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2 July 1999 Christie Brinkley vs Brooke Shields

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 2-Jul-1999 11:59:59

Before: This ain’t your father’s Christie Brinkley, Today’s model is big, well rounded mother of three who bears no resemblance to the ribby supermodel of years gone by. Not as mobile as she once was, Brinkley is stronger and takes a better punch in her old age. Brooke still favored, but it’s a riskier stay-busy fight than we are used to seeing from the Shields camp. Spaghetti strap baby blue tank top and cotton bottoms for Brinkley, red jockey two piece for Brooke.

During R1: Sentimental favourite Christie stands right in front of Brooke to open the  this round, The girls rotate clockwise, jamming stiff jabs into one another’s jaws, stepping into beefy right crosses to one-another’s chests, and pulling back so as not to get caught with something big. Even slogging to the final minute when Christie bodies up, walks Brooke to the ropes and belts away at Shields’ tanned abs with looooong lefts and rights. Bell sounds, Brooke comes out of her shell, and Christie lights up the arena with that evergreen smile as the crowd welcomes her back.

R2: Big girls dance again, stepping around each other , measuring with the left, snapping of single hard right hands. Gloves bounce loudly off full shoulders and arms as both women employ the big girl tactic of punching the bicep of the opponent. Round ends again with Brinkley walking Brooke to the ropes and pounding the brunette into a defensive crouch. Christie pulls way beaming again, as Brooke goes back to her corner with a sullen expression.

R3: Clone round of the first two--both women having moments, keeping the fight at long range, potshot ting and avoiding the big power of the other woman. As ion the first two, it is Brinkley who comes on at the end, shoving Brooke into a corner and pounding away with methodical lefts and rights, using the shoulder well, and simply shutting Shields out in the final minute. Christie winning close rounds with good spurts at the end, can’t wipe the smile off her still girlish face.

R4: Brooke finally asserts herself this round, walking through Brinkley’s heavy jab, and setting up the blonde’s chest to work the body. Christie doesn’t like it as Brooke’s ponderous fists POUND loudly onto the meat, and Shields holds Christie’s hip with her left to anchor the blonde for gut wrenching right hands. Now Brinkley languishes on the ropes, guard high as Shields rams away downstairs, using the shoulder and forearm to set up George Foreman bombs with a deliberate pace.

R5: Girls come out cautiously this round, each having found new respect for the other. Reaching with left hands, jabs brush at lips, Brooke doubles up the jab, getting Christie to lean reflexively back, then BOOM! Shields steps into a straight right hand to the chin as Brinkley is leaning backwards. Christie’s head snaps back, and the blonde slowly topples to the jmat to crash onto her back, arms and legs splayed out in a picturesque star on the canvas. Crushing one punch KO for Brooke Shields who seems consumed with rage at the sight of the broken blonde. Standing over Christie, Brooke wants to pose, shoving the much shorter referee away. Corners flood the ring as Brooke actually looks to mount the unconscious Brinkley for a punch out session.

After: Wild scene sees Shields fined an undisclosed amount for the post-bout attack on Brinkley, insiders dismiss the histronics as a psyche job leading up to the Farrell rematch, but the power Shields showed in this fight stands on it’s own merits. It shapes up a classic boxer vs. puncher meeting, if the two sides can ever come to terms.

Reposted by Archer 8/21/10

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