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21 August 1999 Yasmine Bleeth  vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday. 21-Aug-1999 00:39:15

Before; no love lost between popular Baywatch alumnis--fight held at Wembley Stadium in front of a wildly pro-Gena Lee crowd, making Bleeth the decided visiting team. Yasmine the technician of the two, with a wider fighting repertoire, but she’s never taken Nolin’s punch well in the past, and Gena looks to score a  dramatic victory in front of her fans this evening. Gena Lee in yellow neon yellow thong bikini, Yasmine in black push up, neon orange thong bikini bottoms.

During R1: After the instructions, Nolin reaches to touch gloves and accidentally shoves her fists into Yasmine’s chest, prompting a nasty row before the opening bell,. During the fight proper, Bleeth anticipates Nolin’s right hands, ducking well underneath them, but Gena’s looping left hands from the side catch Yasmine unawares. Clouting connects on the jaw have Bleeth in a bad way by the final minute, and a crushing right uppercut across the face nearly flatten Yasmine. Bleeth a desperate fighter reaches for Gena’s waist. But the lanky blonde is able to slug around the brunettes arms to dig into her plushy body at the bell, Gena with laughing taints after the bell, clearly delighted to see Yasmine staggered early.

R2: Yasmine continues to try to crowd, this time with much more success. Nolin still missing over the top with the bright hand. Bleeth slows the action, trying to bring the contact down to where a few well-placed blows will be enough to carry the round. Nolin frustrated with brunette’s clinching and wrestling on the inside--Yasmine’s lower center of gravity and good leg strength allowing her to walk the taller blonde off balance.

R3: Gena with more free swinging offense, manages to clip Yasmine’s chin with scooping lefts and rights even as Bleeth crouches, Yas taking shots, counters with thick left hands across Gena’s toned midsection in brisk two-way action. Judges see it Nolin’s way, and she gives Yas a happy shove after the bell.

R4: Gena starting to let her hands go, leading with the right hand in slicing downhill trajectories, and looping the left to smack against Bleeth’s flank. Yasmine fighting with a crossed arm defense, bobbing her way inside. Midway through the round, with Gena lashing the shorter woman with flailing arm punches, Yasmine times a perfect left counter hook to pop loudly against Nolin’s chin. Gena hurt, legs suddenly spastic as she gropes for Bleeth to no avail. Yasmine with heartbreaking low blows, bends Nolin over and bangs left hooks to the face and jaw as Gena turns sideways, Nolin collapsing sideways to the ropes, is battered senseless as Yasmine pours it on with bludgeoning lefts and rights. Fight  is stopped with Gena slipping into dangerous territory, propped up against the ropes, unable to defend herself. TKO4 Yasmine Bleeth as she hammers Gena
Leer into submission.

After: Stunning stoppage for Bleeth re-establishes her reputation as a tough veteran who shouldn’t be underestimated. Making good on her first opportunity, Bleeth finished like a champ and never let Gena Lee recover. Nasty beating leaves Nolin in tears afterward, and rekindles a rivalry that had been dormant of late.

Reposted by Archer 8/30/10.

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