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1 July 2010 Kim Kardashian vs Kendra Wilkinson

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JMD at the Beach




Posted by simguy on 7/1/2010, 6:59 pm


BEFORE: "I'm a natural," Kendra shrugs in prefight, "the perfect punching machine. I know Jess Simpson used to say that, but that was all hooey in her case: I'm the real deal. I hit so hard for my size, girls can't believe it - and Kim's just not going to be able to handle my power. I'll destroy her, then show her what world-class jug is all about!" Kardashian sputtering - she's been in with some nervy blondes before, but Kendra's sass is unspeakable. "I had Britney THIS CLOSE to going out," Kim says, illustrating with thumb and forefinger almost touching. "Kendra can't even comprehend how hard that is to do. I'm almost embarrassed to be seen with her, but I promise, I will take care of her business and clean her up ASAP!" Kim in peach bikini; white gloves; long glossy black hair loose. Kendra in green bikini with little orange belt; black gloves; hair back in messy beach bun. Open air beach fight in Southern California...ring posts set up directly on sand - bleachers on the landward side.

During R1: Girls swish-to in sand - snarling Kendra greets Kim via swinging right thick above left hip - blonde's elbow out to the side as she jams in leather. Kimmie baring teeth, shoving right to toned blonde paunch - the both girls turn bawdy hooks across heaving bosoms. Double fa-bump has jiggly brawlers startled, but in they go again: each shifting weight to left leg and sweepin in hook-to-jug. Wilkinson stumbles back aghast: Kim's outhitting her! Kardashian stepping in another hook to rack - then turning over a jamming right to face, backside shuddering back and forth as she plants-and-delivers. Kendra well-smote...staggering into ropes by her right side - right arm along top strand for balance as Kimmie charges in: Kardashian enjoys a moment swinging wide lefts to Kendra's tummy/tits; slamming rights to buns/back. Sloppiness when squealing Kendra turns into Kim, tackles her into sand - girls shrieking and scrambling until ref hauls 'em up. Random bumper-car slugging from there - Kendra generally sorting Kim out with more compact delivery, beating brunette to winging lefts and rights. Kardashian's early moments shine brightest in a tempestuous first.

R2: Random swinging - girls frequently spun round by the action, showing their backs to the opponent while trying to disengage. Simultaneous punching leads to buffing and pushing as girls stamp in sand for forward momentum - pretty sloppy. Kim doing some nice holding and hitting - wrapping her left around Kendra's back to fit blonde belly and breasts for shoving rights. Not pretty, but it's enough to give Kardashian crude points.

R3: Wilkinson showing signs of sturdiness - standing her ground, right hand at cheek as she muscles in hard jabs to rack - following up the hook thereafter. Kim whining as she's punched about: she's breathing hard, not getting off as much as Kendra starts sorting brunette out. Kendra launching some bruising straight right hands - Kimmie blocking with the high guard, but still punched-off stance as blonde gets her body into 'em.

R4: Sloppiness early as Kim tackles Kendra into sand, rolls atop her, attempts to slug-body until ref pulls her off. Early random mayhem slowly replaced by thudding insistence of Kendra's jamming jabs/muscular hooks - she's really getting into Kim's rack, backing her up. Down the stretch - jolting right finds Kim's chin, turning her 90 degrees to her right, putting her wobbly butt: Kendra charges in, wraps up, stampedes Kim to ropes. Kim doubled over - right side pressed to ropes; Kendra riding left forearm atop brunette back to keep her pinned down, then PLOWING in rights to presented left flank. Poor Kimmie sobbing - just standing there sponging it up - ref finally pushes Kendra back, but blonde girl's ALL revved up! Kardashian blubbering, sagging butt-in-ropes: KENDRA WANTS RACK! Wilkinson pinning her ears back, chugging up into Kim with rising lefts and rights - little blonde standing up in the stirrups, hup-hup-hupping in the hurt. Complete collapse, Kimmie K: she's loose on ropes, baring her throat - helpless under the onslaught until ref moves in to save her. KO4 in rambunctious fashion, Kendra Wilkinson.

After: Kardashian blubbering, sulking: Kendra glowing - taking time out to stick her tongue out at a fuming Jessica Simpson ringside; wave to paparrazi; carry on like a little JMD diva. Eventually, Kendra makes her way back to Kim - blonde girl all grins, chatting with associates in the ring. She's approaching from behind, reaching for Kim's hips and KARDASHIAN MAKES A BREAK FOR IT! Kim crying/whining, pulling away and hustling through the ropes...she's fleeing down the beach, massive jugs sloshing side to side as she's wailing in fear. Kendra seething, follows suit - HER jugs sloshing side to side, tanned thighs rippling under the sun as she beats feet after her victim. Kardashian makes it about 50 yards down the beach until Kendra closes/drags her down. Momentary fumbling as Wilkinson works to wrestle a gibbering Kardashian onto her back - slapping her a few angry right hands to stun her.

Job of work from there...Kendra lowering her chest onto Kim's face...Kardashian writhing to her right - throwing her left arm out and across, forcing Kendra to throw HER left arm across Kim's throat and wrestle her back down. Kimmie wriggling side to side, delaying the inevitable, but Kendra eventually able to push down on Kim/wrap both arms behind Kardashian's head to cinch her in tight. Poor Kimmie! Crowd gathering on foot as bleachers empty, encircling prone battlers. Kendra smiling/panting - occasionally picking her head up to grin into the crowd as her jugs do the hard work of reducing Kim. Kardashian's hands palm at Kendra's ribs, trying to shunt her to one side or the other; Kim gulping her hips, trying to dislodge blonde until exhaustion sets in. Brunette slowly extinguished - growing slower and more sluggish in her movements.

Finally Kendra pushes up to sit on her haunches in Kim's stomach, hands on knees as she grins down. Kim's face shiny - damp black hair strewn out across sand - eyes closed, lips pursed prettily, hands up above her head. AND KENDRA STARTS GOING TO TOWN! Wilki making girly fists with thumbs out to the sides - elbows out wide as she starts in with methodical Irish washerwoman work on Kim's helpless jugs! Kardashian out, just lying there as her breasts jump and jostle about...K-dub just giving KK a little something to remember her by once Kim comes around!


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