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1 September 2001 Jennie Garth vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 9/1/2001, 10:13 am.

Before: Mish coming off the best camp of her life--”She beat my abs so hard in sparring,” quips Dani in an interview, “I had to ask for a raise!” Still, bettors and pundits alike are reluctant to make Michelle an even money proposition against the very seasoned boxer/puncher Jennie G. “Garth has made a career of snacking on Michelle Williamses,” notes one Fox executive associated with the rose of Garth at the network, “she’s going to turn this kid inside out.”: Michelle in red push up, white bikini bottoms, Jennie in Auvergne velvet bra and panties.

During R1: Mish backing Jennie up with on assault early, but midway through, Garth lands a walk away hook, then scores a scrumptious digging left to the liver as Williams blunders in and MISH IS HURT! Disastrous opening sees Williams stagger into fence post holes--Garth shouldering the wounded blonde off balance, then stepping in to beat body with gusto, round to Jennie G--she’s beaming at the bell.

R2; Mish digs in, fighting hurt--Garth, emboldened by her early success continues to fight big, shouldering Mish and shooting right hands, always trying to finish up with a left hand on that right side somewhere. Mouth on shoulder slogging, Mish able to get underneath for the most part and stuff her punches in--she puts Garth’s butt on the ropes in the final minute to squeak out the round.

R3: Jennie meets Mish midring with a short right on the eye, and stays in tight, jerking lefts up into midriff, hacking right hands down over Michelle’s shoulder, walking Williams around to keep her from setting her feet. Mish getting polished yup, not moving her hands--she does some late business to the waist to keep from being skunked, but gets a lecture in her corner to stay busy, be first.

R4: Mish is first, lazy, and most of the in between as she jumps Jennie at midring, cluster punches the taller blonde into a stupor wih batting lefts and rights to the ribs and hips, and Garth is stampeded to the ropes with a look of shock on her pretty face. Jennie wirth her right hand open palm guard on her left cheek, left across her belly can only twist and weave, trying to blunt Mish’s attack as Williams nods her head decisively at the bell.

R5: Fierce two-way action as Garth stands her ground, using that left shoulder as a ram against Mish’s mouth, then picking the blonde up with hacking little rights or uppercuts inside. Williams with her face on Jennies chest whenever possible, continues to swarm away at the body, punching the biceps, hips, ribs, breasts--both girls making good use of a pre-emptive shove to open the opponent up despite warnings from the ref. Jennie’s butt hits the ropes again in the final  minute--somehow bringing even more frenzy out of Williams who finishes with a flourish of splattering leather,

R6: They stand in cheek to chedek, taking turns lifting one another’s head wih nasty uppercuts inside, or buckling one another’s legs with the hook to the liver. Both girls standing flat footed , weight in on the opponent they rotate slowly counterclockwise, trading brutally in close. AND MISH GOES DOWN! Williams with a splash of agony on her fac courtesy a beautifully placed left hook to the sternum--she struggles to get off her haunches while gasping piteously for breathe. Garth climbs aboard, trying to pry Williams’ defense open like a clam to get at the meat inside, plowing in rights and lefts and Williams folds into the ropes, Sensational beating to the bell leaves Jennie glowing with triumph--Williams gutshot and staggery is behind after 6.

R7: Good, grinding consolidation round for Garth. Michelle stubborn as a hedgehog, continues to fight off Garth’s chest and make Jennie work for every point. Jennie with her chin on the top of Williams head reaches down on either side to beat ribs, then uses her shoulder against the face to try to open up that middle for more tenderizing abuse. Mishs body taking on a sullen beaten-beef quality as Jennie’s fists spank home with increasing authority.

R8: Garth off her stool and MISH TACKLES HER INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Williams drawing on unguessed reserves, mounts her most furious attack to date, beating her head against the bones of Jennie’s upper chest, rampaging to the belly with doubled up fists, and repeatedly jamming Garth into the corner whenever Jen tries to spin out. Garth in wide-eyed shock, covering up and taking a beating when she clearly had expected to begin mopping up operations. Some of the best work of Michelle’s career--by the final moment, Jennie is in rags, hanging on as best she can, trying to smother Williams fury. Mish with a swatting left to the ear, sets up a jamming left to the short rib and DOWN GOES GARTH! Jennie burbling helpless now, climbing the ropes to beat the count and taking exaggerated breaths as the clock ticks down. Mish pouring into the breach, beating wide right hands down on Jennie as Garth slides to her right--Williams finally ramming in with her left shoulder to press Jen into the ropes, then stepping out to land a COLOSSAL left hook on the chin--Garth with her hands outstretched drops to her knees! Again, JG is able to beat the count at the bell  ut she’s weaving badly--Williams pumping her fists prematurely and bellowing at the crowd as she takes a little airplane ride around the ring.

R9: Mish with that hungry glare in her eyes--Garth looking pale and clammy--she folds immediately to the ropes, covers up and looks for counters and Williams washes over her. Jen sliding to her right--Mish stepping with her, pushing her head hard onto the upper chest, then working to punish midriff--oh, the grind., Good hard punching round to Williams.

R10: Jennie finally unpacks the jab--just touching Mish on the way in, hooking left off it, then sliding backwards--little tricks that could have made this fight a lot easier had they been employed earlier. Williams getting sand trapped, eating potshots and paying the price to get inside, but Garth’s punches don’t carry much sting at this point, Jennie fighting in retreat, touches Mish up to the bell and both women raise their dukes in anticipation of victory. There can be only one, in this case, MISH WILLIAMS by slender UD10.

After: Bit of an upset has Garth reeling psychologically--in her mind, no way does she lose to Mish Williams, Jennie a victim of her own success in this fight, hurting Mish so early and so easily inside that Garth spent much of the fight shoulder to shoulder, grinding it out when angles and movement could have been much more effective. Credit Mish with another gutty triumph however--coming off rthe canvas to out Jennie down twice is a terrific accomplishment.

Reposted by Archer 9/21/10.

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