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12 April 2001 Neve Campbell vs Piper Perabo

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Posted by Simguy on 4/12/2001, 8:47 am.

Before: Television debut for Perabo--promising young blonde been looking good I the gym--Neve curiously resentful of the attention and expectation surrounding Piper. Campbell evolving into a solid pro, goes to the body, has some pop--questionable whether or not she’s a good choice for a home opener, but Piper’s management has a history of putting girls in tough. This qualifies. Piper smiling during instructions, in crochet mocha bikini top, darker brown bottoms--Neve all business, red string bikini.

During R1,2: Piper takes the first with exuberant punching--often drifting low, but quick to apologize as Neve scowls. By the second, Campbell’s seeing the telegraphed right hand, shooting her left past Piper’s ear to block, then getting her body behind the short right on the face with ominous accuracy. Perabo wobbly butt at the end of the seconf after a series of collisions all around the ring end with her eating Neve’s right hand.

R3: No adjustment from Piper--she’s looping punches, standing up straight--Neve shooting her left to block really dials in with the right hand with her legs and body behind the shots--headsnap Piper--Perabo scoots to her backside as Neve finally gets everything on bludgeoning chin shot. Campbell standing in Piper’s widespread legs, glaring down at the stunned blonde--kindergarten’s over. Piper up off the canvas swinging, has Neve backing up in surprise, but the brunette able to dig into the waist in the final minute has Perabo hunching forward in pain at the bell.

R4: Shutout Neve--she looks like she’s working through a sparring progression in there. First minute--tool the jab in on Perabo’s face, take away the blondes right hand--check. Second minute, hook off the jab, get inside, work the body--check. Final minute, bang the body with both hands, buckle piper’s legs, finish up with clouting single hooks on the chin to stagger the youngster--check. Perabo staggers back to her stool in a cloud--Neve stomping back to her corner eager  to continue the best down.

R5: Almost funny--three straight high blocks, hard right hand counters--Neve drives Perabo straight back like she’s the Rock smashing Kurt angle to the ropes--almost choreographed the way Neve is able to get off. Piper swooning at the ropes, hands at her stomach as she stares at her opponent--Neve just goes through the progression: pounding the pudding at Piper’s waist, working her way up the torso with stamping lefts and rights, clouting that pretty face to the side as Perabo breaks down. Shutout Neve--Perabo’s face a hurting patina as she slumps in her corner.

R6: Give her this--Piper’s still swinging--she scores a flagrant looping right cross that slaps Neve’s face to the side--Campbell grimly walking through it as Perabo’s arm punching now. Neve hooking off the jab, fights off Perabo’s chest--in close it’s no contest. Piper struggling with a strong brunette in her trunks, getting muscled into the ropes then battered. Pipe’s defense porous, she often holds her hands together in front of her and leans away from her guard, allowing Neve to put clubbing punches together.

R7: Pipes out swinging again--Neve taking a minute to make her read, then it’s a high block, single hard right hand in the teeth and Perabo’s legs give way like a pair of slinkies. Perabo hanging off Neve like a used lover who can’t take a hint--Neve bulling her to the ropes crams in the leather to the belly, folding blonde up, bringing her guard down, then belting away on that sleepy face at the bell. Some ar ringside scream for this one to be stopped as Perabo wanders dreamily away at the bell, looking for her corner.

R8: Again, Piper Perabo comes out with looping offense, again Neve is patient, backing away, not walking into anything. As Perabo stumbles forward, Neve shoots her left to block, bends into the right hand--Perabo s right there for the punch as she has been all night. Campbell riding her left bicep on Piper’s shoulder, subtly pulls the blonde forward, clanging in right hands as she steps back then steps away as Piper goes out on her feet, Campbell with a a matador move to her right--Perabo pitching forward to her hands and knees and the ref waves this off. Piper sick on all fours, bashed mouth pouting open, she’s just staring at the canvas as Campbell struts around the fallen blonde. KO8 Campbell.

After: Harsh introduction for Piper as Neve put a workmanlike beating on the young blonde. Slight swelling under Campbell’s left eye evidence that piper’s determined right hands weren’t entirely ineffective, but the one-note offense really buried the kid tonight. Nice outing for Campbell effectively promotes her to the second tier--there’s a substantial gulf between her now and broad newcomer like Perabo.

Reposted by Archer 7/17/10.

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