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24 March 2006 Catherine Zeta-Jones vs Jewel Kilcher

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Posted by simguy 3-24-06


Thanks to Ginny for this repost.


Jewel coaxed to lightweight for a chance at CZJ - blonde has no qualms about the pounds or her fearsome opponent. "I'm stronger than she is, so I don't care about the weight," Kilcher explains, "and as for her reputation - I've been in enough scraps with Catherine Zeta Jones to know what she's bringing." Bitter blonde/brunette rivalry on apartment carpet and in the boxing ring - Jones savouring the match up as she contemplates victory in prefight. "Using Jewel up - breaking her heart - is special to me," brunette admits. "There's something about her simpering demeanor that brings out the very best in me. I am intoxicated by her - I won't deny it - just thinking about beating her to her knees has me all tingly inside. Look! Goosepimples!" CZJ in red crimson bikini, twist tied top: Jewel in navy bandeau bikini, baby blue bordering, slick battle bun. White gloves, both vixens.

Rd 1: Jewel advancing cautiously behind her frame defence: right at her temple, left at her cheek - jab thrusting out and down from her shoulder, brought back to her hip then up to her cheek to reset. Jones stepping to her right, getting outside Jewel's jab, looking to shear a counter-right hand over top - that's getting blocked, but CZJ staying in on her left foot, hooks the tummy and POUNDS a right hand to trunks to bunch Jewel up a-groaning in opening moments. Kilcher struggling through it - jabbing Jones to chest and forcing her ropeside: blonde detonates a HUGE swinging right roundhouse to flank, shivering Jones to her toes and parting brunette lips in shock. Catherine back with a zesty right uppercut, trying to split the bars of the frame; back with a tart hook high on the head as Jewel burrows forward. Kilcher grinding with her tousle, bumping with her shoulders then chugging away to rack: short, kneading punches bunch up expensive British jugs as Catherine issues a breathy clinch. AND BITES JEWEL ON THE SHOULDER! Kilcher crying out, recoiling: Jones fiery-eyed as she chases after her distraught foe, clubbing Jewel a right hand on the left ear as Kilcher clatters back in disarray. Kilcher chased to ropes, covers up earmuff: Jones thumps trunks right/left, buckling her foe forward in agony. Hooks for Jewel's flank - tucked in snug behind the elbow; carving, tight left/right uppercuts skidding off blonde scalp; marauding jug-mug as Jones gets in there with shoulder-shrugging efficiency, just helping herself. Kilcher teary eyed, numb from the hips down: Jones ends the round with another succulent right/left square on the trunks, drawing a bark of pain from Jewel; wan warning from the ref. Catherine swishing angry-butt back to her corner, licking the taste of Jewel from cruel lips with a pink tongue.

Rd 2: Jones banging away tight, efficient one-twos up top while rotating counterclockwise: Jewel compensates by stepping over, dipping left and hooking hard, catching Catherine across her chin. Brunette knees knock, Catherine reaches to clinch: Jewel busts a right uppercut fat to jugs, then shoulder-butts her foe back to deny Jones the tie-up. Kilcher marching forward, head down, fists pumping amidships: Jones beaten ashen faced to ropes, frowning with hurt as blonde puts mitts on meat. Uppercuts back from Jones: smart punch - skidding little clippers scraping off Jewel's pate and face, picking her up. Hot two-way jug mugging, both girls hunkering forward and hup-hupping away to rack. Midway through, tasty exchange sees Jewel cash in another crunching hook on Catherine's jaw - brunette sags stunned in the ropes, eyelashes fluttering, but as Jewel loads up to swing away: spanky right/left on blonde trunks bunches her up. Breathless Catherine reaches for gasping Jewel, spinning her into the ropes and crowding her: Jones riding her left arm across Jewel's upperback to establish wrap, pumping away right hands to crotch, tummy and jug as poor Kilcher is slumped forward. Ref taking a close look, occasionally mumbling "Keep 'em up Catherine" - the guy's right THERE as Jewel shudders from one low blow or clean tummy bump after another - but he's just enjoying the show. Jewel packed up, beaten without mercy to the bell: ref finally moves in as Catherine helps herself to extra Jewel via that plugging right mitt.

Rd 3: Jewel stiff, achy, broke-down - she cringes towards Catherine, trying to find her with the jab: Jones dips right to slip blonde poke, answers back a sharp, snatching right/left on navy trunks, curling the mitts off Jewel's tenderest portions. Kilcher openly sobbing, crumpling forward: Catherine nudging in with her left shoulder - digging right/left to crotch and beltline - muscling Jewel to ropes. Kilcher helpless, thighs numb: Catherine POUNDS Alaskan jug just because it's there - heavy and defenceless as Jewel clinches up woozy 'round the shoulders. Catherine bumping, headbutting to keep hands free, then working downstairs - she's not opposed to working Jewel's paunch, so long as she can nip south of the beltline, tidying up between the hips. Jewel paralyzed, groaning, tight guard all loosened up: now she's there for ringing uppercuts as Catherine arches her back, carves 'em home. FINALLY ref moves in as crowd is screaming for him to do something - cradling Jewel to safety as Catherine's leaning in all flaring nostrils and smokey eyes. TKO3 in dreadful fashion, Catherine Zeta Jones.

After: Savage dismissal of Jewel one of the worst-officiated, most foul-filled bouts seen in years: Jones rewriting the Handbook of Heinous Acts on poor Jewel tonight. Gloves removed - Jones completing a preening post fight interview - she comes over to the Kilcher corner, smiling cat-like as achy blonde's still being tended to on her stool. Jones shoos away the attendants, heaves Jewel up: left hand behind Jewel's head, right hand taking her firmly back-of-the-trunks; Jones turns Jewel once-around, then gives her the bum's rush out of the ring - CZJ brushing her hands together in exaggerated fashion, beaming ear to ear.
Catherine jumps down off the apron, bouncing athletically, jugs a-jumping: she flips hair off her shoulders, hikes up her trunks, eyes sparkling. Jewel getting to her knees, then standing - blonde hair strewn across her face, lips parted. Catherine steps into a single hefty right to tummy, cramping Kilcher up with a puffing grunt. Still grinning, Catherine hops back up onto the apron, taking a seat, then reaching for Jewel from behind with arms and legs, gently drawing the blonde in. Apron abuse follows: Catherine's thighs snug above Jewel's hips; Catherine's rounded arms wrapped in sleeper-choke around Jewel's throat and head. Poor Kilcher reaching forward with her arms, swimming helplessly, writhing side to side, but she's held snug: Catherine just squeezing, having fun. Kilcher's soft blonde hair bowed out and smeared in Catherine's beefy grip; Kilcher's hands pushing down on CAtherine's pale thighs or reaching up and back, trying to pull Catherine's hair.

In stages, Jewel is turned face-in - so Catherine can apply a breast smother while keeping Kilcher trapped between hard thighs. Agonizing stuff as Jewel struggles, reaching her left hand up to Catherine's shoulder - Jones with her left arm around back of Jewel's neck, holding blonde cheek close to British breast - brunette sensually trying to pull Jewel's wrist away, straining to pull Kilcher's face tight to heaving brunette bosom. Sweaty heads in tight together as they push and wriggle, the girls clutching and muscling each other. Doomed effort for Jewel - impossible position for her standing on the floor, trapped in scissor and worn down by constant gripping pressure up top - she finally succumbs, body growing still as Catherine snuggles home the jugs, finally clamping on the reverse sleeper with both arms tight about damp blonde skull. Jewel limp, her hands semi-consciously reaching for Catherine's bottom, cupping the hips as British legs and arms pour on the punishment. Jones grinning hard, hair in her face and mouth as she cinches up on Jewel's head, making sure the seal is tight. Jewel’s hands slip off Catherine’s arse; arms go drape as they limp over tightly knotted thighs.

Finally, far too late, ring officials respond to the code red - moving in from either side and pulling at Catherine's hardened thighs, trying to persuade her to release her foe. Jones snarling, just tightens up - putting it to deadweight Jewel until Catherine's had enough and not one second sooner. She reluctantly opens her legs, spreading wide, letting Jewel’s limp body slither down until her chin comes to rest on the ring apron between Catherine’s sweaty thighs. Jones grabs a fistful of disheveled, sweaty blond hair and holds Jewel with her nose pressed to the crease in Catherine’s satin crotch. Then with the casual air of someone tossing aside a used tissue, she raises her arm and topples Jewel over on her back where she lays, spread-eagled and unconscious at Catherine’s feet!

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