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18 June 1999 Holly Marie Combs vs Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 18-Jun-1999 23:21:30

Before Dreyfus the big girl in this contest as Combs one of the smallest active celebrities ever. Weigh in is full of one-up woman ship as Dreyfus sticks her nose in while Holly stands on the scale, makes catty comments and tempers flare. Both girls are action fighters and pundits anticipate high work rate and a competitive bout. Combs with straight brown hair, grey t-back cotton jog bra and blue cotton/lycra stretch pants to the knee. Dreyfus with the shoulder length, dark brown curls, red U back jog bra, black cotton lycra stretch pants to the knee. Very small gloves for both women.

During R1: Neither girl disappointments as a new punch stat record is set for most punches thrown in a round. Jabs are outlawed in this furious toe to toe battle, and Julia quickly takes the lead, pounding Combs to the ropes with short lefts and rights. Once on the ropes, Holly digs in, and a vicious tit for tat struggles ensues. The girls tumble along the ropes from corner to corner, punching continuously, and eagerly taking a blow to land one. No rhyme or reason as the girls simply twist into as many punches as they can, landing a relatively low percentage, but each scoring impressively enough to hurt each other on several occasions. Dreyfus takes the round and punching continues past the bell, prompting referee intervention.

R2: Second verse, same as the first. The girls jum,p to center ring and begin banging, foreheads maybe 6 inches apart, Early in the round, Julia’s short left hook stuns Holly, and Combs stops punching, allowing Dreyfus to issue a one-sided drubbing in the first minute. Once again, Holly gets tough with her back to the ropes, and slugs back hard with both hands to the waist and tummy of Dreyfus to force Julia to clinch. Julia using her size, bundles Holly into the corner with a bear hung, and slogs away head on shoulder to the bell, grinding out another round by a slim margin.

R3: A pattern begins to develop: Holly is willing, but Julia is just a little tougher, bigger and hit’s a little harder--the toe to toe game plan is chewing Combs up faster than it is Dreyfus. Julia now reaching underneath Combs arms to clinch and heave the smaller brunette into the corners, holding and hitting, and slowly turning the even contest into lengthy muggings until referee intervention. Once again, punching continues fast and furious after the bell as the bout is clearly better at this point.

R4: Combs comes out strong, going cheek to cheek and jerking solid left hooks to the body of Julia to put Dreyfus against the ropes. Holly controls Julia throughout, using her shoulder and head to pin Dreyfus to the ropes, and pounding away downstairs with both hands. Warned for low blows, Holly keeps up the pressure to take her first round.

R5: Dreyfus responds well, intent upon braking the will of the feisty Combs. Tough body shots visibly slow Combs this round as Julia begins to take control, and in the corner, Dreyfus starts to load up. Holding Combs by the shoulder, Julia stuffs tight hands into the  brunette’s stomach as the bout strays from a boxing look to a beating at times. Combs shutout and beat up this round, looks a little windblown at the bell.

R6: Julia pours on the pressure, swarming Combs at center ring and beating her to the ropes with an avalanche of swirling lefts and rights. Julia tugs on Holly’s waistband to pull and push Combs into the corners, moving the brunette’s feet, keeping her off balance. Midway through the round, after a withering minute of nonstop shoving and punching a solid left hook on the button drops Combs for a count of 5. Shaken, Combs covers up , and take a merciless beating for the final minute. At the bell, a trembly-lipped Combs stumbles back to her corner, vut inexplicably in the middle of the forehead.

R7,8,9: Julia consolidates her control and turns this boxing match into a beat down, Slowing her work rate, Dreyfus is content to sling Combs into the ropes and corners by her waistband, body up on the smaller girl, and slug away with heavy single shots., Propping Holly with the left, Julia delights in stuffing right hands over and over into the girl’s tight solar plexus region, buckling Holly over as Combs seems unable to respond. Round after round, Holly becomes more and more discouraged, and is taking a meanspirited beating, Julia , a bitchy snarl on her lips, seems to enjoy dishing out the pounding just a little too much.

R10: Holly Marie Combs almost sits Julia down with a surprising left hook early, but pats the price for her insolence with a sustained punishing to the final bell. Julia cinches up and almost carries Combs to the corner, stuffing her in and pounding away at the slick waist and belly of the brunette, Julia is setting down in every punch, getting her backside and thighs into the leverage, and enjoying the sight of Combs hanging on to consciousness. At the final bell, Louis breaks into that cocky grin, tosses her hair, and struts out of Combs corner with fists raised. Unanimous decision victor: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

After: Combs just too little to slug toe to toe, took a disastrous beating in this brutal bout, Dreyfus able to get away with apartment boxing holding and hitting made this look at times like a stomach punching clinic--just because she could. Combs will have a better day--after all, it’d be hard to have a worse one.

Reposted by Archer 8/18/10.

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