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24 May 1999 Mariah Carey vs Vicky Pratt

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Posted by Simguy on Monday, 24-May-1999 13:25:50

Before: Interesting crossover bout pit’s the loose limbed brawling style of Carey against the more compact bulldozing of Pratt,. Pratt one of the rawer fitness gals, but could punch you in the big toe and hurt your whole body. Defense suspect with both women--over under for this bout is 3 rounds. Pratt is  red cotton midthigh shorts, white stripe, matching short sleeves top, zipper, bare midriff. Carey in red adidas terrycloth trunks, black jog bra.

R1: OH MARIAH!!! Carey leads off with a Hail Mary bomb, bringing the right hand from behind her hip to flatten Pratt’s head against one burly shoulder. Vicky soaks it up, but is in dreamland, hands at her chest, mouth open as Carey piles it on. Mariah can’t wipe the smile off her face as a cut opens over Vicky’s left eye, and the brunette puts her left forearm on the blonde’s chest, steadying Pratt for a series of clouting rights to the jaw. All Mariah for most of the round as she batters Vicky’s face black and blue, but can’t put the big blonde down. In the final minute, a shellshocked Pratt gets her fists moving, burying her face in Carey’s chest and tepidly pawing at the brunette’s gut to the bell.

R2: Pratt is right THERE for Carey’s right hands, and Mariah is able to step and swing, lighting up the side of Vicky’s head like a Christmas tree. Pratt’s guard is low, letting her chin do its job, and she responds late once again with short shots to the tummy. Carey much busier, throwing harder shots--Pratt just seems lethargic.

R3: Vicky picks up the pace this round, still eating right hands, but getting inside and tanning Carey with smacking one twos to the body.

R4: Sloppy, foul filled round as Mariah pushes the shorter blonde’s head down, causing both women to tumble to the canvas, Carey holding and hitting, rubbing her forehead against Pratt’s swollen eyes, and doing everything she can to make the blonde miserable. Ion the final minute, Carey cuts out the B.S., steps back for some punching room, and plows in that wide right hand to put a major wobble in Pratt’s trunks. Vicky just taking too many punches, seems punch drunk and unable to respond.

R5: AGAIN, Carey finds Pratt’s chin and cheeks with the right hand--it’s almost as though Vicky can’t see it en route. Mariah has her way, often simply standing in front of Pratt, forearm on the blonde’s chest, clubbing away with right hands with no receipt from
Vicky until the very end.

R6,7: Mariah’s legs start to look shot as Vicky puts some mileage on the brunettes body these rounds, Pratt with her head on Mariah’s shoulder, rotates her shoulders, churning little lefts and rights into the hips and waist of the brunette, buckling Mariah’s legs many times in the 7th. Plucky singer hangs on and clinches most of that round.

R8: Vicky beginning to show the fitness difference, moving forward, now walking through Mariah’s hopeful right hands to pound with authority to the singer’s ribs. Three r9unds in a row for Vicky as Carey looks exhausted.

R9: Mariah shoots her bolt, throwing wide, looping right hands that land, but no longer with the kind of shelling intensity they once did. Vicky lets Carey steal a late round however, simply by not punching back.

R10: All Vicky as she hems Mariah into a corner and slugs ponderously at the tummy and head. Carey’s legs tremble the entire round as she sits on the turnbuckle, threatening to go down, but she lasts the round and goes the distance. The fight is scored a draw, and Mariah Carey thrusts her fists in the air with some vindication.

After: Pratt’s shortcomings were very apparent in this bout. Instead of letting her hands go, she literally posed for ringside cameras looking for front page shots of a blonde taking a haymaker on her chin. Gutsy, gutsy performance from outgunned Mariah, who made up her mind to hit Pratt early and often, and was rewarded for her ferocity as Vicky never totally recovered from the early bombs.

Reposted by Archer 8/16/10.

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