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1 May 1999 Portia De Rossi vs Angie Harmon

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 01-May-1999 13:12;56

Before: At the Blue Horizon, talented Angie Harmon looks to get back on a roll against tall “Ally McBeal” blonde De Rossi. Harmon had begin her career touted as the next big thing--and promptly fell flat in tough bouts against more experienced celebs. De Rossi a slender, but strong legged boxer not expected to test Harmon this evening, but i9t’s a fight Harmon needs to win convincingly to get back on the big cards. White cotton jockeys for Angie, red for Portia.

During R1-3: De Rossi shows very little in these rounds as Harmon whups up on the blonde each and every round. The pairing does provide visual fireworks: long limbs lashing back and forth, hair flying, flashing eyes and snarling lips--but both girls are slappers and despite the high connect percentage, neither is as badly hurt as one would imagine. Standing and trading, Harmon eventually breaks Portia’s will in the exchanges, forcing the blonde to cover up, and the brunette is then able to stun de Rossi on occasion with big single shots.

R4: Portia’s best round begins as she thumbs Angie, then spends the first two minutes pounding back the brunette’s head with sharp one-twos up the middle, party ends in the third minute as Angie’s vision clears, and she dips her shoulder, comes up with a snapping left hook to put Portia on her butt in a heartbeat, Harmon steals a round meant for De Rossi, and this one looks like a blow out early.

R5: Portia comes back strong, proving the knockdown was a flash, and she continues to have good success with straight punching up the middle. Portia delivers punches with her thumbs to the ceiling, slicing at Harmon’s face and the brunette puffs up early. Midway through the round, Portia gets her hips in behind a slashing right to the face, drilling Angie’s head back and forcing the brunette to hold like an octopus for a break. De Rossi with the shutout as Angie wobbles back to her corner.

R6: Harmon’s corner wakes her up, points out the left hook, and she executes perfectly this round. Using her athleticism, Angie circles, flicking jabs and lead rights, and scores with that biting hook repeatedly to the head of De Rossi. Portia’s form begins to degrade and Harmon steps up the tempo, Stepping neatly back, Angie cracks Portia as the blonde stumbles forward, landing the swatting left uppercut and clubbing left hooks in series until De Rossi tumbles to the her hands and knees. Portia quits on the floor--Angie the Ko winner in six.

After: Harmon brings out the punk in Portia as the blonde gives it up to the brunette after Angie took that huge shot in the 5th and refused to go down. Portia has potential, but she’s a work in progress.

Reposted by Archer 8/11/10.

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