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1 September 2001 Natasha Henstridge vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Simguy on 9/1/2001, 10:15 am.

Before: Gena talking about making an example of Henstridge, but this is a close fight on paper. Nat with a poleaxe jab and middleweight power won’t be toyed with and Nolin cant allow herself to become over confident. Winner would be in a great position for a title shot as many welter contenders sit back and do their fighting with their mouths for the time being. Nat in tight blue tank top and panties. Gena in yellow bikini top, pale blue bikini bottoms, slick blonde ponytails for both women.

During R1: Both women reaching with measuring lefts, looking to lance home the right and GENA WINS THE RACE! Big collision of crosses leaves Henstridge swaying out over her feet and Gena goes to work. A little headlock pushes Nat sideways into the ropes and Nolin slams away at the doubled over girl with straight arm right hands. Referee pushes Gena off--she wades back in. Nolin palming Natasha’s shoulders, clouting her mouth with lefts and rights--Nat just staring back an watching her as she hammers Natasha into a corner and beats her down to the bell. Henstridge trembling, traumatized and Gena lavishes the girl with an outrageous late low blow, dropping Nat to her knees and drawing an angry protest from all officials connected with this fight.

R2: Badly beaten Nat Henstridge pulls herself together, tries to poke her left jab, but Nolin smells blood. Gena looping right hands over the top beats Nat’s skull to her shoulder, sending the big blonde stumbling to the right,. Gena Lee gets her girl on the ropes and goes to work with the palming and she’s puddling down, only have Nolin clinch her up under her arms and prop her back into the ropes for more punishment. Midway through, Henstridge is out on her feet--she collapses sideways into a corner, with Gena pumping sidearm rights into her stomach and the ref jumps in! TKO2 Gena Lee Nolin ransacks Natasha Henstridge.

After: Brutal affair--Natasha never really recovering from the fight’s first punch and  blundering on to take senseless abuse in every second of the fight’s 5 minutes. Is the balloting still open for Worst KO? Gena hauls her wrecked foe out for a walk of shame, guiding the wobbly model with an arm around the lower back, poking a finger into Natasha’s chest and shouting “THIS is Jewel! THIS is Jewel!”

Reposted by Archer 9/21/10.

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