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14 August 1999 Janet Jones vs Kristy Swanson

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 14-Aug-1999 10:10:14

Before: Tough bout to come back with after folding against Demi, but Jones not wanting ti slide back into obscurity with this second career still so promising. Swanson can bang with Jones, and can hurt her at any time, but most think Janet’ skills can be decisive if she stays focused, White aerobics two piece for Jones; Teal push up bikini for Kristy.

During 1-4: Girls trade shutouts, with Jones taking the first and third, Swanson the second and fourth in seesaw action early, When Jones dominates, she does it behind a jab, circling Kristy and making the slugger shift her feet. When Swanson dominated, she does it by banging Jones to the hips with right hands, and clubbing hooks to the arms of Jnet from a squared up stance.

R5: Toe to toe action as both girls rake the other with hard punches early, hut in the final minute, Jones catches Kristy a hard straight right to the mouth that has the big blonde stepping in fence post holes. Jones doesn’t let her off the hook, stepping around and digging to the flank with wide left hands to the bell.

R6: Jones gaining some separation now, outclassing Swanson with hand speed, movement. Banging the flanks if Kristy with both hands, Jones rips the right uppercut to the teeth as Swanson hunches forward, and Kristy takes a seat with a glazed look in her eyes. Swanson beats the count, stands, and is rocked straight back by a right ton the face. Jones all over Kristy to the bell, letting her hands go in blurring arcs as Swanson goes wobbly butt.

R7: Shutout Janet as she steps around Kristy, patiently exploring the blonde with jabs, and potshot ting right hands from a safe distance, Swanson looking punchy, holding her hands low, taking punches off her face with tragic regularity.

R8: Swanson with back to the wall effort this round, gets inside and buckles Jones’ knees with repeated right hands, thrown thumb up from the side with that short backswing. At times, this round looks like an apartment bout, with Jones cringing in Kristy’s arms, and Swanson digging rights to the midriff while holding Jones with the left. Jones soaks it up however, and Swanson looks shot at the bell.

R9,10: Jones posts a pair of shutouts, fighting safety first from the outside, knowing she can outbox Swanson the rest of the way. Kristy without much of an effort, is content to follow Jones around the ring, fielding punches off her breasts and face as Janet potshots away. Unanimous decision for Janet Jones.

After: Good win for Jones, who shows all her tools in this one, but pundits can’t help but wonder if the pre-Demi Jones wouldn’t have gone for the throat when Swanson seemed to cave. Kristy had her moments, but seems a cut below the best blondes in the business at this point.

Reposted by Archer 8/27/10.

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