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16 May 1999 Shannen Doherty vs Rose McGowan

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Posted by Simguy on, Sunday, 16-May-1999 12:52:23


Thanks to Fight Fan for this repost.


Before: McGowan, joining the ranks of the new British invasion faces off against Doherty in a sub110 bout. Doherty considered a crushing puncher at that weight, none the less struggled in camp to make it, and looks a little drawn during weigh in. Rose in red bikini top, black nylon shorts, Shannen in red 2 piece jockeys.

During R1: Rose a bob and weave type fighter, hands close to her chest or chin as she twists and bends at the waist. Shannen straight up, stalking, measuring with the left with the right cocked at chest height. Doherty reaches over Rose’s head with poking jabs, then unleashes a short right uppercut that skids off Rose’s forehead. McGowan momentarily frozen as Shannen reloads and comes over the top with the right to the temple, sweeping Rose to the canvas. McGowan on her back, eyelids fluttering, arms and legs churning pathetically, is counted out with over a minute left on the clock. Shannen too cool in her corner, seems blaze about the blow out.

After: Rose never got out of the starting blocks as the first taste of Doherty’s power proved overwhelming. Shannen happy to get the win, looks forward to moving back to bantam, calling out several names after the fight.

Sim Guy


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