1: Liu’s amateur crap looks plenty effective early as she leaps in on Halle with those sweeping lefts and rights, scoring several clean connects that have Berry stepping in fence post holes. Halle wide-eyed, outgunned, and taking hellacious power shots from Liu as Lucy attacks in waves from all angles.

R2: Hey, Halle can box a little. Berry using a sharp double jab to spoil Lucy’s approach, mixes in a nice right cross to catch Liu bending back--Liu misjudging distance as Halle gets good extension.

R3: Good two way action round as Lucy continues to come in with hands don, sweeping up with outrageous uppercuts, then spinning away--Halle much more textbook, banging the jab to Lucy’s Asian eyes and looking to spear the body with right hands.

R4: Liu getting Halle to play catch-up, skips to the right around Berry, clipping the little left hook, then reverses direction to clock Halle with the short right hand. Berry getting overwhelmed, becomes defensive this round as Lucy wheels and deals without fear of reprisal.

R5: Halle retreats, luring Lucy into leading, and she catches Liu bending her torso straight back with a gorgeous, looping right hand. Liu is hurt, and stumbling, pushing ineffectively at Berry as Halle puts punches together. Halle gets more accurate, stronger the round goes on, nailing Liu over and over with sweet left hooks, sharp right hands to the head. Lucy beaten forwards and back as Halle keeps the pressure on, and in the final minute, with Liu in her own corner, taking crashing blows to her ribs and jaw--the ref looks like he might jump in. Bell sounds to save Liu, who is out on her feet--corner racing to revive her in between rounds.

R6: Early work from Liu is erased as Berry, biding her time, puts together big power shots late to steal the round. Halle now winning the footwork war for position, stepping to the side on Liu and hammering her combinations into Lucy’s face from an oblique angle.

R7: Shutout Berry, She bangs Lucy’s head and body with whipping double left hooks, stepping in and out on the Asian, tainting her to fight, Liu’s eyes almost shut, face puffy and sore--she’s taking a bad beating from berry at this point.

R8: Once again, Berry lays back, allowing Liu to regain momentum, then she slams the door with vicious power punching in the final minute. Lucy coming forward, straightens from her crouch and is caught on the chin with that wicked left hook from Halle. Liu with her hands at her waist, stumbles dreamily forward as Berry steps to the tight, and leans into the go-home right hand to the side of Lucy’s jaw. Liu’s front leg comes off the canvas and she crumples to her face as Halle squeals with delight, Lucy up just as the bell rings to end the carnage,

R9: Lucy Liu a shopworn wreck, fighting in reverse as Halle confidently stalks her. Berry fighting from outside, lunges to buff Lucy’s face with the jab Liu backpedals, reaches with the left, then turns over a blinding right hand that catches Berry on the temple. Berry stunned, staggers backward several steps, then falls to her back. Halle Berry can’t beat th count, and Lucy liu breathes a sigh of relief with the late stoppage.

After: Liu on camera in the ring boasts that she can stop any girl at any time in a fight--but most of the press are calling this a lucky punch. Liu hadn’t looked this bad since coughing up a loss to Dani Fishel, and once again critics are wondering whether the Amazin’ Asian is more style than substance after this very close call.

Reposted by Archer 7/7/10.

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