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18 February 2001 Title Ch Charlize Theron vs Jennifer Lopez

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Posted by Simguy on 2/18/2001, 1:25 pm

Before Superfight at 126 pits arguably the two hottest young celebrities on the planet against one another--Theron issuing the challenge as a result of Lopez’s increasing popularity--Charlize deliberately looking to keep Jennifer in her place with a title beat down, Lopez just as eager to take over, repeatedly calling Theron a stick woman” and threatening to walk through the champ. Technically, Charlize holds the boxer’s edge in this match up--Lopez faced with the task of cutting off the ring and getting past the jab, but when she’s done it in the past, she has knocked Theron out--Charlize has to execute, keep this fight at long range. Charlize in white bikini, J Lo in black bikini, highlighted straight hair.

During R1: Theron out legging to the left, up on her toes--Jen bibbing, stepping forward looking to close, Theron backhanding the jab as she skips, suddenly reverses direction and BUSTS a hard straight hand off the left eye of Lopez--J LO IS HURT! Theron lashing it up, fists slicing up and across Lopez’s face in blurring combinations--Jennifer crossing her arms, staggering backwards is driven to the ropes. Theron LAYING on a beating--staying outside, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she pulls her fists across Jen’s face, stepping with the Latina as Lopez slides helplessly into the corner. Charlize finishes at the bell with a series of slicing straight right hands on that left eye, hammering open a cut and leaving Lopez dazed! Big 10-8 round without a knockdown for the champ who stomps back to her corner all fired up.

R2: Charlize back out on her toes, Lopez grimly coming forward. Theron hopping right, times Jen’s hook beautifully, dropping a slick counter right hand in over Lopez’s left shoulder AND LOPEZ IS DOWN! Caught perfectly, Jen stumbles to all fours, and is up quickly as the crowd roars. Theron going methodically to work--touching Jen up with the long jab as the blonde circles counterclockwise--anytime Lopez looks to hook, down shoots that straight right to bash against the ruined left eye. Heartless pinpoint, power boxing from Charlize Theron, another 10-8--Lopez’s smooth face awash as her corner goes desperately to work.

R3: MORE POWER FROM THERON! Lopez bobbing, trying to get inside, but she catches a whipping left uppercut on the teeth which squares the Latina’s feet up, then a slashing right hand on the face and the retreat is on. Arms crossed. Standing up straight and stepping right back, Lopez eats jolting straight lefts and rights as Theron hammers her across the ring.  Hitting the ropes, J.LO sets up for another beat down, bending sadly at the waist, trying to block punches--Charlize nimble outside, reaching down Jen’s body to welt the sides, swatting at the ears, then bodying her back into the ropes to rest. Time and again,, Lopez’s head torques violently up out of her crouch as Theron clouts that chin--it’s a vicious punching performance for Theron who just seems dialed in through 3. Another 10-8 without a knockdown as Charlize builds a cozy lead, sends Jennifer back to her corner on the verge of a stoppage yet AGAIN.

R4: Theron wheeling outsider, content to reach her jab into Jen’s midriff, or bounce it off Lopez’s sleepy, swollen face. Charlize landing a crisp hook and pivoting around it to keep Lopez turning and chasing. Jen landing some sweeping right hands to the waist, but unable to fight off Theron’s chest with any consistency as the blonde continues to dictate.

R5: Jen’s still in this fight, For the first time she cuts off the ring and has her moments--Theron covering up nice, keeping her elbows in, moving her head--but it’s Lopez getting off. Jen with heavy thwacking left/rights to the waist, gets her head under Charlie’s chin and slowly brawls Theron to the ropes. Theron with the odd pesky counter clip inside, but Jen takes the points in a hard working 5th--blood from her face pinking up Theron’s bikini top.

R6: Charlize back outside. Theron’s taken her shot at knocking Jen out, looking like she’s settling in too outclass Lopez the rest if the way. Wheeling left and right, spearing the jab to the face and belly, walking into that biting hook, then spinning away--Theron the boss this round. Lopez again with the odd single shot to the waist, but anything upstairs sweeps short as Charlize sees it coming, bends away easy.

R7: Another tactical round--Theron’s jab and movement making this a no contest. Savaged Lopez without the energy to really uptempo and fight her fight--Theron able to box, move and prey upon Lopez’s left hook, beating J.LO to the punch with her straight hand on the eye whenever Lopez wants to rumble.

R8:,9: Back to back shutouts--Charlize Theron piling on a humiliating beating against her shorter foe, obviously carrying Lopez and giving her just a little bit more rather than finishing. Theron will occasionally light Lopez up with a looping right uppercut or straight right hand down acro0ss the face, but Charlize will then just dance away, let Lopez’s legs absorb the shock, then it’s back to the jab, circular movement and constant punishment. Lopez ALL busted up, staggering forward, had snapping back routinely as Theron touches her every few seconds--it’s tragic stuff for the proud challenger.

R10: Charlize fighting with a smile, effortlessly bouncing her jab off J.Lo’s face, pivoting to an angle and helping herself to a breast with a short, curling right hand as Lopez stares into space. Jen avoids the shutout late as Theron accommodates her, pulling the shorter woman in close and letting Jen work downstairs--Charlize careful to pull down the back of Jen’s neck, keeping her chin well out of danger. At the bell, Charlize Theron goes chest to chest with Jen lifting her mitts and letting the battered Latina drink it in. Comes back a wide UD10 Charlize Theron.

After: Theron with ban I told You So smile, shows no mercy, taking her devastated opponent for a well deserved walk of shame. Jennifer beaten unrecognizable, sullen, as she is guided around the ring--Theron using the Kiana Tom playbook to expose Lopez’s flaws with near perfect execution. Early bombs really decided the fight--Jennifer too proud to be stopped, but she never full recovered from the horrendous punishment. Bad blow for Latina boxing as Theron takes out two of their best back to back.

Reposted by Archer 8.27/10.

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