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6 August 1999 Danielle Fishel vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on,Friday, 06-Aug-1999 08:59:03

Thanks to Fight Fan for this repost

Before: Dani's first bout on HBO pits her against the always dangerous and unpredictable Liu. Fight will go a long way to revealing where Fishel stands as she enters a fairly deep underdog on the books. Liu's mobility, and unorthodox angles will be good tests for Fishel, who has to this point been getting it down with sheer hustle. Both girls in cotton spandex aerobics 2 pieces, black for sleek ponytailed Liu, red for Dani.

During R1: Fishel stares at the ground as Liu bores into her with those panther's eyes of hers during the staredown, and Lucy comes out dictating the pace early. Two problems for Fishel emerge: One - she comes forward with her head as she cranks her punches, open for the Liu uppercut; Two - Lucy's side to side movement disrupts Dani's movement, and Fishel can't get set to punch. Dani's punch output drops precipitously as she tries to cut off the ring, while Liu wheels and deals, bringing an 'OOOH' out of the crowd as she rips that uppercut from her knees into Dani's face early. Skipping to the right, Lucy clips Dani under the chin with the twirling left hook, then suddenly reverses direction to turn over a right hand through Fishel's cheek, smashing the younger girl's head violently to one side. Though a little jiggly in the legs, Dani takes the punches well, and begins scoring late with her left hook, catching Liu as she leans back at the waist.

R2: Liu more economical now, hands at her knees, bending at the waist, simply stepping martial arts style around the opponent as Dani comes buzzing in with both fists churning. Liu seems to fall to the right, then explodes with that right uppercut between Dani's mitt, pounding the mouthguard 3 feet into the air as Fishel does the funky chicken. Lucy steps into the hurting brunette, gives her a shoulder, then a whipping left from the hip that swipes hard across Dani's cheek, spinning Fishel sideways and to her knees for an 8 count. Dani up, eyes clear, comes surging forward. Liu bends back from the overhand right, then sways in with a licking right from her hip, beating Dani's left hook and snapping Fishel's head straight back on her neck. Fishel stunned, bleeding from the nose doesn't seem to know how to handle being hurt, and she stumbles forward as Liu steps back. Lucy touches Dani's temple with a pawing right, then pounds a lashing left off Fishel's forehead and DANI GOES DOWN! Fishel can't beat the count, and lies groaning on her back as Lucy regards her with cool disdain. KO2 for Liu.

After: Party's over. Liu exposes new comer with her peculiar blend of power and agility. Dani soaked up tremendous punishment in this brief affair, but clearly needs to add some defense to go with her heart for the next step up. Fishel wildly popular with the fans, and HBO offers a 3 fight package despite the loss.

Sim Guy



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