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5 August 2005 Julie Chen vs Carmella Decesare

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Posted by Simguy on 8/5/2005, 7:45 am.

Chen in black push up, yellow hipster bottoms
Decesare in setting sun motif, shades of yellow

UD10 Decesare

With Chen’s aristocratic bearing and news-reader pedigree and Carmella’s Playmate and trash sports background, this was more than a style contrast--it was a clash of civilizations. Decesare would box and like a Hamptons debutante while Chen would claw and brawl like the cheapest gutter slut in tha’ row--proving once again that book covers can’t be judged and character has a way of defining itself under pressure.

And Pressure is what Carmella brought early on Chen, in the form of a loving, lashing, lanky limbed body attack that had Asian robs throbbing over the first seven minutes of this fight. There’s nothing quite like slender girls stroking away to rigid ribcage--the shake and shiver of the limbs; the woozy gasps and pouted lips of protest; the longm quivering legs. Chen would stabilize the situation, but it would be at the cost of her own preferred style. From the third round on, the girls fought Decesare’s fight, with Chen opening up and swinging wide, often off her heels, often at closer range than she’s used to, and with a good deal more vitriol than we’ve seen from her in the past.

The mid rounds bogged down into a relentless exhibition of slinging, licking blows, reeling bodies, stamping legs as the girls took turns on top. Chen banged out the third. Carmella the fourth, Chen the fifth, Carmella the sixth, Chen the seventh, throughout these tempestuous heats, Julie was consistently reprimanded by the ref for low blowing, elbowing, excessive tousle rubbing in clinches, At one point, with the girls side to side at the ropes--the bell rang and Julie leaned over to deposit the tip of her right elbow in the pit of Carmella’s stomach. A shameful display to say the least, and ultimately a futile one.

The Round of the Fight, and one of the Rounds of the Year, came in the 8th. Carmella waded into Julie with heartfelt stroking lefts and rights to the ribcage, finally bludgeoning the beautiful Asian to her knees, leaving her hugging her battered torso, rocking on wiry haunches. But Chen refused to give up--rejecting Carmella’s finishing run with a blatant brace of chugging trunk-checks--Chen would storm to the bell, swinging  away lusty to the chest and skull of her foe down the stretch pounding Decesare out on her feet, Carmella wobbled, but she didn’t go down. The exhausted combatants would split sloppy championship rounds to stagger to the finish line, and the duke came back 6 rounds to 4 in Decesare’s favour.

In the end, the Playmate had fought an upstanding fair fight, while the corporate gal had broken nearly every rule in the book in her lust for victory. “I wasn;t going to stoop to her level,” a wincing Carmella sniffed afterwards. “People can think what they want, but I’m better than that. And I’m better than Julie.”

Reposted by Archer 7/12/10.

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