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8 October 1999 Yamila Diaz vs Heather Stewart-Whyte

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 08-Oct-1999 22:41:48

Before: Bout sponsored by Victoria’s secret--generally purveyors of slap and tickle-like bouts, but Yamila getting a good look from serious players as a model with a future. Heather Stewart-Whyte a V.S. house fighter with the typical lanky-limbed should prove a decent test. White lace bra and panties for Heather, red for Yamila.

During R1: Awkward pushing and slapping of punches to open as neither girl looks like a boxer early when Whyte suddenly steps back and loops a wide left hand onto Yamila’s smooth chin. Diaz limbs go wonky as the punch shuts her down, and Whyte goes to work with swinging lefts and rights, scooping at Yamila’s jaw to back the brunette to the ropes. Yamila showing some class at the apron, sliding along the ropes, fending Whyte off with the short right uppercut to the solar plexus, but down the stretch, Heather swarms to pound out the points, Whyte with a saucy smile, flounce, and cat-walk turn, bounces back to her corner.

R2: heather lunging for Yamila’s inviting chin, but Diaz soaks up some stiff left/rights in good shapoe. Diaz still bouncing the right hand off Heather’s midsection, buckles Whyte’s legs midway through the round, and a scintillating 3 punch combination to the face catches Heather with her hands at her hips. Whyte’s head taken for a ride, and she sinks slowly to her knees with a dazed expression. Whyte shakes off the ref as her legs won’t respond, and Diaz struts away the KO winner in 2.

After: Impressive performance as Yamila puts Monzon-like power and precision together to stop the durable Whyte. Heather so pretty as she took her knee--still photos capturing her on the way down make the VS catalogue for the month. Diaz with her second strong performance against good, if not great comp.

Reposted by Archer on 8/23/10.

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