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23 June 2006 Cat Bell vs Katherine Heigl III

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Posted by simguy 6-23-06


Thanks to Ginny for this repost


Cat Bell icily focused on reversing three humbling verdicts meted out to her by Katherine Heigl: observers liken her focus as something approaching 'obsession' in its intensity. "Everyone knows what Heigl did to me last time out, when I was unable to defend myself," Bell says in frosty tones. "I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm over it, because I'm not. I'm not over the sight of those Krusher girls chortling and enjoying themselves at my expense. I'm not over Charlize 'saving' me after about 20 unanswered punches. If Heigl wanted war, she's got it. I'm through playing with this kid."
Buxom Katherine breezy, upbeat throughout - Charlize sunny-faced at her side: their relish at Bell's discomfort all too obvious. "Three and OH!" Heigl trumpets. "I'm pounding Cat out again and there's not a damn thing she can do about it. Nothing's changed: I'm still bigger, stronger and hotter, and when I connect on what's left of that china chin of hers, I'm gonna PARTY! Believe it!"

Bell smouldering during staredown in-ring: Heigl smirking, making playful eye-contact - perhaps nobody has ever rattled Bell's cage like this young blonde. Heigl in beige crochet bikini - Bell in electric blue bikini.

Rd 1: Heigl forward behind a high tight guard: right hand at her temple; thrusting left jab pounding in synch with her stepping. Bell stepping briskly right, feinting Katherine, stoop-jabbing her tummy, constantly sliding away from blonde receipts: Cat employing hit and run tactics early. Bell leading potshot right hands off the apron, nailing Heigl as she's walking in - Katherine marching through it, but she's getting pinpricked, touched up in the first.

Rd 2: Same again for Bell - clearly she's trying to stay on the move, give Heigl angles, potshot her right hands up top and look to work the body whacking right/lefts off the jab. Heigl still marching forward, hands high - she's being sternly poked, adroitly turned around the ring. Bell sacrificing some pop - Heigl able to walk through the work in good shape, but getting outclassed as Cat refuses to trade.

Rd 3: Bell circling counterclockwise, reaching a long jab stiff to Kat's face: Heigl's head banging back from poke, nose bloodied in early going. Cat mixing up her shots: long right hands sloped down into Heigl's breadbasket; lead rights up top; hooks to jaw or flank. Feints serving Bell well - she's managing Heigl beautifully through two minutes. Down the stretch, Kat finally cuts off the ring, jabbing Bell's upperchest to pin her at ropes; fierce exchange of pounding rights and lefts results as Bell is forced to brawl. CAT GETS HURT! Heigl baring her teeth, landing heavily to the chin and chest with bashing straight lefts and rights - Bell weakened, slumping into the ropes - she covers up and takes a WITHERING right roundhouse off her ribcage. Grimacing, Cat reaches in, ties up, relaxes back into the ropes to pull Heigl onto her chest in a tight clinch. Ref's break - Heigl's nostrils flaring - Bell scrambles away on rickety legs to run the clock. Heigl steals a strong Cat round with that thudding power, putting Bell wobbly-butt for the break.

Rd 4: Heigl marching: Cat changes tack, punching-with to regain Katherine's respect midring. Brutal trade in hooks and crosses slowly forces Heigl to cover up earmuff: Bell takes advantage with her lustiest bodypunching thus far - three gorgeous hooks, cranked up underneath as gasping Katherine soaks. Bell steps to the right; jabs at Heigl's mouth; jabs at Heigl's breasts; jabs at Heigl's mouth: Katherine steps back blinking. Cat feinting, then bringing a hesitation right over top: firm caroming blast off the forehead forces Heigl to cover up earmuff once again, giving away her ribs on the cheap. Bell steps it to the right - harrassing Heigl with the jab, steering her, then filching opportunistic rights and lefts - head and body - to the break.

Rd 5: Heigl refuses to get discouraged - batting her mitts as she rises from her stool and driving Cat to ropes with a full-body rush. Ref's break - Heigl stepping back in with a VERY stiff jab, driving Cat back into the ropes. Right hand smashes the Bell ribcage: big, fat roundhouse, landing like a bat on a mound of wet clay. Bell digging in, face pinched: she's hurt to the body, taking her worst beating of the fight thus far. Heigl brawny, smashing at Bell's slender arms, beating her flanks, shoving her upright with stiff shoulder-palming. Heigl set strong: jackhammer left jabs landing like stubby powershots; straight, short right hands pounding in between Cat's gloves, smashing Bell's face back with alarming force. Down to the body: Heigl dips and DIGS that hook home to liver, crippling Cat with a stifled cry behind her gloves; Heigl shifts her feet, palming Cat's shoulders, then ripping her another gorgeous right to the ribs, scraping along beneath the breastline. Bell grimacing, reaches to clinch: Heigl hooks chin short n' tight, right hand at her chin as she torques, stunning Cat on the spot. Another hook finds the mark: Cat's mouthpiece flutters off her teeth, her head suddenly limp on her neck. Another hook lands to open mouth: Cat's hands droop down, eyelashes fluttering. Smashing right hand pounds Cat's face to the side, draping her upright at the ropes, her hands down at her tummy. HOOK: Cat's head on a swivel - fans screaming with concern - Syren biting back tears and BELL GOES DOWN! Cat out before she hits the canvas - and she hits canvas like a felled oak, stretching out on her face, hands gathered beneath her. KO5 in cataclysmic fashion - Katherine Heigl.

Afterward: Heigl yelping with delight, hops around, drops to her knees and bulls deadweight Cat over onto her back. TE vixens leaping from their seats - Farrel, Dani, and Burton rushing the ring - BUT THEY'RE BOWLED OVER BY THERON’S FLYING CROSSBODY TACKLE! Charlize hurtling in like blonde lightning - long golden body horizontal as she leaves her feet to take all three TE lasses down: all four women momentarily stunned on the floor as distracted security seeks to secure the floor/outside apron area, leaving the ring to Heigl and her conquered Cat. Bell aswoon, face relaxed, arms outstretched on her back as Heigl straddle-mounts her waist, sitting heavily in the curve of brunette belly. Cat's jugs lie helpless, widened by gravity, awaiting Heigl's tender mercies. Katherine consumed with jug-lust, rising up on her knees as she braces herself with the left mitt against Cat's sternum: Heigl starts a-pounding world-class brunette rack - big, juicy repeat right hands. Down and across, down and across - Heigl just reaming away hard-working rights, getting 5 puppy-scrubbing beauts in before shifting weight to work repeat left hands while bracing with the right on Cat's ribs. Back and forth, back and forth: sweat beads up on Heigl's forehead and nose with the pulverizing effort. Leather put to jug as it has rarely been applied before: a truly historic humbling of a once-dominant rack. Bell's head flops to the right, brow frowning slightly, lips parting, body just shuddering with the pumping impacts! Outside the ring a wild donnybrook erupts - TE/Krushers/Security all entangled in one mindless romp. FINALLY, Heigl sits back on her haunches, hands on her knees - she blows a damp blonde curl out of her eyes and smiles a happy smile: sated at last with her flattened Cat.

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