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11 December 1999 Catherine Bell vs Charlize Theron III

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday. 11-Dec-1999 12:44:22


Theron the classier fighter, but Bell with the no nonsense, fundamentally sound style, should be competitive. Theron taking the charity fight on short notice, looks a few pounds puffier than her usual fighting weight. Cat still trying to shake the sparring partner label and she can do that with a good showing against a girl who has given her boxing beatings in the past. Bell in yellow conservative bikini, Theron in light blue string bikini - white gloves for both.


Rounds 1-2: Bell coming straight at Charlize, gloves high. She stabs the hard jab out and breaks Theron down in these rounds with punishing one twos up the middle. Posting a shutout in the second, Bell actually has Theron hurt from a clouting left hook on the jaw that has her stumbling slightly.


Round 3: Sluggish Charlize wakes up and stands toe to toe to trade - sweaty, short-haired skulls rubbing in close as both girls work wide to the body - but Bell once again the stronger, backs Theron up against the ropes and has the blond taking at the bell. After three, Bell has a nice lead, controlling the fight.


Round 4: Charlize gets her legs into the act, stepping left and dropping a short right hand onto Cat's teeth to put wobble in the brunette's trunks for the first time in the fight. Charlize follows up with pressure, batting at Bell's flanks with wide lefts and rights and shouldering the brunette back rather than accepting the clinch. Bell to bell beating for Cat as Theron mounts comeback.


Round 5: Charlize has found an opening and she exploits it early, jabbing with Bell, stepping left and just dropping that hard straight right from the shoulder onto the brunette's teeth. BELL IS HURT from that single punch, wobbles straight back and sits on her butt with a glazed expression. Theron smiles as she awaits the count. Cat up at eight, but Charlize on her with batting lefts and rights, working on the brunette's arms and body as Bell covers her face with her gloves.


Round 6: Brutal round as the girls just stand at center ring with right, lefts at their cheeks, trading slugging right hands to the body. Rotating in a tight circle, they get maximum leverage on clubbing right hand to the jaw or tummy. Neither woman wants out until the final minute when Charlize busts Cat up with a chopping double right hand on the jaw and finally forces the brunette to retreat. All Theron to the bell as she snaps off combinations while Bell slides along the ropes.

Round 7: All Theron as she harms Cat to the body with digging left uppercuts to the chest, then squares up to give the hurting brunette a beating. Charlize often palms up on Bell's shoulders to measure the brunette before snapping off a bruising left right, always stuffing that big left jab between Cat's mitts to those big jugs. Midway through the round, Charlize pulls Bell's hand away from her face just long enough to bomb a short right in on the brunette's teeth and Bell goes funky. Cat on the ropes, bravely refuses to go down but takes a fearful pummeling along the ropes as Charlize batters her to a neutral corner.


Round 8: Grueling slugfest continues as the girls lean in at center ring, exchanging clubbing blows to the body or swipes at the jaw at close range. Bell getting the better of the action as Charlize rests and Cat makes her fold forward after persistent digging left to her firm gut.


Round 9: Back to mouth on shoulder slogging - trading left hooks to the midriff while standing almost cheek to cheek. Midway through the round, Charlize lights Cat up with a gorgeous short right uppercut on the lips, banging back Cat's head and leaving her helpless for a sustained beating. Bell soaks it up however and in the final minute, after Charlize punches herself out, Cat comes on! Bell with a series of crunching right hands pounds Charlize left eye closed and has the blonde limp and helpless against the ropes. The round ends as CAT ROCKS CHARLIZE with clubbing rights on the teeth. The dazed blonde wanders to the wrong corner at the break.


Round 10: Bell storms out and pins Charlize in her own corner, feasting on blonde midriff with spanking lefts and rights until Charlize goes wobbly butt. Bell battering Theron senseless, but can't finish her and in the final minute it's Bell who is shot. Charlize, slack jawed, swollen faced, slugs her way out of her corner and has Bell backing away from clubbing lefts and rights to the shoulders and head. Theron punching right up to the bell, but her arms look weak and spent as she's just slapping at the exhausted brunette.


Decision comes back unanimous: All Bell in a huge upset that leaves Theron in shock at the announcement.

Cat crying tears of joy, taped hands at her lips as she revels in the moment. Charlize shaking her head, but she wasn't at her best, and maybe took the journey-woman a little lightly tonight. Experts point to the Jenna Jameson fight as perhaps being more significant than was first thought - a harbinger that a Theron let down might be right around the corner?

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