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16 September 1999 Kelly Packard vs Shania Twain

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 16-Sep-1999, 08:20:40

Before: Battle for the Fox Sub 110 belt features two of the bet pure boxers in the business. Shania perhaps quicker, her staccato movements contrasting with the more fluid Packard whose instincts and timing make up for any deficiency in speed. Pick’em bout--Shania with the momentum coming in. Packard in mauve athletic bikini, Shania in red athletic bikini.

During R1: Shania crosses Packard up, going to the blonde’s body with ripping left hooks, and slowly graduating to the blonde’s elusive head, in the final minute, Shania bangs a double left hook to the ribs, right hand on the chin combination that has Packard holding on at the bell.

R2: Shania continues the hit parade, apparently unaware that she’s in there with the best defensive boxer in the biz. Twai chopping at Packard’s delicate face with snapping right hands, banging double left hooks, has Kelly hurt from the opening moments. Kelly breaching forward, is minced as Shania puts together sizzling combinations while stepping back, Midway through the round, a walk away left hook has Kelly stunned, and Shania splits open the blonde’s eyebrow with a curling overhand right  that snaps Kelly’s head back. Shania finishing up Kelly with clocking lefts and rights as Packard slips into a stupor at the bell.

R3: Kelly’s had enough and gets her legs into the bout, slowing the tempo of the fight and making Shania react. Packard controlling the brunette with the jab, cross routine, bending low on the follow through with the right hand, bobbing to make Shania miss. In the final minute, classic Packard as she scorches Twain’s mouth with the straight right, bobs underneath Shania’s quick right hand, and comes back up with a lashing left hook on the jaw to spin twain sideways.

R4: Kelly back on top with the jab, bouncing on her toes, right hand flaring out to the side as she fences. But midway through the round, Shania steps inside low, getting underneath the Packard jab, and rings the blonde up with that sweet left hook. Packard dumped on her butt, looks forlorn as she struggles to beat the count, and Shania works the blonde over at the bell with banging lefts and rights to the body and guard.

R5: Shania resumes control with her jab, putting on Kelly with nimble footwork, Tactical round--Packard’s face lumping up from Twain’s power punches earlier.

R6: Kelly controlling a round. She’s still adept at making Shania miss, sweeping her head in close and low, forcing Twain to shorten up her strokes and leaving her susceptible to counters. Packard landing a wide left hook on Shania’s jaw as shge finds the range this round.

R7: All Kelly early as she is able to step in and oput on Shania this round, finally winning the battle for position with her feet. Packard slapping Tain around with chopping overhand rights, rising open palm lefts, seems to have Twain all wrapped up, but in the final minute, Shania able to land that walk away hook to the temple has Packard on Funky Street.  Kelly stumbling to the ropes, gloves at her lips as Shania walks her down and puts leather on meat to the bell, ripping combinations to the body and head buffet Packard from one foot to the other as she is busted up and beaten down at the break--allowing Shania to steal a round.

R8: Shania keeping up the pressure, steps into Kelly’s playhouse and beats he blonde short side to side lefts and rights. Twain keeping her arms in, twists into the punches with her torso, thumbs up, sweeping across Packard’s breasts and mouth with shoe-shining action o polish off another round.

R9: Bitter toe to toe infighting as Kelly realizes it’s all slipping away. Packard slugging underhanded to Shania’s gut, uses the shoulder I between punches to lever Twain back. Shania churning her fists to answer back--Packard takes it down the stretch with looping hooks and uppercuts banging Twain to the ropes.

R10: Shania overcomes Kelly’s jab, countering viciously with the right over the top, to cruise the rest of the way, stalking Kelly, banging her head with authoritative right hands, and stepping back from trouble. Packard with one eye closed, lips cracked, face swollen, looks as bas as she ever has, and meekly gives away the final round as Twain rolls. Unanimous Duke Shania Twain gives her the belt, and a stunning victory over long time straw weight champ Kelly P.

After: twain earning the prestigious Fox belt, beating one of the classiest boxers out there in the process. Twain stepped up and boxed when she had to, but she really power punched her way to victory in this one,. Hurting Kelly from the get go, Twain was never afraid to load up and let loose, banging Packard with savage blows in the first and second, knocking the champ down in the 4th, and hammering her once again in the 7th. Packard clearly stunned by the hard hitting style--not used to get hit clean in the face, and she never really got into her groove as a result. Old adage fight a boxer applies--Twain showing good versatility in doing just that.

Reposted by Archer 9/18/10.

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