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22 April 2006 Title Ch Milla Jovovich vs Katherine Heigl

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Posted by simguy 4-22-06


Thanks to Ginny for this repost


KruZherS paying a reported 7 figure bonus to secure Jovovich's lightweight belt, only to fix her up with prohibitive favorite Katherine Heigl in the Ukrainian's first defense. Milla written off by pundits and fans alike: she's adamant that she will hold against Katherine. "Heigl's the fattest lightweight I've ever seen," Jovovich says of her stablemate. "Fat lightweights don't beat sleek ones. I'm helping myself to Katherine and retaining my belts - you'll see!" Heigl champing at the bit - her KO power and bulldozing strength seemingly irresistable coming in. "She's quick and very mobile," Kat says with a straight face, "there will be work to be done in cutting off the ring and getting after her. Do I think she's a sacrificial lamb? Certainly not - Milla battered Jessica Biel to take those belts, and she earned her bonus as a result - it's not like I'm buying a title here. Jovovich has to be tracked down and beaten - she's not just going to gift me those belts!" Milla in vibrant peach bikini - Heigl in beige crochet bikini.

During R1: Jovo jab-jab-jabbing - asserting quickness advantage over her foe at the onset. Quick clockwise stepping has Heigl turning, leaning onto her right foot, dukes up to help ward off jotting, dotting poke. Belly, tits and mouth - Jovo spritzing away, then stepping out, walking briskly to her right, forcing Heigl to adjust sights. Katherine sluggish, following Milla rather than cutting her off - Heigl too out of position to get off. Final minute, Jovo jabbing tummy and scooting out of range - she draws Heigl forward and NAILS her a vicious pull-counter right hand over a tentative Kathy jab. Katherine momentarily hopping hurt on the spot, covering her face awkwardly: Jovo salts away the round with a thick-pounding right/left/right against Heigl's firm paunch. Milla pumping her fist, playing the crowd: she shuts Katherine out, gets some respect in a tone-setting first.

R2: Heigl out dukes high, but leaning back as Jovo continues to machine gun jabs at the bigger woman. Milla making it count to the body - stooping and getting in there with stiff left mitts or stab-and-retract straight rights - Jovovich pivoting and circling away down low, underneath Heigl's late receipts. Milla investing in Katherine's tits as well - feinting Heigl then either stamping a straight right or rigid left jab to Kathy's fatty packets before scooting away: frustrated grimaces from Heigl as she trudges through it, continuing to try to impose size on Milla. Late the round, Milla startles Kathy thusly: lead right hand between the mitts; biting hook on the paunch off the front foot; biting right on paunch; hook up top as Heigl's opening up to deliver a right - Kathy sent staggering to her left wobbly butt at the bell.

R3: Milla aggressively attacking - constant thrusting jabs speared body and head; whistling right hands sliced chin or jug; ripping paunch work whenever Heigl covers up high. Katherine clearly bewildered - Jovo attacking up and down, coming from all points on the compass, then escaping round the flanks or withdrawing to open canvas - springy-legged brunette whittling away at her buxom foe with cossack tactics. Milla comfortable coming forward behind her jabs and combinations OR stepping back and walking Heigl into punches - either way, she's beating Heigl to hot contact. Katherine taking a good shot - but she IS getting stung and momentarily wobbled - Jovovich setting down on right hands and committing, gambling to hurt Heigl when opportunities present. Through three, it's Jovovich wide, silencing a largely pro-Heigl crowd: Kathy lumping up, looking frazzled on her stool.

R4: Jovovich SCORCHES Kath a slashing lead right on the jaw: while Heigl's covering up hurt - Jovo rips back underneath with that licking hook ripped to ribs. Jovo easy to her right, rocking foot to foot with a sailor's gait - she's smiling now, mugging at Heigl, licking her lips. Jovo making giant circles with her right arm...then jabbing Heigl smartly in her jugs, hopping out of range with a maddening grin. Jovo luring Katherine to ropes, juking left and right, then spinning 'round the big girl, putting Heigl face-first into the ropes and clapping a cheap palmful of full blonde backside. Little too much clowning from Milla over the last two minutes - Katherine's in disarray, there to be hit, but Jovo playing, taunting, making Heigl miss and embarrassing her rather than wearing her down with punches. Kathy drops another round, but she's gaining a little steam, starting to cut off the ring towards the end of the round, contacting Jovo with wide right hands in the shoulder.

R5: Heigl FINALLY unleashing that battering ram jab - shocking Jovo to the upperchest and badly disorganizing an increasingly cocky brunette. Jovo shunted to ropes - Heigl able to square away and bang the flanks with batting strokes before Milla can squirm out of there. Jovo's least aggressive round thus far sees her running shamelessly, drawing some boos from the crowd. Heigl patiently stepping her girl down, finding her with jabs and looking to cash in to body: it's a fight-winning recipe if Katherine can execute it over the balance of the fight.

R6: Jovo prowling to her right, pestering a backhand jab at Katherine, looking to time Heigl for shearing rights from the closed stance. Heigl encroaching cautiously - she's been hurt tonight and it's alarming to her: Team Heigl just assumed she'd be able to walk through Jovovich punching. Midway through, Milla tests Heigl's chin with yet another right hand blast, slicing in and down, pivoting away as Heigl's knees lock up yet again. Final minute, Jovovich jabs to Katherine's face, then sails into the waist right/left: Heigl soaks it, answers back a bludgeoning hook on the temple and JOVOVICH IS ROCKED! Clubbing clout high on the head enough to unhinge Ukrainian knees - Milla stumbling away in shock, trying to run the clock. Heigl grimly marching, but unable to close and consolidate - Milla creaky to her stool, shakily taking on water and ice as trainer rubs her thighs to revive numb legs.

R7: Lead right hand Jovovich, catching Heigl before she can cover up; biting left hook on the ear loosens up Heigl's guard, spilling her to her left; left hook on the chin and a sidestep as HEIGL CLATTERS TO ALL FOURS! Milla yelping for joy, beaming happily down at Heigl's wide white back: Katherine shaking her head in amazement, getting to rickety legs and breathing out through pursed lips as ref barks 8. Heigl hurt, tentative, she camps out at the ropes, lifting her mitts to temples and gritting her teeth: incredibly, Katherine yields initiative, inviting Jovovich to work her over. Big blonde absorbs a terrible beating, but behind her guard, she's able to ride it out butt-in-ropes. Milla working up a healthy sweat, nifty fists snatching quick underneath Heigl's elbows, sampling those ribs, clubbing the ears. Milla also stooping and jabbing hard left hands into the meat of Katherine's rounded thighs - charley horsing the bigger girl and drawing stern rebukes from the ref. Bell: Jovovich flushed with the exertion of one-sided romping; Katherine sullen, torso blotchy and bruised, tummy muscles quivering in protest at the memory of Milla's biting licks. Katherine sullen as she's lectured: "Milla's in your trunks, baby! You gotta move your hands - baby, you gotta put your hands on this girl!"

R8: Heigl discouraged, but sucking it up - she thumps out her best round behind a stamping jab to Jovo's upperchest. Milla can't stand against Katherine's crashing stick - brunette stepping away, trying to circle and pivot, but Heigl disruptive now, breaking down Milla's footwork and forcing her to ropes. Jovovich covering up face-in-gloves, bending forward and giving up her flanks - Heigl enjoying several thumping sequences, bashing away to lats, hips and arms. Milla issuing rare clinches - she doesn't want to be belly-to-belly with Katherine, but Heigl's giving her no choice.

R9: Milla on her bicycle, tasting a bit of Kathy's power last round and wanting no part of it. Jovovich circling, stepping forward in spots and releasing her fast hands in chopping combinations: Heigl covers up, walks through it, answers back heavy right hands to body, swiping left hooks up top. Jovovich drawing more warnings for jabbing at Katherine's thighs - just a stiff poke to quad, then scoot-step away to avoid the receipt - ref reminds Jovovich to "Keep 'em up!" Milla not looking to exchange - constantly bailing, circling - she forfeits the round to Heigl, calculating that time is running out on the bigger woman.

R10: Heigl's pursuit hampered by the attention paid to her thighs and hip flexors - she's wincing as she steps, visibly slowed by Jovovich's steppe-raider tactics. Milla slinking to either side, spritzing her jab, keeping Heigl at bay. Jovovich very unpredictable with her punching - Kathy never knows whether body, jugs or head will be struck - she's moving her hands, showing earmuff, showing crossed arm, reacting to every feint and twitch from Milla. Jovovich carries the round on the strength of a few well-chosen flurries - Heigl covering up and blocking most of it, but Milla's escaping before Kat can issue receipt. Goes the cards, comes back UD10 surprisingly wide for the winner and STILL lightweight champ - Milla Jovovich!

After: Stunning upset leaves Katherine hollow eyed, scuffed up and embarrassed - athletic European proving too nimble, too cunning to be cornered and smashed tonight. Milla flitting around Heigl in postfight, presenting belts and taunting Heigl with girlish glee - KruZher suits eventually move in with parental care, gently separating stablemates and coaxing an excited Jovovich to settle down. Classic speedy boxing offsets Heigl's crunching power - big blonde unable to impose her strength or size tonight, and significantly, she was HURT repeatedly over the first half of the fight: Milla able to bring enough sting to buy the breathing room she needed to fight her fight.

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