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1 Janaury 2001 Cameron Diaz vs Mariah Carey

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Posted by Simguy on 1/1/2001, 7:09 pm.

Before: Diaz neatly getting Mariah into a boxing match rather than a proposed free for all apartment struggle that seemed to favour the singer’s ferocious reputation. Diaz the classier technician with the mitts, but Carey’s wildness always a potential problem for cuteys--Cameron likes to fight with her hands low, trusting her legs to get her out of range--Mariah’s looping punches could be a nasty surprise in this one. Leopard print bikini from “Rolling Stone” shoot for Carey. Gold spangly Angels bikini--Carey bouncing up and down in her corner before the bell clearly anxious to get it on.

R1: Diaz putting on a clinic at using a girl’s anger against her. First, she times Carey coming in with a diving right hand on the nose--Mariah’s legs stiffened up as her eyes fill up with water and Diaz goes to work. Carey desperately hurt, responds by winging punches--Cameron able to dart in and out, easily slashing at the blonde’s face with low slung lefts and rights, licking her fists across Carey’s mug, then dancing away, turning her girl around the ring. Heartless accuracy--Diaz leaning in, letting her hands go from her front foot, then sliding away from the weak, wind milling blows from Carey. By the end--Mariah all busted up, trembling badly from the hips down--Diaz can’t wipe that famous grin off her pretty face.

R2: Carey showing her well deserved tough girl reputation, coming out of the carjacking first with dukes up, eyes alert and she grazes Diaz early with a looping right roundhouse as the blonde backs straight up. But Carey’s legs are still rocky--Cameron slowly exerts control, drawing Mariah forward with hert skipping, hounding footwork, then stopping, slicing and dicing with both hands low, palms to the ceiling, fights brilliantly in reverse, walking Carey into bashing straight lefts and rights on the mouth that put the singer wobbly butt at the bell. Mariah’s face a pulverized ruin after only 2--chest dappled with nose cocktail--Diaz having fun touching her up.

R3:  Getting ridiculous. Diaz backpedaling in good order, hands low, timing Mariah neat and picking up her face with licking combinations as she hits and runs. Mariah badly hurt, stumbles through it all, crossing her arms, taking punches, then plowing forward again, looking for one right hand to end it. Final minute, Diaz in a loose, jangly rhythm, bounces a short straight right hand off the nose, twists her body into a slapping left hook on the eye, then covers up, bends at the waist and melts away as Carey swats air. Mariah stupefied as Diaz just isn’t pouring on punches in buckets--she’s setting down and ripping at Mariah with a vengeance. Carey nearly falling to hjer knees as she waits for herr stool at the break.

R4: More one-way punishment--Diaz dancing, pecking and tormenting a brutalized Marag Carey as the limited slugger continues to stumble forward, using her face and tender breaks to block Cameron’s combinations. Carey just can’t defend herself, hands drooping to her stomach, stooping forward on shaky legs. Diaz having an absolute field day, sliding back flat footed, poking a lead right into a bulging jug, cranking the left hook on the teeth, dipping low under Mariah’s sweeping right, and countering with the fall-away hook. Back and forth across the ring--Diaz dancing when she wants, punching when she wants and Carey is gobbling everything that comes her way. Diaz is still laughing it up after 4 horrifying one-sided rounds, but Carey’s taking all of Cameron’s best shots and still coming forward.

R5: Another shutout for Cameron Diaz--her fourth in five rounds. Cameron just dabbing her fists into Mariah’s face, cracking the girl’s head back, stepping to the side and taking the breasts with sideways slashing lefts or rights. Crowd groaning as Diaz turns, stops, pokes 3 or 4 quick lefts and rights into Mariah’s battered face, then steps away with loose limbed arrogance, Diaz with her hands low, easily dancing out of range, circling to keep Mariah’s  bewildered feet moving--it is a tragic, tragic beating. Carey defiant after 5,  mocking Cameron’s punching power through cracked lips, but she’s all but packed up at this point/

R6: Diaz out all business this round, eyes like ice-chips as she circles flat footed, setting down on drilling straight right hands, clipping hooks  wide to the jaw, Mariah Carey walks through horrific punishment--eyes swelling shut, hands responding randomly to punches that aren’t there--she’s a fun house caricature if the streetwise blonde who began the bout. Midway through, Diaz finally breaks Carey down with a batting 3 hook combination on the ear, sending the singer wobbling sideways to the ropes. Diaz pawing with the jaw, then slicing her right hand to the eye--Carey’s head begins swivel and Cameron opens up. Diaz licking lefts and rights up and down across the face, connecting with the sides of her hands as well as fists--Carey slumping against the ropes, goes out on her feet. Ref FINALLY stops the carnage only when Mariah is utterly defenceless. TKO6 Cameron  Diaz.

After: OH. THE. HUMANITY! Gamble turns into money in the bank for Diaz--MIND BOGGLING dominance shown over a fighter who gave every indication of being a stupid choicer for Cameron. Carey still in this fight after 3 rugged rounds saw her face reduced to hamburger, but as the power shots and combinations continued unabated she began to unravel. Fighting on pride alone in the 4th and 5th--a shellshocked Mariah Carey simply went out on her shield in the sixth as Diaz’ skills dazzled on the night. Cameron making the most out of the unexpected triumph--it’s the best she’s looked in years--you better believe she takes a battered Mariah carey for a meandering, stumbling, agonizing walk of shame.

(Sim Guy note: I know what you’re thinking--if you were reading my comments on kim and Ginny’s board, you know I predicted Cameron big, but believe me--I didn’t see it this big. 17 of 18 minutes--dice rolls if you will--went to Diaz in this fight--unheard of. And power punches landed each and every round--yikes. Hopefully Carey will fare better on the carpet).

Reposted by Archer 7/10/10.

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