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14 October 2005 Kristen Bell vs Eva Longoria

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Posted by Simguy on 10/14/2005, 6:51 am.

Before: Eva seeking redemption--former champ rudely used in her last couple of outings--time to show well against hot up and comer Kristen Bell, “I’m going to turn up the intensity against Kristen,” asserts Longoria in prefight. “I feel that’s all I’ve been missing--just that extra jump. I know Bell’s a terrific young fighter, but she’s out oif her depth in this fight, Whatever she does, I’m going to shut it down and work her over--I’m not giving you guys anymore shocking headlines!” Bell hungry for the test--highly touted newcomer one of the brightest new faces to hi the 110 class in a long time--beating Longoria would be a terrific springboard for young blonde. “Eva’s a steppingstone,” Kris says, to gasping astonishment of the press, “that’s how I see her, The fact that she’s collapsing after winning the title is no surprise--she’s a worn-out daytimer and she’s had her moment. It’s nothing personal, but Longoria doesn’t realize her day is done--they never do, until someone shows them the truth.” Staredown: Longoria rigid with Latina fury, dark eyes flashing--Kris bouncing on the spot, head tilted back, gaze cool. Eva in tan western motif bikini, sheepskin midcalf UGG boxing boots, sheepskin UGG gloves, long slick low ponytail--Kris in black bikini, tan UGG boxing shoes an gloves.

During 1,2: As promised, Eva rocketing off her stool, taking the fight to Kris--blonde under siege covering up, grimacing sliding along the ropes as Longoria tears at her. All Eva--weight forward, fists digging at Krissy’s tummy, working over her ribs with dull, thumping sheepskin impacts. Eva doubling up the hook, nice to Kristen’s ear, dropping short right hands up the middle--Bell buffeted, trying to keep a tight high guard together under the bombardment. Bell dug in at the ropes, bending forward, blocking--she can’t get much going offensively, but she’s riding it out well, managing the blitz best she can as Longoria rolls to points through 2.

R3: Kristen jabbing, halting Eva midring and ringing her up some intercepting right hands on the mouth: Longoria’s forward momentum stalls as Bell takes over. Kris wading forward, leaning in close with her head, fists busily beating at tanned Longoria ribs and waist. Latina bumped and scuffed in stages to ropes: her turn to slide along the apron as a hungry opponent scrounges punches, Longoria grimacing, butt in ropes--she’s ripping the odd hard left uppercut or hook to get Bell off her, but Kristen’s shaking them off, staying on top. Just classic flyweight hup-hup punching underneath--Bell crowding, keeping hands free, touching Longoria up and down. Break: hungry Kris still punching--ref pulls seething blonde off her elbow--Longoria snarling, chest heaving as tempers flare,

R4: Furious tempo continues--lithe vixens standing toe to toe, raking each ither hard hooks, uppercuts and crosses in bewildering arrays. Longoria keeping the right hand at her cheek as she doubles up tart hooks. Bell with a similar look as she dips and twists, snapping off left hooks and uppercuts. Blonde steadily out-punching brunette in hot toe-to-toe--Longoria’s back hits ropes again and she covers up: Bell FEASTING on ribs with a gorgeous barrage of lefts and rights behind the elbows. Kris open-mouthed, working hard, but fresh--she leans in to push at Eva’s shoulders, then keeps rummaging amidships, swabbing Eva’s back, clouting her ears, Eva a little ragged at the bell, relaxes and takes a chopping right hand in the chin as Kris is still banging! Ref once again pulling Bell off--Longoria fuming angrily in her corner as blonde got the better of her once again in the 4th.

R5: Somehow, both dig down and summon extra intensity--it’s furious chugging action mouth on shoulder. Slender vixens pushing and shoulder bumping, lithe legs stomping for traction, backsides jumping and OPH, the fist-frenzy underneath. Punches lapping at ribs, tummies and jugs like ravenous piranhas--each trying to scour the other raw downstairs. Longoria proving sturdy as Bell catches her tidy right uppercuts to chin, jarring right crosses on cheek--brunette lumping up under skidding sheepskin impact, but refusing to buckle. Kris does work Eva to ropes however and imposes herself late--poor Longoria covering up, grimacing tightly as Bell’s fists bat and tan even past the bell. Kristen hauled away: Eva stomping an elegant foot, shrieking in protest for the  late punching, but she’s just made at herself for allowing it.

R6: TORRID two way continues and EVA’S DIALED INTO KRISSY’S STERNUM! Longoria standing up, swinging her fists tight from the hips--pinpoint, shattering rights and lefts smash against Bell’s solar plexus to FINALLY put Bell wobbly butt! Kris pouting in anguish, clinching--Longoria walking her to ropes and shoving free of the grasp, keeps up that body lather.; Longoria strapping, licking her punches side to side, or pushing up, dipping her shoulders and digging uppercuts into Bell’s ribs, Krissy shouting out I pain, eyes closed--she’s pushing Eva off at the shoulders, but Latina keeps wading back in., Bell growing weak, unable to clinch or smother properly--Eva able to wrench her arms free and continue welting at blonde ribs, hips, tummy. Brutal back and forth, sawing right hands pound Kristen’s breasts as she’s leaning forward--blonde slumps back in the ropes making a throaty “Gug…Gig’ noise, eyelashes batting. Eva unleashed--eyes glittering, lithe body twisting and writhing into buggy-whip right hands and clawing hooks. POOR KRISTEN GOES DOWN! Bell battered senseless, droops to one knee, palms at Eva’s hips and thighs: Longoria standing tall, chest heaving, glaring down in smoldering satisfaction. Krissy blubbering “Stop…Eva…stop…” and that’s good enough for the ref. rare verbal submission makes Eva the TKO6 victrix.

After: Longoria not about to humiliate the young starlet, but she’s not exactly overwhelmed with pity either--Kristen’s steppingstone comments aroused the dragion in Eva tonight. Furious pace set by two vixens who love to pump up the volume--Longoria simply using the younger beauty up. “I could have done a lot more with her,” Eva says in post fight, holding ice against a tender left eye, “I could have made that an easy fight with my boxing, but Kristen really threw the gauntlet down for me and I couldn’t back away from that. I’m an older fighter in a very young division--I realize that--but that doesn’t mean that I cant stand right there and outwork these kids when I have tol. Kris tried to use me up, and look at her now: hurting!”

Reposted by Archer 7/12/10

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