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23 July 1999 Donna D'errico vs Mimi Rogers

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 23-Jul-1999 22:56:57

Before: Classic battle of opposites as cagey, mean-spirited veteran Rogers tackles sweet Donna. Knock ion D’errico always the lack of killer instinct, but she’s the fitter woman in this fight, and if she can take Rogers into deep water, the former lifeguard could drown her foe. Rogers guaranteeing it won’t go the limit, spends a good deal of time in pre-fight trying to get into Donna’s head.

During R1: Rogers initiates a series of brawling exchanges to try to intimidate Donna, but the tactic fails over the first two thirds of the round as D’errico holds her own. Each rakes turns firing 2 and 3 punch combinations, and both score meaningful hooks and crosses I hot early action.. In the final minute, Rogers clinches, slowing the tempo, hitting the breaks, and using cheap savvy to steal the round.

R2: Rogers dips a shoulder, feinting D’errico out of position, and cracks the cute blonde with a short straight right to score a quick knockdown. Donna hurt, is up on wobbly legs at 8, and Rogers goes to work. Pounding the gut with one twos, Mimi chops around D’errico’s high guard with lefts and rights, always stepping to one side as she punches to get a nice angle on the hapless blonde. Midway through the round, a chopping right on the cheek sends D’errico to her knees for the second time, and Rogers finishes with good pressure inside to the bell for a dominating 10-7 stanza.

R3: Donna shows she came to fight, paying Rogers’ back with a crushing straight right of her own to start this round. Hurt, Mimi pushes her own right out, and is beaten to the punch over and over again as Donna drives the brunette to the ropes. Once there, the difference between the two women becomes evident: Donna has her woman hurt, but doesn’t force the issue, playing it safe behind a cautious jab, and firing single right hands at the body and head of Mimi, Shutout D’errico, but Rogers recovers during the break.

R4: Rogers lures Donna forward, holding her left low to draw right hands from the blonde, and countering viciously when D’errico complies, Sweet footwork from the veteran as she economically steps back from D’errico’s predictable right, then nails gher with the counter right left hook over and over to take the round.

R5: Hut check round for Rogers, who looks a little fatigued, breathing through her mouth, and not moving as well this round. The girls pat one another’s faces and breasts with lazy left jabs, then suddenly both lean into spearing right hands and DONNA GOES DOWN!! D’errico drilled to her hands and knees in a blinding exchange of right hands, is tragically hurt and practically out. Acting on her own, her legs bring Donna to her feet, and the ref allows the fight to continue. Rogers walks into the shattered blonde and takes her apart with short, precise lefts and rights, hammering Donna’s head from one side to the other until the blonde slides down the ropes to lie still upon her side. KO5 for a jubilant, and slightly relieved Mimi Rogers.

After: Although she won’t admit it, Rogers was desperately tired at the midway point, and the KO was likely a last gasp effort from the veteran to get the win. Another gutty effort D’errico who always seems to do just enough to lose.

Reposted by Archer 8/24/10.

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